Las Vegas

Season 5 Episode 18

Three Weddings and a Funeral (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 2008 on NBC
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Three Weddings and a Funeral (1)
When thieves want to steal a rare stamp from a Montecito auction, they take the whole surveillance team hostage.

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  • Dany and Mike Respect, coolest duds ever Sam, Dalinda go gitls go

    Las Vegas is the best of the best, the whole story with the action, drama, love and friendship is just incredible, This is a show worth watching, The atmosphere the was build in the casino between the people was really on of a kind, too bad you almost don`t see that staff in real life. I just love this show and everythig about it. Just Bring It Back NBC


    N r i n g i t b a c k, b r i n g i t b a c k , b r i n g i t b a c kmoreless
  • Las Vegas Review.

    This show is great, the characters, the cast, the setting, the scene, and pretty much everything is perfect! I actually just heard that the show was cancelled belive it or not, and I was extremely dissapointed I really am loving the show and I am watching it constantly, I know the producers need money and all but please try your best to bring this show back to the top, besides look at the cast... Tom Selleck, and James Caan for crying out loud! Bring the show back i need it now! This show is nothing like I have ever seen, it has character, it has lots of movement and it is fast paced with I really enjoy, so once again please bring this show back.moreless
  • The End?

    A cliffhanger, after a two hour finale? Then no more? I don't watch ANY series anmore. Not first time for NBC or the networks. They just don't get it. I had it on DVR. Just finished today. Writing was great, comedy and interaction was good, and pretty close to the real deal in Vegas activities. I look forward to seeing these folks in other roles, but never agin in a series. Too bad, NBC could sell a lot more DVDs if they had any marketing sense. All the networks have pulled this at one time or another, but I think they are getting message that the fans don't like it.moreless
  • Enjoyable, back to basics, but not quite the finales we are used to

    It is almost unfortunate that previous finales have been so overwhelmingly brilliant and dramatic as they are hard to match. However this was a very enjoyable episode which was kind of back to basics with a heist, and back to surveillance basics (as the surveillance team were held captive). This season seems to have wondered slightly away from the direction of previous seasons, also there is far less 'hands on' treatment of cheaters etc. But then that is because Ed Deline is no longer with us. I did thoroughly enjoy this episode which is why I gave it a 9. Though this season has not been quite as good as previous seasons it is still very good and remains one of my favourite shows. I think that the characters need a bit more to do however, the focus has shifted to relationships and slightly away from the Casino. The new owner is brilliant, very unprofitable and mysterious. Keep up the good work.moreless
  • Philately - Stamp viewing, but was it really the stamps that were being viewed.

    This weeks season finale was a double header, why I'm not sure because both episodes were completely different from each other, I know this episode was due to be called Heist but for some reason the producers decided to double episode 18 and 19 together calling them Three Weddings and a Funeral 1 and 2, maybe something to do with the writers strike or had they just run out of viewing space for this seasons Las Vegas.

    Anyway whatever the reason we started our double header with ( Three Weddings and a Funeral pt 1 ), the problem here was we did not have 1 one wedding never mind three or a funeral in this first half, what we did have was a stamp auction with a rare stamp worth 7 million dollars, a neurotic visitor who we later found out was a multi-millionaire inventor, and a take over of the surveillance room.

    What made me slightly surprised about the episode was how quickly it was all over, for a season finale I thought the writers could have stretched it out over the double episode and included a life or death situation with one of the main characters clinging to life, they then could have left the 2nd part of three weddings and a funeral ( I'll discuss this in part 2 ) for next season. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode but felt it could have been served as the last episode to this season and left us wondering if 'insert characters name here' was going to live or die, but possibly because we had a similar situation to the season 3 end with Ed Deline getting shot the writers didn't want to look as if they were repeating another storyline.moreless

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