Last Exile

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 14, 2004 on techtv

Episode Recap

Claus, Lavie and Al are shot at by Dio, who is unable to maintain a grip on reality, reliving past events, such as the race in the Horizon Caves. Dio thinks everything is a game. He tells Luciola to get off of the vanship, just like in Horizon Caves, even though in reality he is not there. Although Dio bypasses Claus and thus "wins", reality hits him hard and both he and the vanship are swept up in the Grand Stream.

Delphine intends to make the upcoming battle the final one and is far from afraid of the incoming forces. She still has Alex held captive and she still has EXILE, although the ship is attacking both the Alliance fleet and the Guild fleet as well.

Because Claus hasn't arrived yet, Sophia launches a final attack against Delphine. Meanwhile, Vincent uses the Urbanus to lead the way while the other ships act as a barrier against the tentacles of EXILE. Since the Urbanus is severely damaged, Sophia decides to use the Sylvana to launch missiles at EXILE so that it will not delay her ship's progress. Vincent manages to get all his men out before his ship is hit.

On board the Guild ship, Delphine is gloating before Alex, but somehow he is able to free one of his hands and he grabs her neck, squeezing the life out of her body. Eventually, he snaps her neck. He murmurs Yuris' name, and onboard the Sylvana, just as Sophia gives the order to fire upon the Guild ship, Winna shouts that the commander is still alive. However, it is too late…

Claus brings Lavie and Al through the Grand Stream and Al is brought to EXILE. As Claus reads each of the Mysteriums from the message tube he received, Al responds with a phrase of her own and each one activates something in EXILE. Eventually, they gain control over the newly emerged ship, which has been hiding inside. The Grand Stream is removed and it becomes clear that Prestale is actually an artificial space station. Claus and Lavie look up into the sky and see Anatore from the lands of Dusis. Prestale has essentially become an hourglass.

Later, Sophia visits Alex's grave and reminds him that she will always be his first officer. The mechanics congregate around Al's picture of a wheat field and Ethan teases Godwyn for his tears.

While in the Grand Stream, Claus and Lavie found their father's vanship inside of EXILE with their bodies still in their seats. EXILE is then used to travel to the blue planet where Claus, Lavie, Al, Tatiana, Alister, Holly and Donya have decided to come. Over their fathers' new grave on the new world, Claus and Lavie symbolically deliver the peace message their fathers' would have brought to Donya.

Some time later, Tatiana and Alister are teaching young children how to fly in a vanship. Al, with a young girl on her skirts, is calling everyone in for lunch. Claus and Lavie are flying in their vanship when they spot a head hiding in the wheat field. As they buzz overhead, the head, which belongs to a child, is actually seated on the shoulders of a man - Mullin Shetland! The war is finally over and everyone is able to enjoy a time of peace.
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