Las Vegas - Season 4

NBC (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Heroes
    Episode 17
    Mike discovers that Sam is being kidnapped by one of her clients. Danny takes extreme measures to prevent one of his friends from being deployed to Iraq. Delinda discovers some important news for her and Danny; she's pregnant. And Mary decides to take action against her father, while Jillian wants to divorce Ed.moreless
  • Junk In The Trunk
    Junk In The Trunk
    Episode 16
    Jillian wants Ed to think about retiring, but he starts to consider buying the Montecito. Sam inherits a fortune, but also the tax debt of several hundred million dollars that comes with it. Danny and Delinda's condo is robbed after Danny turns down the requested favor from the gang boss, whom he owes one. A childhood friend comes to visit Mike.moreless
  • Bare Chested In The Park
    The Montecito suffers an unexpected death, but in spite of that Ed allows the Montecito company picnic to continue. Mike becomes the captain of the "front of the house", a team participating in the picnic games, and starts to train for the big day. Mary goes to testify against her father in court, so Danny tries to support her emotionally, knowing how much it is affecting her.moreless
  • The Burning Bedouin
    The Burning Bedouin
    Episode 14
    Sam's old love awakes from a 20-year coma. This makes Delinda the casino host for a whale visiting town with his three wives. Things complicate when Mike falls in love with one of the wives and Danny gets jealous about the intentions of the whale toward Delinda. Ed tries to replace his housekeeper when Jillian is out of town.moreless
  • Pharaoh 'Nuff
    Pharaoh 'Nuff
    Episode 13
    A famous Egyptian mummy is being scheduled for display in an exhibit at the Montecito but it gets stolen before it arrives at the hotel. Due to special circumstances the authorities cannot interfere with the problem so Ed, Mike, Danny and Delinda are forced to retrieve the mummy on their own. These events force Mary to deal with a guest who keeps stealing Montecito properties. Sam receives an indecent proposal from Harris Lipskey.moreless
  • The Chicken Is Making My Back Hurt
    After certain events Ed is forced to take anger management class, which obligates him to reach inner peace. If he loses control one more time the Montecito might lose its gaming license. Sam gets disturbed when her guest, a famous basketball player, gets interested in Mary. Mike wants to buy a condo but can't secure the deal. Delinda gets in trouble while cooking a dinner for the homeless, when she wants to show what a good person she is.moreless
  • Wagers Of Sin
    Wagers Of Sin
    Episode 11
    Ed, Mike and Danny make a bet on who's the best security operative among them and who can find the Montecito's biggest source of loss. Sam helps Polly (the manicurist) get her boyfriend back. Mary tries to sell the last residential suite, and she hopes that a special performance by John Legend will be a success for the Montecito.moreless
  • Fleeting Cheating Meeting
    Nicole, one of Ed's former employees comes to the Montecito for her first wedding anniversary with her husband Ollie. Ed becomes suspicious of him and makes Mike and Danny watch him. Also, Mary and Sam start fighting as they can't decide which guests are more important to get "OK Go" tickets.moreless
  • Wines And Misdemeanors
    A rare wine case is found in the wine cellar of the Montecito, so Ed decides to sell it in an auction to improve the Montecito's image. However, Mike discovers that the wine isn't original just after it is sold for one million dollars. Also, a group of retirees goes to the Montecito for a Sudoku tournament and starts giving Sam a hard time when they have a different idea of fun. Danny gets jealous when Delinda starts spending a lot of time with a new toy.moreless
  • White Christmas
    White Christmas
    Episode 8
    It's Christmas and everybody in the Montecito is forced to take part in Ed's secret Santa gift exchange. At the same time Danny's car, his most valuable possession, is stolen on Christmas Eve. Delinda is planning her first Christmas with Danny. And Sam gets an autographed photo of Elvis during one of his first concerts as a surprise for one of her favorite "whales."moreless
  • Meatball Montecito
    Meatball Montecito
    Episode 7
    A mobster purchases a Montecito million dollar wedding package (which includes a fully catered wedding, a Harry Winston diamond ring, luxury treatment, and Wayne Newton) but difficulties arise because there are problems between Ed and Wayne Newton. Meanwhile somebody steals the Harry Winston diamonds and it's difficult finding the thief because so many mafia members are attending the wedding. And Danny and Delinda find out that living together is tougher than they thought, so they end up having their first fight.moreless
  • Delinda's Box (1)
    Delinda's Box (1)
    Episode 5
    Delinda's been kidnapped and there's only 12 hours to save her. Ed tries to get his hands on 50 million dollars as ransom money from the Montecito. Sam is dealing with a couple of guys who just won the lottery.
  • History Of Violins
    History Of Violins
    Episode 4
    This is another cross-over episode with Crossing Jordan. Woody and Jordan are in Las Vegas to investigate the murder of a violinist and the disappearance of his Stradivarius. The Montecito's safe-deposit vault is being robbed.
  • The Story Of Owe
    The Story Of Owe
    Episode 3
    Sam is trying to track down three of her recent clients who stiffed the Montecito. An old associate of Ed's helps her. Mary tries to conquer one of her biggest fears: Standup comedy. Danny and Delinda talk about moving in together.
  • Died In Plain Sight
    Ed reveals surprising news from the past, when he gets back from Morocco. Mike goes to Hawaii to help Sam with her problem. Mary confronts everyone who knew about Delinda and Danny.
  • Father Of The Bride Redux

    Delinda must face her fiancée Derek and tell him about her feelings for Danny. Everyone is shocked by Ed's attack. When a whale refuses to leave a villa in one of the Montecito's Hawaiian resorts, Sam has to head out there to take care of it.