Last Exile

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 07, 2004 on techtv

Episode Recap

Sophia leaves the Sylvana and heads for the Imperial City where she reclaims her position as Princess Sophia.

Meanwhile, back on the Sylvana, the mechanics discuss Sophia's leaving. They soon notice that Mullin is completely depressed about being a mechanic. He tells them that he wants to go back to being a marksman again.

Elsewhere on the ship, Claus goes looking for Lavie, but instead discovers that Sophia has left the Sylvana. He heads to Alex's cabin and finds the captain drinking liquor. He angrily tries to question Alex, but the captain deftly sidetracks the inquiry, especially about Sophia's reasons for leaving.

Back at the Imperial City, one of the generals informs Emperor Anatore that the Dusis is too weakened to fight back. Prime Minister Marius tries to plead for mercy for the surviving fleet, but Anatore has him placed under house arrest and confines Marius to his room.

Meanwhile, Mullin talks with Tatiana. He asks her to leave the ship with him, but then takes it back. Alex meets with Ressius over a game of chess to talk about attacking Delphine. Meanwhile, the remaining Dusis people determine to take over Anatore for themselves.

Sophia is nearly shot down by the new commander of the Urbanus, but manages to arrive at the Imperial City. She is dressed like a Princess and goes to speak with her father about the Dusis. But, she is unable to get through to him as she is placed under arrest as well and imprisoned in the tower. Marius speaks to her through a hole and makes her promise to be a good Empress.

Meanwhile, Dusis commences a sneak attacks on Anatore. The General uses the Scolopendra Canon to destroy a few ships, but it is too little too late. During the chaos, the Emperor and Marius kill each other and Vincent rescues Sophia.

As this chaos occurs, Claus and Lavie decide to stay on the Sylvana.