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  • He should start CRAPPY BANDS website

    How does he find the worst bands on the planet?

    The bands on his show are so bad it is indescribable.
  • I gave him a 1.1 for having the nerve to show up every night.

    Last Call with Carson Daly is the worst late night show in the history of late night shows. It's not even a good show to sleep through because, for some reason if you're up that late, you almost want to watch to see what kind of crap he does to embarrass himself with, and then you wonder what kind of people are in his audience... laughing... with him or perhaps at him. And for me, even if one of my favorite people decides to join him for the painful experience (which rarely happens), I would only watch to see the fake chuckles and the regrettable expressions on their faces.
  • This is a good show to sleep to.

    I watch Leno. Then I watch Conan. I laugh my butt off. Then I turn off the TV.

    There is nothing incredibly interesting or funny about the man. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he's never said anything funny while I was watching him. Or did I miss a funny episode... oh, wait, no, there was never a funny episode.

    I have, unfortunately, at least once, stared at the TV with my jaw on the floor (likely the same expression on the faces of his audience) trying to figure out whether the last statement he made was a joke. If it was, it sucked. He just blabs on and on, making no sense.

    Oh, and these bands he brings in all sound the same and no one's ever heard of them before. Oh, yeah, and they suck.

    I'm pretty sure they figure, "well, he's in a bad slot, so his... two... viewers... are pretty good!"
  • This is the worst show ever in television history.

    In Jimmy Fallon's Word "Hi. I am Carson Daly. and I am a Giant Tool"

    Carson Daly is in no way funny. If you watch this show you can see that the audience doesn't even get his jokes because they don't make sense most of the time...

    When Conan says...I don't know why I said that... There is good reason...because even when he says it, the way he says it is funny too. But, in Carson's case he makes jokes which makes no sense in the first place so to say that doesn't make any sense.

    He made some really sick jokes in the last few episodes and I think he has no idea what he is doing on television.

    My Advice....switch off the television after Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
  • MTV drivel appealing to the most retarded people in the country...... teenagers

    Okay first off, if you get someone from MTV you have a prloblem. Since MTV is known for its retarded shows and having gone from actual music to retarded crap. MTV should be called "Massive Tremendous Verenial-Diesease" for leting their crap spread to NBC. Down with MTV [Does Nixon salute].
  • Carson's a nice guy, was a good host on MTV TRL, but he's just not interesting enough

    to carry a whole show. He's so dry and boring it's actually painful. The guests he's has on (including the musical guests) are all cooler and more interesting than he is-and they carry the interview section cuz he doesn't know what to ask them.

    What does it take to get a talk show on TV these days-obviously not much.
  • Painful to watch, if I'm ever up that late.

    Wow, this really sucks. I rather go watch letterman. If you happen to be an insomniac, your better off watching telemundo for an hour and going back to NBC when they repeat Leno and Conan. Why does he have his own late night talk show?? Carson Daly is NOT funny. Is he too old for MTV now?? Carson Daly is too boring to be hosting a show in the middle of the night, he's better at putting me to sleep. Why exactly do people like his show?? Anyway, he has a crappy slot cus no one wants to watch him. lets hope it stays that way.
  • waste of time

    now i realize that this show plays at an hour where its only competition is infomercials, but that does not mean it has to suck as bad as it does. why does anyone think carson daily deserve this show? he is a washed up mtv v-jay. come to think of it he's not even a v-jay considering they quit playing videos long before he got his job.
  • He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her.

    He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him. It is just so unfair on him all this and he asks her if they can use her money shes going to spend on buying Alexes part of the gym to buy him out. He tells her that she will get her money back because he knows Kane is going to win the court case and it is important to him that his friends have trust in him. She is not sure if getting him out of prison is the right thing, but she agree with him and gives him the money to get him home.
  • Carson is a hit with me.

    I had the privilege of attending the taping of The Tonight Show and then walking over to the Carson Daly set to participate as an audience member. Carson is funny, humble and his guests are a blast.

