Last Man Standing

Season 2 Episode 3

High Expectations

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on ABC

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  • Dumpster Diving

    Only Molly and Kaitlyn kept this episode off life support, but as out of character as all of the characters were, that wasn't enough to move this episode out of hospice... as...

    Someone needs to find the one writer on staff who went dumpster diving once he or she saw all of the scripts from 80s finally being thrown out. This one was actually painful to watch when the girls weren't on stage. And cut that overdone laugh track; that trick is even older than the script's base story and doesn't change a thing when the writing is this bad and out of date and essentially tasteless.

    This used to be one of my five favorite shows for the year. Not anymore.
  • I like the actors playing "George & Weezie" Larabee.

    I haven't seem much of (Cousin Pam) Erika Alexander since her Living Single days so it was a nice casting surprise. As long as we don't find out that Chuck owns a chain of dry cleaning stores, I might even say I hope to see more of the pair beyond Last Man Standing. They are a pleasant surprise in a hatchet-job of a second season so far. I have a sick feeling it's all going to implode sooner than later though.
  • surprise

    black people actually made it to this show and surprise were there for a reason,thanks to the storyline .Makes you wonder if this show is like "friends" or if they will ever be a non white person appearing now and then without the stereotypes

    well at least it was kinda funny
  • Great Episode

    This was a really good episode! Eve and Mandy were both really good! The only thing that could have been better was the scene wen the neighbors come over. Can't wait for more of this show!
  • Not Sure What I Was Watching

    Man, do I miss last season! Whoever is running things there is going to knock Tim Allen off TV and I love his family shows. One positive is the new big sister wasn't on the show much. Too late to bring back the other one? Could not figure out what was going on with that whole meeting the neighbors. It was a pretty big miss. The two sisters were great in this. I think the new creative people don't know who the characters are. This one gives me a big 'ehh'
  • Nice/Decent/Funny

    Like the title says. Black neighbors! Lol. Erika Alexander guest-stars in this episode! Eve's gone rebellious! :O Kristen wasn't in this episode as much. The laugh track can be a BIT much sometimes. There were other things I thought about as well, of course.