Last Man Standing

Season 1 Episode 15

House of Spirits

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on ABC
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After receiving a book about the history of his neighborhood, Mike discovers that previous occupants died alone in his family's house. After, the women of the house hire a mystic to remove the spirits of the dead women.

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  • The Baxters discover two women died alone in the same home.

    On Mike's birthday, the women of the family are a little uneasy when they realize two women died [alone] in their house after they read a book that gives a complete history of the homes in their neighborhood. Mike tries to dismiss it, but while he's making birthday love to Vanessa, his three frightened daughters think ghosts are haunting the house. "Oh the joys of having all women in the house." thinks Mike.

    The girls have a delusional mystic come in to get rid of the spirits, but once again, Mike doesn't see a reason to pay her. So Mike takes things into his own hands. He finds out the real history, and he gives proof to his family that both women died with their loving family around them. Then he ended the evidence video with a touching slideshow of the Baxter family.

    In the subplot, Ed keeps taking money from Kyle, who is on a tight budget. He runs out of gas because he has no cash, because Ed owes him a hefty $516! I didn't like Ed in this episode. Just proves even more how snobby rich people can be. Kyle doesn't even get his money.

    But overall, the episode was pretty good. I thought the Kyle plot was going to lead to something more, like he was having trouble at home. Maybe his water/electricity had been turned off or something. And I don't believe in ghosts, so throughout the episode I thought the girls were being paranoid. But nonetheless, filling 30 minutes of good comedy.moreless
  • An episode for all people who believe in ghosts to enjoy

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Last Man Standing". It was WAY better than the episode from last month which was "Odd Couple Out". The whole episode was very funny and I really enjoyed the storyline. For all of you people that believe in ghosts then this is the episode for you. Mike reads that 2 women died in the house that they live in which was in the 2nd floor and long time ago which makes the girls freaks out and makes Vanessa freak out a little later on in the episode. That weird lady (that communicates with ghost) was hilarious especially with Mike's facial expression. Ed borrowing money from Kyle and promising Kyle that he would pay him back the money tomorrow but doesn't was very funny as well. I also the closing bit with Ed giving Kyle the horse thing to pay back Kyle the $510 that Ed owes him was hilarious as well. Back to the main plot, I thought it was funny when the girls stopped freaking out about the whole 2 women being dead at the house that they live in by watching "Paranormal Activity 2". Mike finding the history about the 2 women that died and having pictures of them to make all of the girls feel better was very nice as well. Overall, a hilarious episode of "Last Man Standing" with a very good storyline especially for ghost believers. 10/10moreless

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