    This is a show I would gladly pay to download to my video iPod everyday--so it doesn't matter that it airs so late at night. There's a new recording schedule on my DVR today.
  • I loved the old Carson but don\'t know this emaciated talk show host. Carson was GREAT on MTV but talk show host is not his calling. I am SO irritated that he mentions how short on time they are every other second. I am severly disappointed.

    I loved the old Carson but don\'t know this emaciated talk show host. Carson was GREAT on MTV but this gig is just not his thing. Every other sentence is about how short on time he is. How about not having so much crammed into a half an hour? Ex-fan
  • Carson may have been decent introducing music videos for MTV, but a talk show is just not the right thing for him.

    Last Call with Carson Daly is on at 1:30AM for a reason, even the execs at NBC know it's bad. I think the main reason is Carson isn't either funny or intelligent, which makes his prepared jokes and interviews a complete bomb.

    Most of the times the show will start out with a story where writers have planned jokes. Carson can't deliever a joke to save his life so they all bomb with nervous laughter. At some point in the show he'll likely make fun of the fact that his show is bad and no one watches. Often times he'll say everyone is asleep after Conan (who is in my opinion the most talented host on TV).
  • Carson, is not funny. It's amazing that nbc even gave him a contract. A new host is a must for the late night viewer. Carsons place is an obvious choice, Mtv's boring, no music video playing, real world bull.

    the guy needs an enema, a beer, and a joint. maybe then he could be funny. his head is in a dark hole. he will never last in late night. major dork, acts like a little girl. very little communication skills, not cut out for tv. it pisses off people to know that after seeing this guy on late night tv he was able to score with jennifer love, what a disaster. no wonder there not together. sucks she fell for such a dork
  • One of the worst late night shows ever to air. Carson Daly is one of the most unfunny, untalented interviewers ever to get his own show and that is saying a lot. Watching paint dry is more exciting. A great sleep-aid.

    One of the worst late night shows ever to air. Carson Daly is one of the most unfunny, untalented interviewers ever to get his own show and that is saying a lot. His opening "monologue" if you want to call it that is so bad, it's been truncated to one minute nowadays. Moving him to LA was no big deal, either, except now he doesn't have to try and bribe guests to appear on his show, because most celebrities reside or work in Southern California. He cannot feed off of his guests at all - and then says some of the dumbest things as well as asking unrelated questions, while cutting off the guests' answers to his boring, uninteresting questions.

    Supposedly, women find him attractive, although as a guy I cannot see why, and that is primarily how he became so popular at MTV with TRL. Nowadays, he sports this unshaven half-bearded face (only works on REAL men) to offset his scrawny unmanly frame and goofy ears. There is zero charisma for this guy on camera - how he got this gig without kneepads boggles ones' mind - and speaking of which, yours will be numbed if you make it through the thirty minute torture. Thirty minutes on this show is like watching three hours of Bloomberg TV. It seems to go on so painfully slow... and then he typically wraps up his show with a gangsta rap band or some bad indie band that no one cares about, although occasionally he'll get a good one. If you need help falling asleep, by all means, view this show, unless nausea and the smell of bile keep you awake.

    Ted in Gilbert, AZ
  • way better than Conan!!!!!!

    wonderful,,,, would much rather watch Carson than Conan any day of the week. A lot classier and sophisticated compaired to the trashy things on Conan. The format or setting is different from some of the other talk shows which gives it a nicier feel and the guest are of a wide verity. The show seems very confortable and real.
  • He's better than Leno but that's about it.

    This show is never really funny and I hadly do watch it although there are times when I will sit and watch him interview peole who really I have never heard of but why I do, I still don't know. The monolouge lacks humor and any bit attempt doesn't work but nothing else is on so you mindswell go ahead and watch it.
  • This show is terrible.

