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Tim Allen stars as Mike Baxter, marketing director of an outdoor sporting goods store, fighting for his manhood while constantly being surrounded by women, including his wife and three growing daughters.

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  • Used to be Good

    This show used to be great, and it still has its good moments here and there, but has really gone down hill since season 2.

    Kristin and Ryan are pretty unbearable to watch. The original Kristin was much more believable as a teen parent, and dealt with the written in conflicts in a far more believable way. The new Kristin not only looks like she's about 35 and acts as such, too , but her entire attitude is mind-numbing to watch. The character of Ryan is 100% unbelievable, as well.

    Mandy, Kyle and Eve, on the other hand, are much more believable characters, and they execute their roles extremely well. I also enjoy the dynamic between Ed and Mike, and Mike and Vanessa. It's too bad that this show has gone so off the rails with political stereotypes.

  • started watching show due to all the obama bashing.

    Absolutely fantastic show. Tim Allen is a master at being politically honest with it's viewers, while occassionally giving the 'other' sides viewpoint to boot. Comedic master Allen has the right chemisty with his Post Home Improvement famliy. i know many others are cringing at some of the character swaps, but I started watch after that. I went back and watched the first few years and like this ensemble the best. Allen gets it right with great American values, political digs on both sides and the great american dream. Kudos and fair shake for a long shelf life. May you have 10 more years :)moreless
  • stopped watching show due to all the obama bashing.

    I am tired of turning on the show,and five min in they have to bash used to love Tim allen,not so much find something else to watch on fridays.

  • Last man standing makes my day.

    I am a huge fan of Tim and he fits his character perfectly. Every time I watch Last man standing it makes my day. I can watch the show over and over again.
  • The new Kristin can't act to save her life!

    Every time Kristin 2 and her spineless boyfriend Ryan come on the scene, it is a cringefest! The original Kristin in Season 1 was an amazing fit. Cannot believe that some crazy nutjob decide to recast her. It's truly a pity since every other character seem like they belong, even if they are not stellar. Also, inspite of being a HUGE Tim Allen fan from pretty much every other thing he has done, I find his narcissism in the show a little obnoxious.

    I have no clue how the show is still on the air since it is pretty unwatchable now - the best characters in the show are Mandy and Kyle - hope they land on their feet when this show inevitably gets canceled or if we are cherishing impossible thoughts, I am hoping they come to their senses and bring back the original Kristin and tone down the self-righteousness of the show.moreless

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