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It's time to replace Carson

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    While I think that Carson Daly has done a solid job for the last decade, I really think its time to bring in a more traditional talk show host for the 1:35ET slot on NBC. Carson has done about as well as he's going to do and he's more of a interview only style of host. NBC should try to bring in a comic or someone who could host a traditional style talk show in this slot and that could appeal to the same crowd that watches Fallon and build more buzz. I would recommend Spike Feresten, who hosted a little known Saturday night talk show on Fox a few years ago. I think its time NBC took this slot to the next level. I just think they could do more with this slot. I feel like people are now willing to watch a show at 1:35ET much in the same way people were about the 12:35ET slot decades ago when Letterman (a traditional style host) replaced Snyder (interview only).

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