Last Man Standing

Season 1 Episode 3

Grandparents Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2011 on ABC

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  • Could have been a little better but it is better than the two previous episodes


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Last Man Standing". It wasn't my favorite episode and I honestly thought it could have been a little better but it was very funny for the most part. My main problem is how Mike had to apologize to that preschool teacher when the teacher was kinda judging towards the end of the episode. That was one of my biggest problems and I felt like a few parts in this episode were a little boring and kinda dragging. Other than those issues, this episode was just great and I thought it was better than the two previous episodes. A lot of parts in this episode did make me laugh but the most hilarious scene in this episode is definitely when Mike and Vanessa went to Boyd's preschool for GrandParent's Day and then Mike would make those comments with whatever the preschool teacher was saying... I honestly couldn't stop laughing at that scene. The storyline was great and fun to watch except for a few parts that could have been a little better and most of the humor was very good while a few were a little dragged. Overall, a great episode of "Last Man Standing". 8.5/10

  • Finally a show my husband and I both enjoy watching.


    Out of all the new shows this fall my husband and I both agree we love this one the best. We have tried watching up all night andnew girl but Last man standing has the comedy we enjoy. We do agree that LMS is a lot like Tim Allens Home Improvement with the Family dynamic, and comedy but we both agree we liked Home Improvement.

  • Not sure why so many people have a problem with this show.


    Is it a throw back to Home Improvement? Yeah pretty much, is that a huge problem for most people, not really. This show though, is something different than what most people have caged it as. Tim Allen is a cliched-masculine figure with slightly homophobictendencies. But what the true beauty of the show is, is his evolution. It's a man stuck in the 90s, trying to be the best father he can, which often means learning from his mistakes. I think that in itself is something special, and something a lot of men of that age are coming across, although obviously not to the extent that's shown. This episode showed the pleasant, and sensible blend this show couldachieve.

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