Season 16 Episode 13

Superstition Canyon

Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1969 on CBS

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  • Part of this Episode is MISSING!!! What Happened???

    I watched this episode on Family Entertainment Network. In the Season 16 Episode #516, Scott and Lassie survey the Superstition Mountains in a small airplane with a pilot. They get a radio call to keep an eye out for a missing prospector named Old Hobart. The 2 men find him and airlift him out of the canyon to get him to the hospital as he probably has appendicitis. Lassie is left to guard Old Hobart's burro, Emily.

    Emily is distressed over her master's departure, kicks over their water bucket and breaks away. The show ends with Lassie in pursuit of Emily. The problem is that there is NO FOLLOW UP! The next episode as listed on Wikipedia is #517. "The Road Back" is part of a 4 part series that has nothing at all to do with this one.

    It looks to me like the conclusion to this episode was LOST. I was so disappointed to discover that "the Lassie Web" does not answer questions by email anymore. Does anybody have the answer to this?

    (PS. This is my first post on this website. I have to give it a number, but I don't even know what the number system is about. I guess I'll give it the highest