Las Vegas

Season 4 Episode 9

Wines And Misdemeanors

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • A wonderfully humorous episode! Danny jealous over Delinda's new toy;Retired ladies having fun and making a statement; A ridiculous price for "fine, rare wine" and Sam finds the quickest way to get the wading pool evacuated!

    I loved it! I think everytime Paul M. Glaser directs, the series gets a boost in its ratings for finer work.

    I loved all the extra humor in this episode from those lovable "pool ladies" to the way Mike try's to deal with their "fun" to Sam's chocolate bar solution right to the end where Ed's ridiculously over priced "million dollar" bottle of wine is knocked out of his grasp and smashes on the floor of Montecito! Who would really pay those prices,lol! The ladies sure had their fun at the end with their "private party", LOL! Age discrimination......
    Loved it!

    These lines... what a hoot!

    Mike: You know what. Why don't I get on this wine thing. You handle the situation at Bella Petto, apparently there's a disturbance...
    Danny: That sounds titillating, but I know that you're staying abreast of that situation. You'll be fine. Just don't let your spirits sag.
    Mike: Mmm, rich. So you know.

    As Mike says to Danny:"Yeah, well OK. Surveillance cameras aren't toys Danny. You should be concerned with the persons inner beauty."

    Yes indeed!

    Thanks for a great episode, Mr. Glaser!