Las Vegas

Season 2 Episode 19

One Nation Under Surveillance

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2005 on NBC

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  • Fine Example.

    I man Is whanting to rick every thing on a bet at a table game.
    A congessman is blackmailed and ED discovers a highroller is lounder money threw thew casino. All of these ideas are made for a very Exciting show. You wonder what ED is going todo when he finds out what Sam is trying todo Danny has to help his friend who is being blackmailed and you wonder how that is going to end up the person is betting everything he has you whant him to win. That is what i have to say about good episode END.
  • Don Clayman risks his life earning on one bet at the rolete table, Sam being a big sister and much more...

    Another week, another new episode, and a quite fine one if I may say so myself. Don Clayman’s will to risk all his life saving, was a kinda stupid idea, but understandable. A person that always takes the safe road and doesn’t risk anything, I don’t think it’s really living. So he took a chance and lost it all, but what big Ed did was very kind. He didn’t lose or win anything… but he did learn that sometimes you risk it and sometimes you don’t.

    I would love to see Mike and Nessa have a “more than friends” relationship. I think that they make a cute couple and should take the next step.

    Sam being a big sister wasn’t that surprising, because all though the show she did show a little sympathy here and there, like in “The Big Bang” when she opened the gates for the “poor kids” for the Everlast concert.