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  • Bull Shit

    Bull shit all good series ends like this whats wrong with you people ?!

    at least gives us a finale episode if not season !!!

    Best Show Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nope.

    I just couldn't get into it.

    I'm not sure what it exactly was -it was too shallow to be a 'rich' drama, it wasn't funny enough to be a good comedy.

    I feel it missed the mark on striking a balance between the drama and comedy aspects they attempted to combine -resulting in it being sub par in regards to both.
  • Please just one more

    Why can't you give Las Vegas a proper ending, we all need to know what happens to the casino the law suit the baby, you say it was cancelled cause of the funding, enough people want it back, and owning all the seasons without a finale set is really annoying. Yes they are made up characters but you made such a brilliant story line none stop keeping everyone who watched it interested an loving it. Can you please just make a finale season as so far this is the only series out there i know that has ended at to be continued and i'm sure if you took a look into ratings on other series out there you will see that there ratings compared to yours are rubbish.

    Think you should atleast make a couple more extended episodes to finish it off!!
  • Bring it back!

    Lets get this show back! We need at least a final season! Its the best show I ever seen in my life, and then they just cancel season 6 because of money? Cmon! Its america, screw the money, make the shows! They earn money on it anyway! Cmon, lets get Gary Scott Thompson and the others to do this, and get the actors back and make it happen! Anything can happen!
  • las vegas

    come on nbc put las vegas back on and do it the right way

    I think its need to be make a good ending please if someone who can do anything please DO IT!
  • Vegas; Danny, Sam, Nessa, Big Mike

    I loved this show, I enjoyed all of the characters, tough James Caan. So if you loved it too! buy the series and you too can watch it over and over and over again Naw! dawg! I give the show a 100% viewing entertainment rating
  • So so sad...

    I so so very very miss this particular show... It is still the best ever if you ask me... What would it take to get NBC (or anyone...) to make a new season? Or at least a real ending... But a new season would be the best of course... There are so many unfinished lines... I think this show would never get boring...
  • A Good Thing

    Why do stations always have to mess up a good thing! This was one of the best television shows I have ever watched! The writing was brilliant and the entire cast had such chemistry! To have the show end with Delinda bleeding and Cooper escaping the plane crash was a travesty! If NBC doesnt want the show maybe they should consider selling the rights to another station! I truly miss this show! Please bring it back! I am quite tired of all these reality tv shows now!
  • Las Vegas

    Loved this series! Often catch the reruns. Excellent acting and catchy plots. My favorite character is Sam. Ms. Marcil does a delightful job portraying her tough but soft character. My huge disappointment is that the show ended so abruptly with major loose ends! What about the baby? What about Cooper's sudden appearance? It puzzles me that the network would just let the plot hang and not make an effort to have a more satisfying ending if the show wasn't going to continue.
  • What is up

    So what is up with the ending??? Cooper shows up to his funeral????? Just discovered this show month ago and got you are jumping all over..what is up????
  • Las Vegas

    I am upset because I don't know what happen to Danny's and Delinda's baby and where was Cooper, what happens to Mike and Piper, and what happens to Sam????? . I would like to see a proper ending to this TV show. It is not right to let the show end like this. Please I would like to see this happen soon.
  • Suspenseful, Action Packed, Great Role Playing

    What's not to love about this show?! You can tell that there is a LOT of visual display/set up and time put into each episode. I don't want to play favoritism, but Danny McCoy and Sam were definitely my favorite actors because they were versatile. Each capture was different, and it's hard to do that in just one building where the same things are supposed to occur everyday.... but this show proved me wrong. One of the best shows ever!
  • A great show that took chances with changing and losing so many characters.

