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Last Laugh

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Last Laugh '07 was a comedy show from Comedy Central that aired in December 2007. Hosts Lewis Black, Dave Attell, and D.L. Hughley add their comedic spin on all of the most outrageous news and popular culture landmarks throughout of 2007. The show reminisced on ridiculous including dogfighting, global warming, 'bro' tasering, Britney Spears, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the prospects of electing a Black President. The special's main host Lewis Black appears his normal boisterous self, while Dave Attell and D.L. Hughley spell him with their own trademark brands of comedy. The New York Daily News gave the special one and a half stars out of five, calling it "three standup comedians doing their regular routines and calling it a year-end special because some part of their material is topical." Lewis Black, Dave Attell, and D.L. Hughley follow in the footsteps of past Last Laugh hosts Greg Giraldo, Patton Oswalt, Rob Corddry, Jon Stewarrt, Stephen Colbert, and Sarah Silverman.

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