Lassie (1997)

YTV (ended 1998)


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  • Another Lassie Series, a good show

    Taking place in mid 1990’s, it’s about Young Timmy Cabot whose father recently died. His mother who was a vet decided to move back to the town where she grew up and take over for the old town Vet. Like most young kids when they move to a new place, Timmy has trouble adjusting to his new life, in till he meets Lassie, at the time the dog is not in the best of condition, Timmy takes care of her and bandage her up. Hollering Hank, who “owned” Lassie, eventually gives her to Timmy. Timmy eventually makes two good friends in Jeff and Natalie. Timmy has many adventures all which Lassie makes sure he gets out of just fine.

    The show only went 2 seasons, but I think it could have gone at least 2 more, at the end of the series Lassie’s original owners who were in some other country for a time, came to claim Lassie, but seeing that this was now Lassie’s home they decided to give her to Timmy, and took one of Lassies Puppies instead

    The show had decent cast, Corey Sevier was a remarkable actor even as young as he was when he stared in this series.

    This series I think was a lot better then The New Lassie, which aired in 1989 - 1992