Last Exile

Season 2 Episode 7

Grand Stream

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 09, 2004 on techtv

Episode Recap

After entering the Grand Stream, the Sylvana and the Urbanus begin to carefully search the stormy fields using a series of sonar torpedoes and Winna's hearing abilities.

Meanwhile, during the silent sail, Al makes a birthday cake for Dio and the mechanics throw him a party. They sing him a birthday song and give him presents and Dio is amazed at how birthdays are celebrated by them.

At last, with only one sonar torpedo remaining, Winna finds EXILE. The vanship pilots scramble to shoot grappling hooks at it and try to capture it. But they activate a defense system of cubes with tentacles, which attack and destroy a few of the vanships.

Nevertheless Claus, with Dio as his navi, manage to attach their grappling hook under the cubes themselves. With EXILE captured, Alex speaks to Sophia privately and gives her the mysteriums as well as guardianship of Al and EXILE itself. His debt to Marius, he says, is repaid.

However, Delphine has sent her star-shaped ships to bring Dio home and capture the crew of the Sylvana...