Lassie (1997)

YTV (ended 1998)


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  • That's my new best friend.I loved it like i love my self.I like corey sevier(Timmy Cabot)

    This show (lassie) is like my new best friend.I loved all the episodes there were all intersting i never missed one episode of it i loved all the episodes of this show (lassie) this is my favourite & best show i loved it from all my heart it's really wonderfull & beutiful.I was talking about the show but now i will talk about the charcters in the show: 1)Is my best charcter:Corey Sevier (Timmy Cabot) i loved him because he is brave & lovely & comedian some times & he is good in tragedy i loved him from all my heart i loved him more than my brother.
    2)Lassie the dog (as her self) she is very very clever she knows the things that are happening around her she knows if she or any other one is in danger & she helped them too. I am still asking What's this dog (Lassie)kind? anybody knows
    3)The mother Dr.Karen Cobot (Susan Almegren) she is a lovely woman.