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Tim Allen stars as Mike Baxter, marketing director of an outdoor sporting goods store, fighting for his manhood while constantly being surrounded by women, including his wife and three growing daughters.

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  • Enough with the political digs!! PLEASE!!

    I have always loved Tim Allen, think He is a genuine funny guy, Love his passion for old cars too. Now I am not sure if all this constant crap spoken on the show about politics are his views or not, and I don't care, but good god its non damn stop. I feel like I am watching Bill O'reily or something. Yes, I get it, every show makes a dig now and again to show what they are all about, but come on! IT IS NON STOP and STUPID. Every scene has like 3 or 4 digs at Obama, or some policy that in reality wasn't even about him, but cause he is in office, lets have at him 3 or 4 times on our show.. Its to much and makes Me not want to watch the show no matter how much I try to keep doing so just cause I really like Allen.

    To boot, it makes it so much worse that the one person on the show, even though I hate the dude and in no way agree with his hard core lib BS, is just a goofy tree hugger like tool....

    I truthfully think this show needs a little balance to it. But not like it will be canceled, its on ABC after all..

    Shame to cut out half of the US as an audience to push an agenda.

    Rating this is hard cause some of it is great TV but the Political BS just really washes the rest out.moreless
  • Lose the Conservative agenda!

    The show overall is a pretty darn good show. I didn't care for the changes that they made with the characters at the end of the first season, but I can live with them. Tim Allen, as always, is hilarious. Many of the other characters are pretty funny as well. But the show really loses quality when they spend more time poking fun at liberals. Why would you even alienate part of your audience like that? Doesn't make sense to me.moreless
  • new kirsten sucks

    bring back the old kirsten. she was a much more believable teen mom. this new kirsten does not look like a teen mom nor does she relate to one! she looks and acts much older than she supposedly is, getting married, and then having a horrible attitude. She sounds like a know it all! at least with the old kirsten the arguments she and her sisterrs and parents had sounded much more like those of a teen parent. The new Ryan is ridiculous, again NOT a teen parent. I am liberal but the shit he is made to say in the show its like ... annoying. i dont like his character and i wish the old ryan (nick jonas or someone of decent teen age) would come and replace characters kirsten and ryan. the new ones suck and ruin whole dynamic of the show. i watch just to see eve and everyone else but when those two come on i always cringe in my seat. I hate them! i am rating a 1. when the kirsten and ryan characters change, then I will change to a 5! I really hope someone from the show will read this and DO something about those two horrible actors!moreless
  • Love this show!

    I like this show because it's more down to Earth and realistic. The dad is funny but not goofy. Plus, they learn lessons in the episodes. I haven't seen sitcoms like that in years. They need more sitcoms like that. They make too many sitcoms these days where the characters are too goofy. I like Tim Allen playing a more intelligent guy for once. My parents like this sitcom because it's more like the way sitcoms used to be and they miss those kind of sitcoms. The way sitcoms were back in the early 90's when the characters sealed with real-life situations and learned real lessons. Take shows like "Mom" and "Two and a Half Men(with Walden)" Do those seem like real-life situations to you? I say, keep it going! Besides, Tim Allen is a great actor.moreless
  • Wish they had taken a different path

    This show was pleasant and as a Tim Allen fan from tool time I looked forward to watching it. But the Anti President of the United States rhetoric has become too distasteful to me. I honestly don't think that lever of propaganda has a place in modern sitcoms but I could deal with it better if it were factual (because yes, Presidents can use a little calling out now and then) but the "Tea Partyish spewings" are hard for any non biased fact oriented person to stomach. BTW, I did not like the crap spread about Bush either, but did appreciated the fact based criticisms. I am not sure why Tim Allen has gone this route, he seems rational in every public discourse I have seen, but this show has exposed an aspect of his thinking which is perhaps worthy of diagnosis.moreless

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