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Last Comic Standing

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A nationwide talent search accepting the best professional and non-professional stand-up comedians. Once the selection process is narrowed to 10, the show covers the contestants as they live together and compete for an exclusive contract with NBC, and to be called the Last Comic Standing.

In Season 3 ("The Battle of the Best"), the object of the contest was the first season's 10 finalists versus second season's 10 finalists. No immunity challenges this time, or time spent showing the comics living together. It's pure stand-up.

Rating: TV-14
Adam Hunter (I)

Adam Hunter (I)

Season 6 Semi-Finalist

Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman

Himself (Season 2 Finalist)

Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin

Herself - (Season 7)

Mike Destefano

Mike Destefano

Himself - (Season 7)

Rachel Feinstein

Rachel Feinstein

Herself - (Season 7)

Rich Vos

Rich Vos

Himself (Season 1&3 Finalist)

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  • Why do I keep watching and wasting my time?

    This show gets worse and worse every year. What started out as a great idea by Jay Mohr with some really funny comics has turned in to absolute network crap. Every year they go to a major city like New York and select around 7 finalists (most of them mediocre, pretty boys, predictable girls, has beens, or people with connections), and then go to the middle of nowhere and find these unique and hilarious people. They'll select a couple of people then say, "Unfortunately, we only have one spot left."

    The talent level goes down every year. They replaced Mohr with possibly the worst TV host I have ever seen in Anthony Clark who was sweating and shaking and depressing; then replaced him with an experienced host (former MTV VJ), but a pathetic comic in Bill Bellamy. Everything is so contrived and so commercialized. Now the shows feel like PBS fundraisers.moreless
  • Needs to get a whole lot better this year, or just go away forever...

    I'll probably give it one more try even though I know it will suck again. It's not just that they always pick a hack winner who sucks, it's that "All Of The Finalists" are horrible! I can't stand any of them in any year. If by some miracle one or two actually funny people sneak through they weed them out right away leaving us with some truly awful "comedians" who don't have five good jokes between them. This is one of the best premises for a show that turned out to be one of the worst shows I've seen. Last Comic Standing needs to get a whole lot better this year, or just go away forever...moreless
  • Used to be my best friend during tv summer breaks....

    The first three seasons of Last Comic Standing were hilarious. They had the elements of a reality show, that I generally dislike (to put it mildly), but the elimination was decided through a battle of Stand up between the comedians.

    Although I know from season 1 that the producers and the studio had been picking and choosing the course of the show, it was interesting and they had actually managed to pick up people that we got to know and love over the seasons.

    Season 4 (I think it was) marked the leaving of Jay Mohr obviously over disputes with the producers about the changing of the show's concept.

    That's when the downfall of the series began.

    They no longer have the element of reality during the season, it's just the auditions and contests. You have no character interaction except for the tedious 'how was your show' and 'how did you feel' stuff...

    The people chosen to perform and move on keep getting worse and worse - Season 6 marked the choosing of not one, but 3 singing duos to get to the semi-finals - and one of them (at least from what I saw until now) got to move on! They're not funny, they have no comic act, they just sing songs about celibacy!!!

    And ofcourse that those who are funny by their own right do not get picked to move on, because of behind the screen machinations.


    If the concept does not improve drastically until the end of season 6, I am no longer going to tune in to this show - I can't take the disappointment anymore.moreless
  • Depends on the type of comedy.

    Not only the comedy that the comic brings but the judges because sometimes they let in too many untalented people. Of the few that is talented,very inapporiated material is used. The host change for year to year. I only watch this show when nothing else is on because most of the contestants are depressed and i don't need that affect on me. I like being a cheerful person. Most of the talent is horrible but that comes from it being an tv show and people being desperate to become famous. If you wanting an good laugh once in a while, i suggest that you watch this show.moreless
  • Why are established comedians who already have cable TV appearances allowed to compete? Chime in if you agree!

    This is an email that I sent to NBC regarding this show - please chime in and add to our voice if you agree:

    I just wanted to write you - myself and several of my friends agree on this point with your show "Last Comic Standing"

    We don't think it's fair to allow comics who have already had a cable television appearance / show to compete on this show. It seems like only new and unknown comics should be competing on a show like this - not someone who is already established.

    I hate to compare you with your competitors - but it would be a bit like Mariah Carey competing on American Idol.

    We were disgusted at how many comics we had seen that we already knew and had seen on Comedy Central, HBO or other comedy specials - what's worse is they were using the very same jokes they had on those cable specials.

    Please keep your competition fresh and give the up and coming performers a chance rather than ones who have already been established.moreless

    News Briefs: NBC Has Ordered a Maya Rudolph Variety Show (Really!)

    Plus: A new series from the creator of Homeland, The CW is remaking Tales from the Darkside, and another Friend is visiting Cougar Town.


    Charlie Sheen will Sue WBTV and Chuck Lorre

    Plus: ABC Family announces summer premiere dates, a Last Comic Standing contestant is dead, and Scrubs's Doctor Cox has a new gig.

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