    This is a review of the current 2007-2008 season. At first I was worried that losing Ed and Mary this year would bring down the show a lot. Also adding yet another new owner of the casino it seems like they can't hang onto an owner for more then 1 season. But adding the new owner Cooper although a little awkward the first episode is now seemingly a very nice fit. Also moving Danny up to Ed's old position was a very good move. Overall the show is still a favorite and continues to come up with new and exciting edge of your seat material. I just hope next season we can just keep all the same characters.
  • Las Vegas

    One of the best shows I've ever watched. I've watched every episode and like all other fans i'm disappointed that it ended with a cliffhanger like it did. I really liked the show, good actors, not very famous but still good actors. This show probably had the best "guest stars" in the history of all t.v shows. Las Vegas had a good guest star in almost every episode. The show felloff a bit and definitley lost its way after losing Big Ed, but Tom Selleck did a hell of a job trying to fill Caan's shoes. Loved the relationship that Danny and DeLinda had throughout all 5 seasons, not a big fan of Mary though. I always felt like Mary's character was pointless. Vanessa Marcil aka Sam is one of the best actors on this show, she is very convincing. Just wish they would tie up these damn loose ends. I watch Las Vegas daily on-line , and no matter how many times I watch it, it's just as good as the first time I did. Over 4 years since "Three Weddings and a Funeral: Part 2 was aired, yet I'm still waiting for the concluding chapter, talk about hopeless :(
  • the end

    I am upset that the show ended with not knowing what happened. They should have finished the season to wrap the show up if it wasnt going to air on tv anymore.
  • i want the season 6

    Its been 4 years since the last episode .... but I still love the show ... i miss them
  • It´s BACK


    Josh Duhamel, July 15 4:50pm PT

    CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!

    I think LAS VEGAS is COMING BACK. YEEEEEEEEEEES I really hope so.

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  • I love las vegas this was my all time favorite show it still is i love sam danny delinda mike i love the whole crew. They had a great story line.

    I think its time to bring the whole crew back and start a new season i mean its about las vegas the city that never sleeps please bring the show back i know alot of people in new mexico that really want see a new season start Bring all the joy in t v back i really enjoyed getting ready for work watching las vegas. I just would like everyone to get together to try to get a new season started i think it would have alot of viewers response. Every person on the show made it an interesting. Maybe have a new show start off with ed buying the casino from cooper freaking everyone out or have them working together there gotta some voice out there that can be heard to start the show up. There has not been a show that can replace las vegas thats for sure. I really really love this show and would love to see it air a new season please.
  • Bring back Vegas!

    I love this show! I have watched all 5 seasons and think it is fantastic. It is a shame it was taken off the air with still 8.46 million people still watching it. Too many loose ends were left, just 2 hour special final or something. There is a group on Facebook trying to get 1 million people to bring back Las Vegas. If you are on there please join in on the cause. I cannot see them bringing it back but we can all hope that it will come back in the future:) Fingers crossed that it will happen.
  • This was one of the best shows on TV. I hope they bring back for season six or a 2 hour movie because it ended on a cliffhanger.

    I really enjoyed LAS VEGAS. I didn't like the way it ended. It needs to come back and complete the "TO BE CONTINUED" series. A season 6 or a movie would be great to fulfill my cravings for the show. I loved the cast. I continue to watch the re-runs hoping that one day I will see season six pop up on there. There is too much left up in the air for the imagination and I really would like closure on the show. I liked reading what would of happened now put it to the screen so we can enjoy the ending.
  • It was OK

    It just wasn't the type of a show for me.
    then again I am not really into character driven cutesy, la la let's have fun everybody wang-chung type shows.
    I like shows anchored by writing, & if it has comedy I don't like it to be predictable.
    The more predictable the comedy, the more I wanna hurl.
    This show the few times I watched had me turning the channel.
    It annoyed me more than it entertained me.

    It gets a 6 though based on an honest rating.
    The fact that it was well shot, & the attempts with the innovative story-telling cutting between times etc.
    It was def above average, just not very much above average.
  • Someone still think that the show was canceled with a Cliffhanger Ending?

    You must be kidding. Lets see what was the final Season of the show main Plot:

    Delinda Being pregnant. Mike getting married and fooling around.
    Delinda pregnant but not married.
    Cooper confused by Delinda not being married.
    Danny taking care of Delinda.
    Baby kicking, and cooper feeling the kick before Danny (wow, what excitement, the audience was thrilled to know what would Danny survive in such circumstances.)
    Delinda eating a steak with cooper, talking about marriage and baby.
    Near season finale, Danny Mike almost getting married.
    since there was not enough people getting married they brought back Cassey's brother so he could get married too.

