Last Exile

Season 1 Episode 7

Interesting Claus

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2004 on techtv

Episode Recap

Claus manages to get the Guild vanship off of the Sylvana. However, he looses control and begins to descend downwards unable to take control. As Claus attempts to regain control, the mechanics help fight against the Guild vanships and put out any fires. But there effort may prove to be futile when more and more Guild vanships break into the Sylvana.

Al is instructed to head up to the bridge. When she gets there she is told to sit in the captain's chair. Alex continues to coordinate the attacks, never lowering his guard.

Meanwhile, Dio grows bored of playing chess and convinces Lucciola that they should go out and test Claus or, as he calls him, "Immelman" and his vanship. Lucciola reluctantly agrees, and they head out.

Claus, who has now regained control of his vanship, begins to hold his own in the battlefield. When Dio and Lucciola find him they begin to chase him Claus manages to stay on his feet and dodge them, but Dio has Claus' vanship in his crosshairs twice, yet he doesn't fire.

Just then, Tatiana and Alister return from their trip to the palace and decide to aid Claus and Lavie. However, their vanship is badly damaged and they cannot do much. Suddenly, Lavie blacks out from "red out" and is unable to replace the cartridge of bullets, leaving Claus defenseless against Dio.

However, just as Dio is about to kill Claus, he receives a communication through his earpiece that the attack is officially over and that he and Lucciola are to return to the ship immediately. Claus is both shocked and relieved when he sees the Guild vanships retreating.

In the hanger, Tatiana scolds the mechanics for allowing armatures like Claus and Lavie to take a vanship and enter battle. She further scolds Lavie for heaving a "red out" and leaves.

After the battle, there is a celebration in the hangar involving the mechanics, Claus, Lavie and Al. After a huge meal, they all retire for the night. Before they go to their rooms, Claus and Lavie go to inspect the damage to their own vanship. Suddenly, Lavie breaks down and apologizes for her red out.