Last Choir Standing

Saturday 7:00 PM on BBC Premiered Jul 05, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Last Choir Standing is the type of talent show in which the BBC excels (IMHO...) asking the public to vote on the most popular of six selected choirs.

    This is the kind of 'schedule filler' show that not that many people would admit to watching... It is the latest in a series of BBC 'open to public vote' shows. Using this format, the British public are asked to watch a series of live performances each week, then to phone in and vote which of several hopefuls should be cast as lead in a stage production/ win a competition. There was no embarrassment about watching the earlier series. The first had viewers choosing who would play 'Maria' in Andrew Lloyd Webber's collaboration in re-presenting 'The Sound of Music' on stage in London's West End. Several potential Marias would sing each week and the public voted to select the 'popular favourite'. The two with the least votes have to do a 'sing off' for the judges (or Andrew Lloyd Webber) to decide which remained. Having cast 'Maria', the next season we were called upon to cast 'Joseph' (and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) in the same way, followed by 'Nancy' for Oliver Twist. This summer's version, described by some as 'scraping the bottom of the barrel' for the genre, involves choosing which out of 6 choirs will be the 'Last Choir Standing'. The first objection for many was that the format had been done to death. The second was that judges chose the final 6 with no input from the public (who might have chosen differently. But really – it would have been just too cumbersome and long-winded doing it that way). The third was the difficulty of comparing wildly differing genres.

    But although not all of the offerings are strictly 'choral', I think it possible that just as the 'pop' element of the earlier shows has introduced a new audience to (musical) theatre, this programme might raise interest in choral singing and the range of songs to which it can be applied. I have surprised myself by finding this series the best one.