Last Comic Standing

Season 4 Episode 3

Final Round of the Semifinals

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • Well, there goes the show...

    Gabriel was the one to beat really and the one thing happened that would give the others a shot. He was taken out by the one person on the show who could have done it... himself.
    Now we are left with a couple good comics and the cream of the crop is now gone.
    The rest of the show is best left alone and in the dark...
  • How can the judges choose these people?

    The show was fine until the final 5 were chosen. How can they choose those 5 comics? At least 5 others were funnier than them. Makes me not want to watch the rest of the series.

    They seem to be choosing comics that will be right for the house, instead of picking the funniest. I know we only saw about a minute of the three minutes they got onstage, but the judges seemed to go for a variety of talent rather than the best. A pregnant woman, an older woman, an older man, a Hispanic, and an black guy. Seems a little contrived to me.