    When you have a show that is on very late at night, that is bad. Then on top of that, it is not a good show. That is terrible. I wonder how many people actually watch such a late and weak show. The show is so boring and I am waiting for the network to cancel it, but it seems they will not be doing that anytime soon. They just renovated the set and NBC is planning big things for this show. I do not know why. Last Call is just a very stupid show.
  • easily the worst show since jackie gleason apologized on live tv...carson should take a cue...

    its simply amazing that television these days allows a zero talent hack like Carson Daly to buy his way into a self indulgent showcase. and worse, to have that show last over 500 episodes... This is easily the worst show on tv, barring absolutely NOTHING. carson is an immature, bragadocious moron seemingly more concerned about his own alleged drinking capacity and proving his late thirties adolencence than he is about interviewing the \"stars\" that appear on his \"show\".I seriously believe that if it werent for his connections, he would have critical trouble booking decent talent. The best thing about Last Call is Dikie Betts, and hes a casino act at best. Sorry Carson, but do us a favor and bag it quick. You really suck as a host. Stick to what you know...kissing celebrity butt off screen and pandering to the 12 year olds that made up your now long gone MTV audience. retire already!
  • Each night from the Palladium Carson Daly hosts last call with Carson Daly. He interviews guests, and has a music act as well as a brief skit.

    This show is more for music lovers rather than people who like goofy hosts. Carson is an awful host yet has good tastes in music. The musical acts are always good and its a good showcase of the future of music. They have alot of bands that don't get much radio play, yet have huge cult followings. This is different from Conan or Jay who's show consists of lots of joke cracking and the host has to carry the show. In this show the content is what people watch the show for not Carson. Its always nice to catch the music act at the end of the half hour because its the only part worth while.
  • Exiled VJ, Carson Daly, tries to contend with the big boys of late night and fails... fails so miserably.

    Since giving a show a ZERO is impossible I'll settle with score I gave it. This show is so bad that there is no words to describe it. Carson is not funny! Not at all! The best parts of the show are the parts when he's not talking. Every word that comes out of his mouth is so stupid and unoriginal. You'll feel sorry for him after a while. The rest of the people on that show are forgettable and this is one of those shows that should've never left planning. Don't watch it. Don't.
  • Definitely not as funny as NBC's other late night shows, but less irritating.

    Carson Daly was a decent VJ interviewing boy bands on MTV's "Total Request Live." You can see how bad of an "actor" he is (better than Conan, at least) during sketches but his newer late night show is surprisingly better than I expected.

    The guests are way better and the bands are way better -- isn't that the real reason you watch these late night shows? Not just to see if Conan will repeat, "Keep cool, my babies" and act like a cat again?

    I also enjoy the appearances of comedians featured on "Comedy Central Presents" and that channel's "Premium Blend" stand-up series. Hey, hip college kids and sarcastic twenty-somethings into alternative rock and strange humor: weekdays, stay up till 1:30 am and catch this show - NBC - right after [adult swim] "Family Guy" and "Aqua Teen" reruns. Ahh...
  • Last Call with Carson Daly is the worst piece of crap you will ever watch. You would rather eat at Arby's than watch this.

    Someone please take this off the air. Carson is probably not a bad guy but he is sooo not funny. He tries to be, but fails miserably. I usually watch Elimidate instead of him.....that\'s right ELIMIDATE! I didn\'t rate it a 0 for one reason. At least they didn\'t have \"Last Call with Keanu Reeves\" now THAT would require a 0. Someone please just do something and put on reruns of Caroline in the City or something. Or even better run monkey\'s flinging poo on each other. That would be so much more entertaining than Carson. I would gladly watch a black screen with white letters saying \"We have cancelled Carson\" scrolling by. I would watch that with a huge smile on my face.
  • Carson Daly's career is nearing an end.

    Last Call with Carson Daly could possibly be one of the worst late night shows ever. I love when he gets nervous and has nothing to say, so he just blurts out whatever comes to his mind. I love when he pisses his guests off even though he is a wanna-be nice guy. I love the nobody guests, the bad dancers, and the awful house bands. I have to admit, if im up, Carson Daly is on in the background while im doing something else. I just dont want to miss how he embarrasses himself next.

    Its sort of like doing something you know is bad for your health, yet you do it anyways.
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