Las Vegas

Season 4 Episode 9

Wines And Misdemeanors

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great episode!

    Great episode. I will be watching more of Las Vegas from now on. Very thoughtful and entertaining and witty and sad and funny. I did not get to see the whole thing but i saw most of it. That is all I was going to say, but since the review has to be at least 100 words, I have to continue. We can always use more comedy and thoughtfulness in our lifes. I understand now why Loas Vegas is going on for 5 seasons. Hopefully it will lasts for at least another 5. I highly suggest this show to everybody.
  • a very slow episode

    in this one we have the clasicla episode that is slow and the plot is not that good. We start with the findind of a rare box of wine and the price is hugh, they have to bring a wine guy that make an action and they find out that the wine is a fake. Here we also see the usage of the high tech cams to find the robbers and the method that they used to extract the boxes.
  • A wonderfully humorous episode! Danny jealous over Delinda's new toy;Retired ladies having fun and making a statement; A ridiculous price for "fine, rare wine" and Sam finds the quickest way to get the wading pool evacuated!

    I loved it! I think everytime Paul M. Glaser directs, the series gets a boost in its ratings for finer work.

    I loved all the extra humor in this episode from those lovable "pool ladies" to the way Mike try's to deal with their "fun" to Sam's chocolate bar solution right to the end where Ed's ridiculously over priced "million dollar" bottle of wine is knocked out of his grasp and smashes on the floor of Montecito! Who would really pay those prices,lol! The ladies sure had their fun at the end with their "private party", LOL! Age discrimination......
    Loved it!

    These lines... what a hoot!

    Mike: You know what. Why don't I get on this wine thing. You handle the situation at Bella Petto, apparently there's a disturbance...
    Danny: That sounds titillating, but I know that you're staying abreast of that situation. You'll be fine. Just don't let your spirits sag.
    Mike: Mmm, rich. So you know.

    As Mike says to Danny:"Yeah, well OK. Surveillance cameras aren't toys Danny. You should be concerned with the persons inner beauty."

    Yes indeed!

    Thanks for a great episode, Mr. Glaser!
  • You got to be nuts paying a million dollars for a bottle of wine.

    Thgis is my first review of the series "Las Vegas," and I'm going to write more reviews of the show in the future. This week, the hotel is investigating the theif of a bottle of wine worth a million dollars. A Million dollars!!!? Are They Nuts!!!!? And someone ran off with the bottle for a million dollars. I can't tell where they found it. You won't believe it. Meanwhile, old women invaded the casino and spent most the time naked. Not that shabby! I happen to like the series. I even like the theme music by Elivis. This show is a promotion of the City, and they did it very well.
  • Fun, Enjoyable & Typical ... Great insights into some of todays issues...

    Some good points brought up in this episode, the whole sex aid thing between Danny and Delinda was very well done, showing that men really do ot need to feel intimadated with the whole female masterbation issue. I have to disagree with another review of this episode about the senior citizens, I found it well written and not at all ageist. It was delt with and showed that not everything finishes with the bus pass... Good to see...

    And who would pay 1 million for wine... Mad... All tastes the same to me...
  • Great episode and really funny in place's.

    The main storyline revolves around a rare bottle of wine found in the cellar of the Montecito and is then auctioned off for a million dollars, the problem is the wine is fake and it’s up to Ed, Danny and Mike to track down the thieves who stole it and give it back to the auction winner.

    The show was funny on so many levels, we had the wine situation, Delinda buying herself a new ’toy’ called the frisky ferret and Mike and Sam trying to stop a lot of elderly lady’s walking around topless near the pool. I laughed when mike said to Mitch ‘ But nobody wants to see an elderly lady topless right? Mitch replies ’ Well, I don’t know, I saw this video once’. then Mike say’s ’ Just stop now… Mitch’, very funny and when the old ladys were given a private show put on by a load of male stippers.

    All in all a great episode.
  • Well, this episode started out well. I am not sure where the topless senior women fitted into the story.

    As a senior citizen I was dismayed to see how senior women were portrayed in this episode. They were portrayed in a condescending humiliating manner.
    They were viewed as an abhorrent abnormaility.
    I rarely watch this series. I will be sure not to watch it now.
    It is entertaining at best. James Caan should be ashamed of himself. He is a senior citizen. I wonder how he would look if he were bottomless. I don\\\\\\\'t even want to entertain that thought.
    Josh Dumel. I think that\\\\\\\'s how you spell his name. I liked him on All My Children and up till now, I liked him on Las Vegas.