Lassie - Season 7

CBS (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Timmy and the Martians
    Timmy believes that the "Martian communicator" he and his friends Steve and Bobby built out of old radio and electronic parts caused an Army plane crash.
  • The Search
    The Search
    Episode 35
    While playing on her own, Lassie brings home the talking doll belonging to a lost city child, who is trapped in a concrete irrigation ditch that's slowly filling with water.
  • Rodeo
    Episode 34
    Timmy befriends a tomboy girl whose father, a professional rodeo rider, is reluctant to compete again after a bad accident in the past.
  • The Greyhound
    The Greyhound
    Episode 33
    Timmy bets Lassie's new jeweled collar that she can beat a friend's new greyhound, Pat, in a race, and is chagrined when the collie loses.
  • Fools Gold
    Fools Gold
    Episode 32
    Lassie brings home a gold miner's pack burro, and Timmy and Culley get gold fever. The burro leads them to a mine, but their digging causes the roof to collapse, trapping them. Lassie and the fireman must rescue them before the mine fills with gas.
  • The Ostrich
    The Ostrich
    Episode 31
    Timmy and Lassie make the acquaintance of Captain Gene Holter, a man who makes his living racing his two ostriches Romeo and Juliet against horses at county fairs. But when Ruth finds out Juliet, defending a egg she just laid, chased Timmy, she forbids the boy to return to the fairgrounds.moreless
  • Long Chase
    Long Chase
    Episode 29
    When carnival performer Mr. Conte's trained dog Terry is injured, Lassie substitutes for her--so well that he wants to buy her. When Timmy won't sell, the man steals her.
  • The Pigeon
    The Pigeon
    Episode 29
    Lassie and Caesar, an Army homing pigeon that Timmy nurses back to health, get so attached to each other that when he is returned to the Army, she refuses to eat, and Caesar frees himself to return to his collie friend. So Timmy decides to see if the Army will let him buy the bird.moreless
  • Bessie
    Episode 28
    When Ruth thinks their cow is going dry, she makes the difficult decision to sell Bessie to the slaughterhousea and purchase a new cow. What they don't realize is that a neighbor's boy has been stealing some of her milk.
  • Senor Coyote
    Senor Coyote
    Episode 27
    Timmy befriends Josè, a new Spanish boy in school (the other boys keep calling him "Josie"), but doesn't know what to do when Josè's pet coyote Taquita is accused of killing Mr. Ransom's chickens.
  • The Fire Watchers
    The Fire Watchers
    Episode 26
    Ruth is on volunteer tower duty during a dry spell and must take action when a forest fire starts due to a careless smoker. Meanwhile Lassie helps Ranger Wade start a backfire after he's injured in the path of the fire in a fall from his horse.
  • Cully's Hound Dog
    Cully's Hound Dog
    Episode 25
    When Paul offers to farm the land Cully has allowed to lie fallow, the old man thinks Paul means he should retire. But after Timmy gives him a pep talk, Cully decides to fight back by hitching horse to plow and farming his land again.
  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack
    Episode 24
    Enroute to the city to relocate after a drought, a backwoods family stops at the Martins after Timmy plays a trick on them. But when their son Billy Joe finds out his parents plan to give away his beloved dog Mitchell, he swears Timmy to secrecy after returning to the Martins', then he and the dog head for the woods--where deer season has just begun.moreless
  • The Eagle
    The Eagle
    Episode 23
    Timmy and Lassie watch in horror as a man raids a golden eagle's nest and destroys her only egg, so Timmy gives the bereaved bird a goose egg to raise.
  • The Patriot
    The Patriot
    Episode 22
    After finding out the local Army base needs dogs to guard their missiles, Timmy adopts Homer, a German Shepherd from the dog pound to give to the Army, but the dog has become so cowed from abuse that the family wonders if he can ever be trained.
  • Shadrack
    Episode 21
    Cully plays host to his old regiment's Army mule, but he and Timmy must save the animal from being destroyed when it suddenly goes mad and begins rampaging all over the countryside.
  • The Trip
    The Trip
    Episode 20
    When the Martins travel by train to Chicago for an agricultural exhibition, as well as to visit Ruth's mother and family, Lassie is taken along, but her crate falls off the baggage car enroute and Tom and Jess, two friendly truckers, try to help her get back where she belongs.
  • The Mad Dog
    The Mad Dog
    Episode 19
    While Paul is away, Ruth and Timmy care for a stray dog that Timmy names Duke. But after being involved in a fight, Duke suddenly shows all the signs of rabies.
