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Tim Allen stars as Mike Baxter, marketing director of an outdoor sporting goods store, fighting for his manhood while constantly being surrounded by women, including his wife and three growing daughters.

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    BRING BACK KRISTIN, BRING BACK KRISTIN, BRING BACK KRISTIN!!! I hate the new Kristin! Why did her character change?? 1st Season was SOOOOO funny and SOOO clever in every way! Yes, I agree that the old Kristin could have stepped up and defined her character's uniqueness from the rest but they shouldn't have recast her!! Jack Burditt, Why did you do that!!? Do you realize you just ruined the show for 80% of your viewers? The old Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) and Ryan (Nick Jonas) were both more attractive, honest, and believable in their situation ... young teens having sex, becoming pregnant, and parenting a child. They both seemed young, ill-prepared, accommodating yet firm with their style of parenting, Kristin ambitiously aiming to make more of her life -- which is what a YOUNG 20 year old parent would be. They wouldn't be all stiff necked and hoity-toity as though they've got life figured out; argumentative, disagreeable, and snobby.. with loving supportive parents by the way!! "Mike & Vanessa" loved, housed, and cared for Kristin and Boyd while enduring a difficult time. The characters were incredibly more believable. Here again is a show that went and ruined themselves. (Trophy Wife, New Girl Two and a Half men, Glee, Scrubs, Roseanne - bizarre plot twist, The Walking Dead, Lost, ER are others). I'm tired of having to find new shows that I LOVE that ruin themselves because someone made a terrible decision. Now, I will continue watching my favs; Subergatory, Brooklyn nine-nine, The Mindy Project, (the new) Welcome to Sweden by Amy Poehler instead of Last Man Standing. It's officially off the DVR! The new cast and writers lack chemistry and wit. Season 1 made me belly laugh, while Season 2 and on left me feeling upset. BAAAAD choice on the switch up of characters! Now, every episode is a debate, not a comedy. Do you really want your review to be, "'Last Man Standing' isn't too bad, while I wasn't splitting my sides with laughter, it was No. GET your act together. Get actress Alexandra Krosney back and redefine that character. I don't care if she quit, if she's hard to work with, if her schedule didn't match up. Whatever it takes, work it out, and get her back! Jack Burditt, you are ruining your show by continuing to cast Amanda Fuller. Her character's not attractive inside or out. Where is the sisterly love? Where is the grateful attitude, and life lessons of parents who care? Now all she has is ATTITUDE. Jordan Masterson is not terrible but not handsome OR a singer/performer/narcissist like the first Ryan. THAT Ryan had me laugh. Each continuing episode for these characters leaves me more upset at their disrespect and sarcasm than happy that I watched a funny, family, feel-good show. Poor choice. I have such high regards for Tim Allen and Nancy Travis, their talent is outstanding, but the revised show doesn't do them justice. Work it out! Or you'll work yourself into non-existence. Season 1 I would have rated a 10! Each Season after is a 1. No one wants to turn on the TV to see immature, awkward, obnoxious fighting unless it's "Real Housewives"!!moreless
  • Love it!

    Love the show! I think it fits today's society very well!
  • a little too political

    need to chill out on the politics. I hear and see enough of the garbage all over TV- can't I just have a funny sitcom? UUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!
  • I love this show, but season 1 was the best!

    Ok, I am late finding this show as this is now season three. I just watched season 1 and half of season 2 on Netflix. I LOVE Tim Allen AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Nancy Travis. I like Eve, I love Mandy, and I really liked the first Kristen. I really don't like the new Kristen. She is not as sweet and nice to her sisters or parents. She seems negative and more rough, sarcastic. I would really like to know why they changed actors??? I too, wish it was a little less political and more focused on the family "stuff". I also really like the character of Kyle, he is very sweet. Also, I know Tim Allen is the big name actor here, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned how great Nancy Travis is, I think she is an awesome actor and love her character! But mainly I wonder why they changed Kristens, does anyone know? I think that was a HUGE mistake! That said, I do still watch the show because I do really like the basic idea, and it's a show that the whole family can watch, which is extremely rare in this day and age!moreless
  • Awesome of the last great Sitcoms!

    This show is so good in so many ways. The timing that everyone has with one another is great. I've been watching Tim Allen since his stand up comedy days. To me the man is a comedy genius. According to one person's review on here its steers to much toward the Republican side. Well, so what if it is. We all got plenty of Liberal viewed shows with West Wings, and The Good Wife. But, the writers of Last Man still keep it centered as far as I see it. It's a family show about a family that acts like a family. I see my family in this show as I was growing up. So what if the youngest bashes on Mandy. Take the serious out of it and enjoy the humor. There's plenty there.moreless

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