Last Call with Carson Daly

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Last Call with Carson Daly

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Hosted by Carson Daly, whose career now spans a multitude of media including network television, cable, radio and most recently, the recording industry, "Last Call" features interviews and musical performances by today's top artists and entertainers.

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AIRED ON 5/27/2016

Season 14 : Episode 192


    News Briefs: So Many Premiere Dates, for A&E, TBS, TNT, Starz, and More

    Plus: IFC's new development slate, History's next potential miniseries, and a babe is returning to Dexter.


    What to Watch Tonight: So You Think You Can Dance, Duets, and Awake

    Plus: Rookie Blue and TBS' Men at Work

  • Today
    • He should start CRAPPY BANDS website

      How does he find the worst bands on the planet?

      The bands on his show are so bad it is indescribable.
    • I gave him a 1.1 for having the nerve to show up every night.

      Last Call with Carson Daly is the worst late night show in the history of late night shows. It's not even a good show to sleep through because, for some reason if you're up that late, you almost want to watch to see what kind of crap he does to embarrass himself with, and then you wonder what kind of people are in his audience... laughing... with him or perhaps at him. And for me, even if one of my favorite people decides to join him for the painful experience (which rarely happens), I would only watch to see the fake chuckles and the regrettable expressions on their faces.moreless
    • This is a good show to sleep to.

      I watch Leno. Then I watch Conan. I laugh my butt off. Then I turn off the TV.

      There is nothing incredibly interesting or funny about the man. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he's never said anything funny while I was watching him. Or did I miss a funny episode... oh, wait, no, there was never a funny episode.

      I have, unfortunately, at least once, stared at the TV with my jaw on the floor (likely the same expression on the faces of his audience) trying to figure out whether the last statement he made was a joke. If it was, it sucked. He just blabs on and on, making no sense.

      Oh, and these bands he brings in all sound the same and no one's ever heard of them before. Oh, yeah, and they suck.

      I'm pretty sure they figure, "well, he's in a bad slot, so his... two... viewers... are pretty good!"moreless
    • This is the worst show ever in television history.

      In Jimmy Fallon's Word "Hi. I am Carson Daly. and I am a Giant Tool"

      Carson Daly is in no way funny. If you watch this show you can see that the audience doesn't even get his jokes because they don't make sense most of the time...

      When Conan says...I don't know why I said that... There is good reason...because even when he says it, the way he says it is funny too. But, in Carson's case he makes jokes which makes no sense in the first place so to say that doesn't make any sense.

      He made some really sick jokes in the last few episodes and I think he has no idea what he is doing on television.

      My Advice....switch off the television after Late Night with Conan O'Brien.moreless
    • MTV drivel appealing to the most retarded people in the country...... teenagers

      Okay first off, if you get someone from MTV you have a prloblem. Since MTV is known for its retarded shows and having gone from actual music to retarded crap. MTV should be called "Massive Tremendous Verenial-Diesease" for leting their crap spread to NBC. Down with MTV [Does Nixon salute].
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