Last Exile

Season 2 Episode 12

Quiet Move

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 13, 2004 on techtv

Episode Recap

Sophia and Vincent are within the fleet pursuing the Guild and EXILE. EXILE is attacking Delphine's ships, but not her own ship. Unfortunately, when the Anatore and Dusis fleets draw closer, EXILE attacks and destroys their ships as well. Delphine's ship is enveloped in a sparkling pink light, and some of the officers wonder if she has control of EXILE, but Sophia insists she does not because she only has 3 of the Mysteriums.

Before leaving for Dragon's Fang, Claus visits his parents' grave with Al and asks them for luck. Claus and Al fly through the Dragon's Fang, with Al using Lavie's notebook to help navigate. Claus parks his vanship on the refueling station, and meets up with Ethan, who informs him that he is to take the newer vanship out. Claus walks overt to it to find Alister is in the navi seat. She holds Al in front of her. While Claus tells Al that she doesn't need to navigate anymore, Alister cheers her up by assuring Al that she can continue to navigate if she wishes.

Hearing a recording of Claus' conversation with Sophia, Delphine dispatches two Guild star pilots to kill him and Al, since she likes EXILE just as it is now.

Somewhere in Dusis, a signal suddenly goes off, as a ship is revealed from within the ice on the ground. The signal speaks directly to EXILE and the Guild ships head there with the Dusis and Anatore fleets following at a close but safe distance.

At their second pit stop, Claus, Al and Alister encounter Tatiana. They will now fly in a third vanship, namely Tatiana's red one. On their way to their final destination, however, they are attacked by the Guild starships. Unable to shoot them down with their limited bullets, Tatiana releases their spare fuel tank and Claus shoots it, causing a large explosion, which destroys one ship. The second ship is destroyed by the Casino Royale's weaponry with Walker on the trigger.

On their last pit stop, they meet Lavie, who is thrilled to see both Claus and Al alive. She tells them that they will fly up to the Sylvana in the Grand Stream using their own vanship, which has been refitted for the job. Heading up into the swirling storm, they begin their journey, only to discover they have company - Dio in a white vanship!