  • The Wild Horse
    The Wild Horse
    Episode 18
    A wild horse, spotted by Timmy, is proving to be a nuisnace to the farms in the area. Timmy convinces Paul to,with the aid of other farmers, to try and catch the horse befor that happens.
  • Apron Strings
    Apron Strings
    Episode 17
    When Timmy and Lassie bring home a litter of starving orphaned puppies, rescued from a maurading bobcat, the family tries to save them although one has already died of starvation. Inadvertantly, the pups teach Timmy, who's been relying on Paul to help him with arithmetic homework, about self-sufficiency.
  • The White-Faced Bull
    A neighbor's prize bull strays onto the Martin farm and tries to attack Timmy. When the bull is later poisoned, the neighbor accuses Paul of the deed. Detectives Timmy and Lassie launch an investigation to find the real culprit.
  • The Christmas Story
    Episode 15
    The Martin's new neighbors turn out to be living in an abandoned shack with little food. Efforts to help are rebuffed by the father, but when the sheriff becomes involved, Timmy and Lassie find the father a job and the family enjoys a happy Christmas.
  • Bows and Arrows
    Bows and Arrows
    Episode 14
    Timmy and Bob build their own bows and arrows to go "hunting" like the two bow hunters they met, but when Bob uses one of the hunter's arrows, he hits an unexpected target.
  • The Big Race
    The Big Race
    Episode 13
    Timmy is punished for neglecting his farm chores when he joins Willie Brewster to build a vehicle for a go-cart race.
  • Little Cabbage
    Little Cabbage
    Episode 12
    Movie star Mimi Marlowe has car trouble near the Martin farm and is forced to leave her baby, a pet poodle, in Timmy and Lassie's care. Excitement ensues, as Lassie must save the poodle, which in turn rescues Timmy from a precarious situation.
  • Visiting Colt
    Visiting Colt
    Episode 11
    Timmy cares for a young colt during a neighbor's vacation, and doesn't realize until Lassie has twice saved the horse's life that he has neglected his oldest and best friend.
  • Sea Serpent
    Sea Serpent
    Episode 10
    Mistaking a fin print on the beach left by a diver for the tracks of a sea monster, Timmy and Culley Wilson let their imaginations get the better of them. They launch an attack on the would-be sea creature endangering the life of the diver.
  • The Swallows of Los Pinos
    Timmy and Ruth try to prove that a little chapel should not be sleighted for demolition because a flock of swallows return there every year on the same day, but they may not arrive after a hawk attacks the scout swallow.
  • The Blind Dog
    The Blind Dog
    Episode 8
    A blind dog is trapped in a skip-loader and in danger of being buried alive. Lassie risks her life to save the handicapped pup and Timmy helps the dog's owner find work to pay for a sight-restoring operation for his pet.
  • The Renegade
    The Renegade
    Episode 7
    Timmy finds out that Bob Alder's dog Butch is going blind from cataracts and that Bob's father wants to have him put to sleep, so Ruth hires Bob to help with gathering corn to help pay for Butch's surgery. But Butch wanders away from the field where they are working.
  • The Gentle Tiger
    The Gentle Tiger
    Episode 6
    Timmy learns a lesson in obedience when he takes a job as water boy at a traveling carnival. He disregards an order, inadvertently allowing a tiger to escape from its cage.
  • Feathered Menace
    Feathered Menace
    Episode 5
    Ruth agrees to babysit Betty Wilder's infant twins, but the young mother arrives early and reluctantly leaves Timmy and Lassie to care for the babies until Ruth returns from an errand. Timmy thinks it will be a cinch--until a marauding hawk chases a frightened pigeon into the bedroom where the babies are sleeping.moreless
  • The Rescue
    The Rescue
    Episode 4
    Timmy is trapped on a ledge while chasing a strayed ewe that has just given birth and Ruth desperately tries to get the attention of a nearby helicopter pilot reseeding the hills.
  • Cully's New Pet
    Cully's New Pet
    Episode 3
    Cully tells Timmy no animal is all bad, so Timmy befriends a skunk, but no one, not even Lassie, will come near his new friend.
  • The Wallaby
    The Wallaby
    Episode 2
    Something's raided the family strawberry patch, but the large mysterious tracks puzzle everyone until Timmy catches a glimpse of the animal, describing it as a "giant rabbit." In reality it's a wallaby named Pancho--who poses a danger to Lassie!
  • Blacktail
    Episode 1
    Jerry, the lame boy who adopted Lassie's son Blacktail, and his dog visit the farm, when the Martins find out Jerry can walk without his brace, but is afraid to try.
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