Last Man Standing

Season 2 Episode 6

Circle of Life

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2012 on ABC

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  • Thought the campaign was over....

    One thing I liked about the first season was the comedy of everyday life pushed to the extreme. If I wanted to watch political extremist go at each other, I'd just do re-runs of campaign ads from the last 5 months. It was bad enough that Boyd's father was rather annoying in his original incarnation; this re-write is even worse... and making the dad character stupid and unbearable as counterpoint. Not to mention the rest of the cast isn't really getting much to work with. Time for ABC to step in and fix this mess.
  • Ouch - my head hurts!

    The ache is not because the contentious issues of life and death came into the storyline but because the writers beat me over the head with them. Life's lessons in a sitcom should be lightly sprinkled in amongst the comedy beats not figuratively scrawled in a fat crayon on the back drop of the stage. It's as if the new season's creative team already know they are in a death spiral to cancellation and are rushing to get as many rantings into the episodes before the axe falls. This reminds me of the way Designing Women and MASH turned in their last seasons. Extra Preachy - now with fewer pesky laugh calories burned away in every can.
  • Good Parts, Not as Good Parts

    I really did like Mandy and Kyle. That was great! The Mike/Ryan/Boyd plot was annoying, but there were some really funny part of it!
  • Circle of Life

    This episode was funny and discussed something that really happens in life today. Kids knowing that they might one day die i still think they shouldn't tell kids at the age of boide but later on they should know and should toughen up. I like the new Kristin a little bit more now but still miss the old actress. I love Mandy and her relationship with Kyle is looking better than Kyles old relationship and i want them to get together as the Father would freak out when that happens (one dude dating 2 of ur daughters what father would not be furious).
  • Last man standing. Season 2

    I LOVED the 1st season. But, the 2nd season is just eh! I do not like the 'new' oldest girl/Boyd's mom. I do NOT like Boyd's dad. He is so ANNOYING. I know everyone has an opinion... But, Good Grief! He is just sooo UGH! I wish he would be written off. (Here's an idea, have Boyd's parents get married and MOVE OUT!!!!) As in, get them off the show!!! But, if I can successfully ignore those 2 characters, the rest of it is hilarious. The show is full of quick whit and funny sarcasm. I love the middle daughter Mandy and the youngest Eve.