Last Exile

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2004 on techtv

Episode Recap

The Sylvana heads to Walker's Dock for refueling and other things. While there, the people on board decide to take a break and head into the bar.

Lavie meets up with Mullin Shetland again. At first she doesn't remember him, but she soon remembers what he did for her. The two sit down, drink some water, and talk. Mullin tells Lavie that he's with a new ship, the Goliath, whose members are also at the bar.

The mechanics decide to have fun as well. They enter the bar and enjoy themselves. They drink, watch the bird races and gamble. Unfortunately, the other ship, the Goliath, doesn't get along too well with the mechanics from the Sylvana. Godwyn wants to start a fight with them, but his fellow mechanics advise him not to. However, when one of the officers cheats so that their captain's (Nouls') bird wins the race, Lavie decides to take action and throws a chair on the table in front of the captain.

Meanwhile, Claus wakes up early in the morning to find everybody gone. He glances over and spots Al sleeping in her bed, but doesn't see Lavie (who is in the bar with the mechanics). So, he goes off in search of her and meets up with Alister. The two head down the elevator together to the bar. Due to the cramped quarters in the elevator, they end up pretty close to each other and Claus shields her from the other men in the elevator. Alister blushes.

When the two arrive downstairs, they find the entire room in utter chaos. Mullin, having been insulted by the Nouls numerous times, decides to attack his subordinates and is thrown to the ground. Nouls is about to kill him with his sword, when Walker, the owner of the Dock, saves him.

When Alex shows up, Nouls demands retribution and declares a duel with the Sylvana. With that he marches away with his men to his ship. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that this is the infamous Alex Rowe of the Sylvana. When the two duel (using their ships) the Goliath is completely destroyed and Nouls dies.