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  • Last Exile, another world based on the 19th century was in the middle of a war!

    This reminds me of the time when Grand-dad told me he used to be in WWII (World War II). He was a soldier in the British Army. He won many medals. How cool is that? Anyway I love this series because in some ways it reminds me of my English and Portuguese heritage. It makes me feel proud to be a Euro-American (half European, half American; a quarter English, a quarter Welsh, a quarter American, and a quarter Portugese). So like I was saying this show rocks, but I really wanted to now if Dio really did die in the final series, or did he somehow survive? I guess I'll never know.
  • Last Exile is an excellent show that really shows imagination, and a supurb level of animation quality, combined with great characters, and a cool world to top it all off.

    Last Exile is an anime show about Claus, and Lavie, two vanship pilots who live in a creative world filled woth flying ships. The whole premise of the show is flying mixed with a bit of steam-era flare. It is not as widely recognized as other shows, but is just as good, if not better. Last Exile can be slow at times, but thats only when there is no action going on, and the plot is advancing. The animation is crisp, and extremely clean. The characters are fun, the music is very engrossing, and the show is full of imaginationIt is a rare gem in the anime world that derserves a good fanbase.
  • In an alternative past were floating II. WW battleships fight for honour of their nations two young mail delivery workers find themselves in a big trouble and end up in the legendary pirate airship.

    Great anime that invents incredible new machinery and combines the inventions well with the new but well formulated political system in the show. Guilds belong to medieval system and nation states did not exist when guild did. So Last Exile combined the two systems in such a great way that you discover something very interesting and influential in every episode. Beside that the technological background of the show is also very interesting. You can see the show as if some technologies are much more advanced and some that seems to be very common for this world have not been deveoloped at all. For example you get floating battleships but there are no wired communication system! Last word is that the anime (although with obvious Miyazaki influence) is very well written with its story and its background. And great theme music by the way.
  • It took me a while to get into. I like it, but you have to give it a chance

    It is a show set in a strange future, full of flying vehicles, in such abundence that kids can have them. The water is mostly low quality and the hierarchy keeps the best for themselves. Our protagonists join a feared crew, after the captain saves them from computerized fighter drones, while they were trying to deliver him a package. They end up a part of they crew, fighting in their van type fighters. The show was a very involved plot and I was hesitant to give the show a chance, but I caught a time where the series was just starting on TechTv\'s anime unleashed. I watched a couple episodes and was hooked. Overall I beleive it may have run a bit to long
  • A very entertaining and beautiful steampunk animation adventure, albeit a little too long for its own good.

    reminiscent of WW2 era with a German-influenced world (main character Klaus?), particularly with a focus on flying planes, and also other things such as \\\'chivalry\\\' in battles between airships. The series starts out very promising, with an incredibly original world, focusing on two young orphan teenagers who fly vanships delivering messages for a living. Through various circumstances, they happen across a high-ranked mission of safely delivering a little girl and get involved with an airship led by a mysterious captain. In typical fashion they end up getting involved in a world war, fighting against a mysterious overseeing nation known as The Guild, and a mysterious artifact known as the EXILE.

    The series can be described as a blend of fantasy sci-fi, or probably more accurately steampunk, with it\\\'s WW2 era look blended with airships and robots and such.

    Overall, I would say the series would have been much better if the number of episodes had been halved, and the story made less convoluted. One strong point though is the fact that the ending really does explain a lot, such as the nature of the world they live in and also explains how you can have technology such as air travel/hover/robots co-existing with a Victorian type of society.
  • Its a world war 1+2 scenario with new weapons.

    One of my personal favorites i found this to be very enjoyable to watch. this has everything you want in it. this series is one of the best plot and character anime of its time. the show has flying air crafts to a machine that is more like a god than a hunk of metal. But Through out the season i was glad to have seen all of it.

    The Basic:

    Clause and lavi are two young vanship pilots with a dream to one day cross the grandstream, but during a race they are unsuspectedly involved in a mission thatb is bigger than they can imagine. they now have to transport a young girl named Al to the dreaded an legwendry ship the Kill Em'All Silvana. When planning what top do next they are unexpextedly attacked by a guild ship. the captain from the ship(alex) takes out the guilds ship with ease. but for concern of what Al is going to be used for Clause and Lave go to the Silvana. There they are welcomed with not such a friendly appearence. and the rest of story you will just have to see for your self.


    The Fitz's Rating
    A Series that you should deffinitally see
  • What lies within the farthest reaches of Studio Gonzo?

    Ten year anniversaries are a good thing for anime companies. Studio Gonzo released Last Exile as a sort of “it’s been ten years and this is what we can do.” The plot revolves around two vanship curriers, Claus Valca and Lavie Head. Both are the children of two infamous vanship pilots Hamilcar Valca and Georges Head, who once attempted to cross the grand stream with two other pilots.

    On a fateful day, the pair intercept a priceless package, a little girl by the name of Alvis Hamilton, who must be delivered unharmed to the Silvana, a massive flying ship with a reputation as dark as the Horizon Cave. Captained by the mysterious Alex Row, the Silvana will take care of Alvis until she can be delivered to her destination, if Alex doesn’t have plans of his own. Pursued by the Guild, the “benevolent” benefactors of the kingdoms of Anatoray and Disith, the Silvana is in search of EXILE, a priceless treasure with the power to change the world. Claus and Lavie become caught up in the activity of the Silvana and become central to Alex’s plans.

    The plot moves along at its own pace, so if you like fast paced action, this isn’t for you. But if flowing and engrossing narratives are your cup of tea, Last Exile is perfect. The subtleties of the story engage the viewer, hooking them at first glance with beautiful artwork.

