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Friday 8:00 PM on ABC (Returning September 23, 2016)
Well, it's back! And, is it just me, or are all of the fans of this show quite worried about what season four of this show might end up like? The fall in quality between seasons two and three isn't near as drastic as that between seasons one and two, but the show does have a very different feel.

First of all, the show feels quite a bit like Friends in seasons 7-10. It kind of feel tired, which is not good for a show only in its third season. There is a bit more focus, it seems, judging from this episode, on Kristen and Ryan than there was before, as well as less focus on Mandy and Eve than before, two of the funniest people in the show! And the show has kept its political-ness, the worst thing about season two.

Despite this, I actually kind of liked the episode. The Duck Dynasty guest-stars weren't very bad, as long as Kyle was on screen, as the jokes concerning him were some of the best of the episode. Mike, as usual, I kind of liked, although his comments about former presidents were quite annoying (and MAJOR right-wing). I actually really liked Ryan in this episode, which surprised me. Kristin was alright. We barely saw any of Mandy, but she had a hilarious line (which I will be including in my quotes from the episode below). Vanessa was her good old normal self, and the part about Toy World was funny. Eve there wasn't enough of to say much about. Kyle was hilarious as always. Ed we barely saw any of, and all he did was tell Mike he agreed with him and made a comment about how his family hates the Portuguese.

There were some good not-really-funny moments in the episode too. When Kristen showed up at the Baxters' house to somewhat-apologize, that was good and serious. Also, the religious parts of the episode were risky and a bit over-done, but otherwise good.


I'm loving college! It's like I'm seeing the world for the first time--like a newborn!

Kyle: Just remember when you're out there, looking at an abyss, that the abyss is looking back at you.
[Duck Dynasty guest-star]: I'm looking at an abyss right now. Right between your two ears.

Ryan: He should be able to go to a school where 6th graders don't steal your lunch money.
Mike: Boyd got robbed?
Ryan: No, me. Those girls were violent, okay?

Mike: (about Kyle) My daughter broke his brain.

Mike: Kyle, what are you doing?
Kyle: Exactly. What are any of us doing?

Mike: (to Kristen) This is always going to be your house. Although, I put a foosball table where your bed used to be.

Mike: In America, when you say "nuts on a tray" it has a different meaning.


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