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ABC (ended 2017)
Mike, Vanessa, Eve, Ed, and Kyle will be like they were in this last season. But, now that Mandy is going to college, and Kristen and Boyd have moved out of the Baxter house, things will be different for them this season.

The season 2 finale really felt like a series finale, didn't it? Well, it's not! The show is coming back, even though Kristen and Boyd aren't living with Mike, Vanessa, Mandy, and Eve anymore. The Baxter house will be a lot emptier this season, with Kristen and Boyd not living there, and Mandy probably not being around as much.

Will we be seeing the same amount, or less of these characters? I hope that we get to see them the same amount. (Well, I wouldn't mind if Kristen wasn't around as much.)

We will get to see what the new season is like beginning on Friday, September 20, in 32 days.
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