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Friday 8:00 PM on Freeform
Ah, yes, Last Man Standing, the show that stars Tim Allen and goes all political (and not only that, but Republican) on you. Well, let me start off by saying that it isn't as bad as season two, which was not the greatest season. While there is still some of that, there isn't as much. Also, we don't seem to see Kristin and Ryan as much. And everyone cried "Praise the Lord!"

But, I also feel like we are seeing less of Eve this season, which is sad. But we do still see a lot of Mandy! Yay! Also, the humor is really good this season. Mike and Vanessa are both very enjoyable as is Ed and also Mandy and Kyle's relationship. This season has been a much better season than season two was.

I expect that the show will stay strong and become less political as the season progresses. Also, I hope that it will get renewed for a fourth season, as I'm sure it will.

What do you think of Last Man Standing's third season so far?
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