Las Vegas

Season 3 Episode 15

Urban Legends

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 2006 on NBC

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  • Finally

    Finally they where able to come up with an episode that was worth watching.
    Leaving monica's death behind and not taking some stupid turn again like they did on the other episodes.

    This episode saved Las Vegas, at least for me.
    I now have the motivation to watch is again and hope that they will keep the good episodes coming like they did in season 1 and 2.

    Anyway this episode had it all, fast cars, beautifull women(I loved to see mary drive that nascar car and seeing that delinda has a sweet ride) and a good story wich leads danny out to investigate.
  • You saw the ending coming from a mile away

    The whole urban legend thing was a huge let down. You knew the guy was up to no good and he was going to get caught. The girl did look better as a brunette. Mary is so funny with the car racing. Delinda was great with the car show. I love how they keep adding to her character.
  • Finally the show is back on track and tacking off again!! This episode had almost everything I so like about this show!

    The start with Marry driving the on the race track was made absolutely cool and the sound mixing was just perfect to it!
    Even the show calls her the new Marry. Well I like her too!
    Danny finally solves a really big case completely without Ed. I think the show starts to develop in a new direction. Sure I miss the old security service Ed witch goes in the field with his soldier Danny. But the idea to pick this myth up was risky, because whenever you handle a real existing legend in your plot, you have to be absolutely serious and the show really managed it.
    Sam’s new ideas about the top gambling clients are funny, but I don’t see why Ed lets himself involve this way.
    The rich guy with his sweaty hands was just grouse, but somehow it was fun too.
    Delinda with her car was fun too, because this storyline connects also to the early episodes of the show. And we got remembered to it with the quote: “Daddy always wanted a boy.” A quote we heard several time a long time ago.
    And the favourite part of this episode was: Mike is back to his small role! Yes! So everyone has the presents he deserves. I so liked this episode! I hope the show finally managed to find its path again.