Last Man Standing

Season 3 Episode 1

Back to School

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2013 on ABC

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  • And we're Back with Yet Another Season of Last Man Standing!

    Last Friday this show returned. I wasn't very impressed, but at the same time, I actually liked the episode. The show has a very different feel now, and a lot more focus is put onto Kristin and Ryan compared to last season, it seems. Also, the show seems quite tired.

    Despite all this, I actually quite liked the episode. Sure, some parts of it really were not good, but other parts were. Mandy's comment about seeing the world for the first time was funny. I felt that the whole thing with Kristin and Ryan and Mike wasn't too bad. The jabs at Kyle were of course funny. Overall, this wasn't really a bad episode.

    I wrote a full-length review, because this was a season premiere, and you can read that in the Last Man Standing community. It's titled Last Man Standing Season Three Premiere "Back to School" Review: Toxic Mike. Enjoy!
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