    In short: Las vegas last Season: Let's get married and make babies.

    the cliffhanger? Did Delinda lost her baby?

    Come one, people even huge fans of the series. The Show ended the day James Caan left. that's it. This is not even open to any arguments.

    The last season was so boring that there was even more action in Gossip Girl and desperate housewives.

    What is it with TV shows with people constantly getting married and having babies. Las Vegas is a SIn City show. Crime, Gambling, Mafia, FBI, CIA, Hustle, Bad dudes, this is what this show must be about! Not people getting married and having kids.
  • I am really disappointed that Las Vegas didn't come back on Friday nights in January.Writters strike stunk but cancelling a show with such a big cliff hanger is not good show business! At least do a few shows to finalize some things for your viewers.

    Loved the show. It was FUN to watch and their are a lot of unanswered questions that your loyal Vegas watchers need to know!I really want to see Delindas Mom Cheryl Ladd get together with Copper (Tom Selleck)
    that would have been fun. Is delinda and Danny's baby ok. Does Mary come back to mess things up or what? After the strike I wasn't sure what shows I was going to loose but never did I think that this show would be taken from us. I have a hard time believing that this show was struggling. It was the only thing on Friday nights. That might have been the issue.
  • TNT reruns gave me the chance to know these characters and the show. How could it end on such a cliffhanger?

    I just started enjoying the reruns on TNT and now I feel completely let down. Who's idea was it to cancel the show with SO much left up in the air? I need closure for goodness sake!!! I can understand cancelling it, but why not have a finale show (2 hour special) to end it properly? I love Josh and the rest of the cast, they play well together and is a shame to be cut off so abruptly. Glad to see Coop didn't die in the plane crash. What about Danny and Delinda's baby? I was eager to see where they were going to take the show!
  • That sums it up "Who Though Of This?" Thats Intenting In A Good Way To :D

    Who ever would have thought that some what of a TV show bout the security of a casino in Las Vegas would be good? This show is a ratrher intresting show, has humour, has emotions, even has action. this show is an overall great show if ya had a stressful day at work this show will cheer you up in no time. God Bless the people who think of what seems like an idea which wouldn't work yet they gave it a go and it work 110%.

    i loved las vegas and i want it to come back at least get a good ending!! the way it ended was rediculous and i wont watch any other shows on that channel because im so angry. to have people follow a show for 5 years and then just end it like that is uncalled for and i hope the fans keep trying to get it back on the air!!! please people keep trying to get las vegas back i would really like to see the way it could all end. this was the absolute best show i ever saw. danny and delindas romance and passion was fun to watch and sam spazzing over some whales. and i would like to see ed back. also if they do decide to bring things to an end it better have all the original cast no fill ins!!!!
  • This is the best show ever! Plesase bring it back. The characters all work well together so changes aren't neccessary!!!! Can't wait for season 4!!!!!!

    I happened upon the show Las Vegas. From that moment on I was hooked! I started in the middle of season two i think, so i was a little confused when changes came about. So i rode it out til the three weddings and a funeral conclusion where i was totally confused! (smile) But now that i have watched all three seasons in order (hopefully) i'm jumping up and down in my boots for season four! I'm going to get the three seasons on dvd in the mean time so I can be all caught up for the priemere of "SEASON FOUR" PLEASE bring vegas back!! Along with Sam, Danny, Delinda, Mike, Piper, and last but by no means least Cooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why did you have to cancel

    Why did you have to stop the show it was my favorit show ever i just cant even exsplain it is just so good like every thing you did in every episode was just so good i just really wish that you could continue it would be the best thing ever if you did i would buy like 10 copys so if i lost one i would be able to still watch it. i just love this show so much and when ed died that was pretty sad but good job by the creater of the movie. I wish you could come back.
  • Okay show.

    This is not one of my favorites nor is it one of the shows that I particularily like. It is just an average show with okay acting, predictable storylines, average plots, and boring drama. The premise does get old after a few episodes and you realize that everything this show will ever be is a show about what happens in a casino. I think that is a boring premise. I must say that the action and the pace of the show is nice for a change and that is why I rated it a 7. Overall, just an average show. Thank you.
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