    And on the topic of artwork, the character designs are by Range Murata, who also did Blue Sub 6. And like Blue Sub 6, there is lots of blending of traditional cel animation with CGI. But it’s not choppy, but smooth and for the most part seamlessly blended.

    The acting is top quality, with Johnny Yong Bosch (Trigun, Witch Hunter Robin) as Claus, Kerri Wahlgren (Witch Hunter Robin, Cardcaptors) as Lavie, and Crispin Freeman (Chobits, Revolutionary Girl Utena) as Alex. Bosch and Wahlgren are prefect as the two protagonists while Freeman does what he does best with the brooding and soft-spoken Alex. The supporting cast is excellent, assembled from some of the best actors in the business.

    This whole show is amazing and it knocked my socks off. Every time I watch it I am blown away and can’t wait to see what else Studio Gonzo will come up with.
  • Some shows get it all rigth, this is one of them.

    In Portugal cartoons and comics are considered only suitible for children. But this show is so good, I think is good to try to interest people about good animation.

    The imagined world is beautifull and touching. Where the war is still conducted by rules very similar of war of Napoleon, with mosketeers stand still firing and getting fired. Big flying machines that looks like the big ships of the first world war. A small country where most of the people transport messages with small ships, vanship, like the times of the American old west, were young people riding horses travel the country carring the mail.

    The characteres are vering interesting. The girl Alvis is one of most touching litle girls I have seen in the TV or movies. Dio and Luciola are one of the most interesting couples. Dio is a guy but is very effeminate, childdish, energetic. Luciola looks like a tomboy, very silent, calm. They are like Yin Yan.

    The music is simply the best, is at the same quality of the others parts of the show.

    I could go on talking about this show, but I wanted show others sides of it, not talked by the others.
  • Flying van ships and dog fights with a one piece feel.

    I received this show for christmas and was overjoyed to find it one of the most cracklike animes ever made. I have seen the whole thing over 10 times and loses little each time I watch it. Every thing from amazing races to lost love ones will be found in this show.
  • Truly one of the best animes to ever be drawn.

    Claus and Lavie are two young Vanship pilots who were doing their daily work by delivering a letter to Duke Mad-thane. Though it appears his Anatory fleet is in the heat of battle with the only other land civilization on the planet, the Disith. While it seems they would have won, they decided to break the rules, and the Guild, the unintended tyrannical government of the world, decide not to interrupt. With most of their ships damaged or destroyed, it seemed like the Anatory fleet was gone, but the infamous Silvana comes to their rescue, the strongest ship in the world. Claus and Lavie now find themselves travelling with the Silvana, protecting a young girl named Alvis, who the Guild so desperately wants in order to fully grasp a mysterious relic known as EXILE.

    The story is so original, that when the plot starts to unfold, you can't stop watching it. Combine that with the most imaginative and creative setting released recently, you have a satisfying anime series engulfed in quality. Last EXILE is like the early 1900's put into the sky. The Vanships would represent simple scout planes that turned into fighter planes, and the warships would none other represenet the warships of the first World War.

    The show combines anime drawn and computerized images to make some of the best visuals ever to come out of Japan. Some shows in the past attempted to combine the two, and often times look out of place, but you can never help think that Last EXILE would never be the same without its unique interface. Not to mention its awesome audio and music. The simple noises, such as a Vanships engines running, or the breathe of the Silvana, are so memorable. The music, such as the violin solo that is played every episode, fits the show very nicely.

    GONZO is quite famous for having great productions, but lacking in essence and substance. Last EXILE is the show to change it all for GONZO. The cast is quite memorable, especially one particular character who's the brother of the Guild member in charge of everything, Dio. He's the typical "Royalty, but I prefer freedom" type of characters, but it's quite exciting to see him enjoy himself like he does in Last EXILE, and there's a touching story that starts to reveal near the end of the series involving his bestfriend, Luciola and him. But to get to the point, Last EXILE is a show astonishing in everything; from its amazing productions, to its awesome flight scenes, to the amazing story, this shouldn't go unseen!
  • Klaus and Lavie are two young Vanship pilots who work delivering messages and cargo from one objective to another. When they take over a dangerous job to deliver a "special cargo" their livs would change forever...

    (Im going to start to use this format when i review anime)


    Animation - 10
    This is top notch animation, the visuals are just stunning. The backgrounds are breathtaking, the enviroment is beautiful and the characters designs are not far from perfect. The only other place you get animation this good, is from OAV. Its so good it deserves more than a 10, but that's the highest there is.

    Story - 8.5
    Very original, never seen anything like it. Two very skilled young pilots (actually, a pilot and his navigator) who work as messengers. Their dream is to fly through the Grand Stream which separates two nations that are in constant war and are monitored by an organisation called the Guild. After some incidents they find themselfs working with the crew of a ship that isnt even registered in the Guild and looking for the mysterious "Exile"

    Audio - 9.5
    The series is so good they didn't have to add music or a soundtrack but they did, and like all the other things in this series, it is great. The background music fits perfectly with the theme, and every sound is so clear its amazing. What I really like was the sound of every moving part of the Vanships. Also, the voice actors really did a great job with this series unlike most of the series that are dubbed. It takes alot to impress me when we talk about voice acting, but the voice actors did it flawlessly

    Characters - 9
    This series has a large cast of important characters, and even though there are so many characters each and every one of them is unique and special unlike some other series that just focus on making the main characters unique, and they forget about the secondary characters. I really like the outfits each have, they are very unique. The best charcter in the series and perhaps the most impressive is Dio Erakurea, with his childish, carefree attitude and his effeminate obsession with Klaus

    Entertainment Value - 10
    This series is very good, and anyone who likes anime is sure to like this series. I would also recomend watching this with the whole family. It is great for kids that are over 13.

    Overall Score - 9.4