Las Vegas

Season 1 Episode 9

Year of the Tiger

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2003 on NBC

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  • Danny has his hands full with a whales daughters.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Las Vegas. I thought that it was funy that Danny had to babysit a whales two daughters to keep them out of trouble. It was funy that they were all over him and the ones that put the hit out on there father. It was also funy that Ed was able to get Danny out of a bad situation. I thought that the group wedding idea was great. I can not believe that one couple got to Las Vegas to get married ad decide that they did not want to be with each other just to change their minds.
  • Brides and weddings

    This episode was all about weddings and the Chinese. A high profile better from China comes to the casino and Danny must stop the death threats on his life. Before long he works out that infact his two daughters are responsible for hiring the hitman and they are arrested. Meanwhile a couple who are going to get married run into a little trouble but finally tie the not when they get passed each others faults. Again this episode was ok, pretty average really. Ed involvement spans ever further in this episode apparently somehow he is involved with the Chinese. Well until the next episode....
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