Las Vegas

Season 5 Episode 3

The Glass Is Always Cleaner

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • I suppose you could call this the third-parter to episodes one and two.

    Sam is continuing with her psychiatrist and delving deeper as to what is troubling her, the doctor thinks she has no friends and Sam goes out of her way to prove him wrong with funny and disastrous results.

    Danny is still coming to terms with Delinda's pregnancy and is taking it all as if nothing is happening. Danny however thinks he has bigger problems when he automatically thinks he has the President of Operations job vacated by Ed, Cooper wants to interview candidates for the position and when Danny finds out Mike has applied for the position he is not happy, I found the rough and tumble fight they had very funny.

    We also have a new concierge ( Piper ) who might prove a problem in later episodes but it's nice to see her being played by Camille Guaty aka Maricruz Prison Break fame.

    Another nice episode but I hope the writers don't drag the Sam vs. the psychiatrist scenario out and we see move of a character development of A.J Cooper.
  • The intrigue and twist and turns continue. Who will get Ed's old job and who stole the money and coin.

    Sam is trying to find herself and does not remember how to establish friendships, she was always too busy with her whales to develop them. It will take time, but she will find that she really has friends, but does not know how to find them.
    The battle to see who will get Ed's old job was interesting and had it's moments of humor. I like the way it was done and the ultimate solution that the new owner came up with.
    The new concierge is a stretch, you do not get that job at 22 in Vegas unless your dad owns the casino, but the character will have her episodes.
    The chick fight over the estate was hilarious. The lawyer stealing the estate was about right, some of them cannot keep their hands off other peoples money.
    Danny not knowing how to talk to Delinda about the pregnancy is funny and unfortunately accurate in some relationships, as no matter what the guy says it is the wrong thing. This season is full of a lot of new challenges.