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  • Help Save Lassie on TV + the Cruise of a Lifetime

    This is important, Cozitv is taking Lassie off the air and replacing her with Here's Lucy. If you are upset about this as I am, please contact Cozi at: . We must continue to make this American institution available for everyone.

    I know that Lassie was not abused as the last post said, Jon Provost told me himself. What an incredible week I just had cruising to Alaska with Jon Provost and his dynamic and endearing wife Laurie Jacobson. When first saw on that Jon and Laurie were hosting yearly cruises, I booked right away, thinking perhaps I would get the chance to greet them and shake their hands. Instead, there was a wealth of opportunities to get to know Jon and Laurie during nightly dinners, onshore excursions, and private presentations to our group on oldtime Hollywood (Laurie) and Lassie, among other things (Jon). When we heard about next year's cruise in the Caribbean, the majority of our group rushed to book it onboard. I must say I had the time of my life. It was a dream since boyhood come true. I can't wait till August 2017. Next year's cruise isn't on yet, but keep checking back.
  • Another case of animal abuse.

    I really think that this show had some of the cheesiest moments on television ever and that animal abuse was present in every single episode. Lassie and Flipper are probably the two most abused animals in television history because they just can't say no to their owners, all they can do is either flap their tails or face the tears and sadness in their respective owner's faces. The stories are also pretty much the same: Timmy gets in trouble, Lassie finds out telepathically, and then saves him in the last minute only to go back home and eat apple pie with his mother. Don0't get me wrong, it is a nice show if you cant forget about animal rights and extreme cheesyness.
  • Its Doggone good! And In-correct It came on in the 50s!

    THis show was one of the best shows in the whole world! To bad it had to go off air. I wish they could bring it back. Anyway, this show is about a young boy named Timmy and incredebly intellegent collie named Lassie. They had many adventures together including raising rats, training horses, and saving each other. They helped one another in the time of need and made bad times turn into good. Ever heard of the saying, "What is it Lassie? Timmy's in the well?!!" that is one example. Its a shame its off air the actors played their charaters very well. THis show is sutible for children.
  • it's a dog's world

    This show was one of the all time greats. It was clean family airing and family watching. It had adventure and suspense for it's time but without any real violence. It had episodes that for it's time keep you on the edge of your seat on the first time viewing the episodes. It brought a dog as the hero into a show that focused on a small boy and the love for his dog. It showed family values as they were during that time and made good old fashion living a way of the world.
  • 50 years later Lassie is stil Famous.

    Lassie is with out a doubt the most famous dog in Television. People especially children have enjoyed Lassie for over 50 years, and 50 years from now people will still be enjoying Lassie

    This series started as Jeff’s Collie, then went to the more famous Lassie and Timmy, after that era of Lassie ended the show continued, only no longer was Lassie's master, a child, but a Forest Ranger

    Lassie always helped her master’s out of any trouble that they got into, its always fun to see a boy and his faithfully dog. Since most people like dogs and in a sense can related to how much Lassie owners love her and that she is truly their best friend. The stories were often interesting and kept you wanting to watch more. Though the original Lassie is long sense deceased his (since Lassie was always played by a male collie) ancestors continue the Legacy of Lassie.
  • A Show That Will Never Go Off The Air

    Lassie has been on for decades and it looks like it will never stop airing. There looks like there is a relative of Lassie ready to star in another series.

    She came on in the 40's on several successful movies. and then went on to a very 50's TV show. Then there were TV episodes where Lassie was everywhere and was the best show. It really should have not stopped making new episodes in 1974.

    But the show will never go off the air since it's been on for a really long time, and has been making new episodes each decade. It's been on in the 60's, and 70's, and then in the 80's, and again in the 90's.

    Lassie is the best dog on TV. She never says anything, unlike those dogs of today's commercials which talk all the time. It is really lame. They either do voice over, or sing about lions that are actually cats.

    I hope Lassie will be back for a new season or something. Her shows are something everybody can watch.
  • Very good show!

    This show is very adventurous! Everybody should try it. The dog is so smart and very brave. I haven't watch all the episodes, but I wonder if Lassie ever had pups? It would be a very interesting episode. I hope it keeps showing forever! I wish more kids watched it rather than adults. It's for a whole family to watch! :) :)
  • Classic show about a youngster and his faithful dog lassie.

    Timmie and Lassie is a wholesome show about Timmie and his faithful best friend, Lassie.

    Lassie is no ordinary dog. She's part of the family - and a good family member at that.

    Come high rain, hard tides and everything in between - Lassie proves to be faithful and brave as she often times comes to the rescue of Timmie or a friend during the show's era.

    At the time, Lassie was probably an action packed sitcom with its routine dose of odd predicaments. Now it the scenes would appear dated and probably warrant a laugh from even the youngest viewer.

    But yet and still, its still a great show that one can find entertaining.
  • A great show with good stories.

    I too remember some of the episodes when I was a kid growing up,but by far out of all the "Lassie" series that ever depicted the true meaning of a boy and his dog was that of "Jeff's Collie". My friend and I had a debate is which who was the best character of all the shows and to our decision we came with Tommy Rettig for his performance to the show. He brings a astounding depth of passion and emotion to his character and by far this was the original and the first series that really brought "Lassie" out in the open and the first ever to do so during the early 50's. When Rettig left the show in 1957,he was replaced by actor Jon Provost and the tone set the collie along with his new family,The Martin's. The family consisted of June Lockhart and Hugh Reilly as the father. In other words during this run,and in some of the episodes with Provost who played Timmy,it was always up to Lassie to get him out of a tight situation and boy was Timmy one hard headed individual at times when it came to staying out of trouble! Good girl,Lassie! When the 1960's came along the collie went into another direction where during this time the Martin family would move to another country and this time Lassie was taken up by park ranger Corey Stuart played by Robert Bray and in this one Lassie had to defend her honor by helping out Ranger Stuart at times and in a two part episode called "The Tempest" it goes into that detail where Lassie fights for survival in a barron land when the Ranger is seriously hurt after a tragic accident(worth seeing and its in color). By the end of the 1960's,Ranger Stuart and Lassie went their separate ways,and the collie would take up with another family by the 1968-1969 season and from there her services would be needed once more and thus end the shows' trimuph run making it one of the all time children's shows ever.

    For the 17 years it ran on the CBS network(from 1954-1971),Lassie was an

    American institution every Sunday evening until the network changed the overall course of its programming. Truly,she was America's favorite dog. Catch the re-runs on Nickelodeon and on the Animal Planet Channel.