Last Man Standing

Season 2 Episode 2

Dodgeball Club

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2012 on ABC

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  • New Cast Members Blow

    I don't like this bossy man-pant know-it-all older sister. The old baby daddy was annoying, but this new guys is worse. Who is writing these characters. Someone seems to be making this their political soap box--honestly a show about banning dodgeball? Tim Allen and the two main characters at work are great as always.
  • Norman Lear should sue over this weak knockoff attempt.

    Clearly this new showrunner (what a silly title) has dissected the classic American comedy All In The Family and is well on his way to try and recreate LMS as his version for the new era.

    1. An ersatz Archie Bunker - check.

    2. Likable wife who tolerates him somehow - check.

    3. Gloria and Meathead in place now as sociopolitical foils for Mike - check.

    4. Mike Stivic figure is not quite "American" in heritage - (his Canadian parents will have to do)

    5. A new "movin' on up" African American couple move into the 'hood as mirrors to Mike & Vanessa - check.

    6. Try bringing in a Latin American woman into the household under some premise - check.

    It's a shame Sammy Davis, Jr. isn't around anymore to drop in and plant a nice big kiss on Tim Allen one day. Never mind, just turn Vanessa's sister into a cousin Maude type and spin off a new series.
  • Alright

    Mike and Eve were very funny with the Dodgeball Club. Ed and Kyle were nto so good, escept for the usual humor that comes with those characters.
  • I'll keep watching for now

    even though I'm a bleeding heart liberal, I know and appreciate the point of view Mike is trying to bring into his grandson's life. Life is about balance, and raising children is best accomplished with varying degrees of different ideologies.

    I wasn't a fan of the new Kristin in the first episode, but in all honesty, she is growing on me. I also don't mind looking at that gorgeous booty every week. I denounce and reject myself
  • A lil' better than last week's episode.

    I used to LOVE dodgeball in 5th grade! Lol. Well, as America know's, Obama got re-elected! (which is kinda related to last week's season premiere). Mike was som'n else! Lol. There were other things I thought about as well.