Las Vegas

Season 5 Episode 2

Shrink Rap

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 2007 on NBC

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  • The story continues.

    Carrying on from episode one, Sam continues to visit her psychiatrist due to her abduction by Vince Peterson, naturally Sam being Sam she wont open up to the Doctor so instead she continues with her story about the Montecito and her work colleagues.

    Ed is on the run after forensics found that the same bullets that killed two of the robbers from the Montecito heist also came from the same gun that killed Mary's father, so we have a new owner and a new man in charge.

    A.J Cooper a cattle rancher turned casino owner get's to know his staff and brings in a new campaign, though the team are less than impressed and fear for their jobs.

    A much better episode than the opener, i miss Ed and Mary but we'll have to see what development Tom Sellecks character brings to the show.
  • The end of the season opener continues with new twists and turns.

    I now can honestly say that the changes made have definitely made the series more interesting in the short run. To see how Selleck will develop as the new owner and how the people will react to him.
    I was not sure how I would like it but after watching the two episode season premiere for the second time I am convinced, it is a good change.
    I will miss James Caan, and his character, I think he will pop up from time to time either on the phone or nearby. This season is full of new potential, and I cannot wait.
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