Last Man Standing

Season 1 Episode 14

Odd Couple Out

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2012 on ABC
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Mike is in hot water with Vanessa when she blames him for the two not being invited to neighbors' parties. Meanwhile, Mandy tells Eve to move her car, but is in jeopardy of losing the vehicle when Eve damages it.

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  • Vanessa thinks Tim is at fault when they aren't invited to a neighbor's party, and Eve damages Mandy's car.

    This was an average episode, certainly not the show's best so far, but still enjoyable. The Mike/Vanessa storyline reminded me of the episode of That '70s Show where Kitty was upset because Bob and Midge threw a party, and it reminded me of it even more when she blamed her husband, Red. Certainly they wouldn't go even further with the nudist plot twist! The reasoning for not inviting Mike and Vanessa was creative, but not the most exciting explanation. Mike was just being honest. The dinner scene wasn't too good, but the way they [Mike and Vanessa] stormed out was. Meanwhile, Mandy demands 13-year-old Eve to move her car, but Eve puts her and Mandy in danger when she damages it. Any teenage-driving episode will ultimately result in either a ticket or a wreck, so it wasn't an unique B plot. But at least it ends with them not getting in trouble! In the end, decent episode.moreless
  • It was okay but it's definitely nowhere near as funny as most of the episodes of this show

    I thought that this was just an okay episode of "Last Man Standing". It wasn't a bad episode but it also wasn't that good either. This show has been delivered so many very funny and enjoyable episodes for me to enjoy. Unfortunately, the humor in this episode wasn't that good and not very many laughs from me plus I got pretty bored with the storyline. The plot is about when Vanessa blames Mike for being the reason that their neighbors aren't inviting them to their party.. The subplot with the girls and trying to stay out of trouble with Mike's car was a little boring. Mandy was pretty irritating in this episode and kinda made me roll my eyes. Eve is probably the person in this episode that offered me the most laughs in this episode as she did have some pretty clever lines. If Ed had a bigger part in this episode then I'm sure that it would've been much more funnier but Ed was only in this episode for about 2 minutes which disappoints me. Oh yeah, Mike had some pretty funny lines as well. Vanessa was also kinda irritating in this episode also and I found the dinner scene with Mike, Vanessa and their neighbor along with her husband to be very boring but the ending to that scene was kinda funny. I think we should've just stick to the plot with Mike talking to Eve and Mandy about drugs because that plot was more entertaining than the plots in this episode tonight. Overall, there are much more better episodes of "Last Man Standing" than this installment and while it wasn't terrible, it was disappointing and it's the weakest episode of the show so far. 6.5/10moreless
  • Party Snub

    Tim Allen's wife is mad they didnt get invited to the next door neighbor's party. It was because Tim told the meteorologist neighbor her job could be done by a free app. in order to make up they go to dinner with her and her new boyfriend who is a big fan of Tim Allen. During the dinner Tim discovers the new boyfriend is lying about being a Navy Seal and he outs him.moreless

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