Last Man Standing

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on ABC
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Mike's job as the catalog photographer for Outdoor Man has taken him on various photo-shoots around the country, so he hasn't always been there for his three daughters. When Mike's boss decides to focus on their Internet sales instead of a catalog and his wife gets a promotion, Mike decides to take more a fatherly role at home. He dispenses advice to each of his daughters, some of which doesn't quite work out as he had planned.moreless

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  • Tim Allen returns to television with this new sitcom "Last Man Standing". The pilot episode was great but not excellent

    Well... I was really looking forward to this show because it has Tim Allen so even if I do end up hating this show, I'll still watch it just because my favorite actor is in it. First of all, I don't like the camera in this show.... the promo showed that the picture is mildly fast but the picture was really slow. It just really bugged me but hopefully I get used to it. Also, Hector Elizondo (who is also one of my favorite actors) stars in this show as Mike's boss. My problem with this show are the daughters though. Not the hyper daughter, she was actually pretty funny but the other two daughters who aren't talking to Mike for no reason was pretty stupid to me. The wife (I'll learn her name soon) was funny half of the time and not funny the other half of the time. Tim Allen and Hector Elizondo definitely gave me the most laughs. It was very funny when that daughter named Mandy (I think that's the name) was crying because Travis from that show "GLEE" (which is sooooo overrated and not good) was dumb. Mike asking "What's GLEE" was very funny also. More parts made me laugh as well only involved Mike (Tim Allen) and Mike's boss whose name I forgot (Hector Elizondo). That character Kyle is pretty funny as well. Overall, a great pilot episode of "Last Man Standing"... hopefully, the show gets better. 8/10moreless
  • Jumps the gun - thrown into the family-life without actually introducing the characters properly.

    Tim Allen's return to primetime has been heralded as the second coming of ... well, you know. This episode was a good production, but I felt it moved very fast, too fast. We're thrown into the lives of these people very quickly. 3 kids, Mike's workplace, the grandson, Nancy. Not enough time was spent on actually introducing these characters, so we're left with simple stereotypes: The manly man, the single-mother young adult who has to work a part-time job to make ends meet, the popular princess teen, and the coming of age sporty daughter. It was a lot to take in. A lot of scenes (at least 20+ scenes) filmed, some issues which could have been saved for later episodes. Yet they bring in dating situations right away for these daughters. It was a good effort, just didn't like how it was handled as a first episode.moreless
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    • Eve: (after the soccer game for which Mike had advised her to play aggressively to earn the boys' respect) He called me, and he liked the way I played!
      Mike: I told you that was going to work out.
      Eve: He asked me out, Dad, my first real date! I'll be aggressive, just like you taught me!

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    • Tim Allen's first line of the series was "I'm back!", hinting at his return to TV, 12 years after 'Home Improvement' went off the air.

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