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  • Lose the Conservative agenda!

    The show overall is a pretty darn good show. I didn't care for the changes that they made with the characters at the end of the first season, but I can live with them. Tim Allen, as always, is hilarious. Many of the other characters are pretty funny as well. But the show really loses quality when they spend more time poking fun at liberals. Why would you even alienate part of your audience like that? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • new kirsten sucks

    bring back the old kirsten. she was a much more believable teen mom. this new kirsten does not look like a teen mom nor does she relate to one! she looks and acts much older than she supposedly is, getting married, and then having a horrible attitude. She sounds like a know it all! at least with the old kirsten the arguments she and her sisterrs and parents had sounded much more like those of a teen parent. The new Ryan is ridiculous, again NOT a teen parent. I am liberal but the shit he is made to say in the show its like ... annoying. i dont like his character and i wish the old ryan (nick jonas or someone of decent teen age) would come and replace characters kirsten and ryan. the new ones suck and ruin whole dynamic of the show. i watch just to see eve and everyone else but when those two come on i always cringe in my seat. I hate them! i am rating a 1. when the kirsten and ryan characters change, then I will change to a 5! I really hope someone from the show will read this and DO something about those two horrible actors!
  • Love this show!

    I like this show because it's more down to Earth and realistic. The dad is funny but not goofy. Plus, they learn lessons in the episodes. I haven't seen sitcoms like that in years. They need more sitcoms like that. They make too many sitcoms these days where the characters are too goofy. I like Tim Allen playing a more intelligent guy for once. My parents like this sitcom because it's more like the way sitcoms used to be and they miss those kind of sitcoms. The way sitcoms were back in the early 90's when the characters sealed with real-life situations and learned real lessons. Take shows like "Mom" and "Two and a Half Men(with Walden)" Do those seem like real-life situations to you? I say, keep it going! Besides, Tim Allen is a great actor.
  • Wish they had taken a different path

    This show was pleasant and as a Tim Allen fan from tool time I looked forward to watching it. But the Anti President of the United States rhetoric has become too distasteful to me. I honestly don't think that lever of propaganda has a place in modern sitcoms but I could deal with it better if it were factual (because yes, Presidents can use a little calling out now and then) but the "Tea Partyish spewings" are hard for any non biased fact oriented person to stomach. BTW, I did not like the crap spread about Bush either, but did appreciated the fact based criticisms. I am not sure why Tim Allen has gone this route, he seems rational in every public discourse I have seen, but this show has exposed an aspect of his thinking which is perhaps worthy of diagnosis.
  • Is This A Tea Party Sponsored Show?

    I am so sick of this man disrespecting the President of the United States! We get enough of that on the news. Can we just relax and enjoy this comedy without the politics! Then there's the racist lines! I though Archie Bunker Died!!!!!!!!))))) Sounds like the Tea Party is sponsoring this show!
  • A Funny and Realistic Show

    This is one of the funnier show the last few seasons. The topics are real issues family deals with. Yes there are political jokes, but again the show touches on real issue of today and the jokes are funny even if you are a a democrat but I still laugh; take the one liner political jokes for what it is. It is a comedy show, just enjoy it. This show is much funnier than Modern Family who won the last 5 Comedy Emmy awards which I just don't understand since the most of the character actings are so forced. Even funnier than big Band Theory since that show tends to feature overgrowth baby Sheldon which he is not funner at all. Keep up the good writing.
  • Last Man Standing

    Perhaps the most realistic and funniest show we have ever seen... Brilliant back and forth and terrific acting. I'm WAY over the actress change, still a fantastically funny show.

    BRING BACK KRISTIN, BRING BACK KRISTIN, BRING BACK KRISTIN!!! I hate the new Kristin! Why did her character change?? 1st Season was SOOOOO funny and SOOO clever in every way! Yes, I agree that the old Kristin could have stepped up and defined her character's uniqueness from the rest but they shouldn't have recast her!! Jack Burditt, Why did you do that!!? Do you realize you just ruined the show for 80% of your viewers? The old Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) and Ryan (Nick Jonas) were both more attractive, honest, and believable in their situation ... young teens having sex, becoming pregnant, and parenting a child. They both seemed young, ill-prepared, accommodating yet firm with their style of parenting, Kristin ambitiously aiming to make more of her life -- which is what a YOUNG 20 year old parent would be. They wouldn't be all stiff necked and hoity-toity as though they've got life figured out; argumentative, disagreeable, and snobby.. with loving supportive parents by the way!! "Mike & Vanessa" loved, housed, and cared for Kristin and Boyd while enduring a difficult time. The characters were incredibly more believable. Here again is a show that went and ruined themselves. (Trophy Wife, New Girl Two and a Half men, Glee, Scrubs, Roseanne - bizarre plot twist, The Walking Dead, Lost, ER are others). I'm tired of having to find new shows that I LOVE that ruin themselves because someone made a terrible decision. Now, I will continue watching my favs; Subergatory, Brooklyn nine-nine, The Mindy Project, (the new) Welcome to Sweden by Amy Poehler instead of Last Man Standing. It's officially off the DVR! The new cast and writers lack chemistry and wit. Season 1 made me belly laugh, while Season 2 and on left me feeling upset. BAAAAD choice on the switch up of characters! Now, every episode is a debate, not a comedy. Do you really want your review to be, "'Last Man Standing' isn't too bad, while I wasn't splitting my sides with laughter, it was No. GET your act together. Get actress Alexandra Krosney back and redefine that character. I don't care if she quit, if she's hard to work with, if her schedule didn't match up. Whatever it takes, work it out, and get her back! Jack Burditt, you are ruining your show by continuing to cast Amanda Fuller. Her character's not attractive inside or out. Where is the sisterly love? Where is the grateful attitude, and life lessons of parents who care? Now all she has is ATTITUDE. Jordan Masterson is not terrible but not handsome OR a singer/performer/narcissist like the first Ryan. THAT Ryan had me laugh. Each continuing episode for these characters leaves me more upset at their disrespect and sarcasm than happy that I watched a funny, family, feel-good show. Poor choice. I have such high regards for Tim Allen and Nancy Travis, their talent is outstanding, but the revised show doesn't do them justice. Work it out! Or you'll work yourself into non-existence. Season 1 I would have rated a 10! Each Season after is a 1. No one wants to turn on the TV to see immature, awkward, obnoxious fighting unless it's "Real Housewives"!!
  • Love it!

    Love the show! I think it fits today's society very well!
  • a little too political

    need to chill out on the politics. I hear and see enough of the garbage all over TV- can't I just have a funny sitcom? UUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!
  • I love this show, but season 1 was the best!

    Ok, I am late finding this show as this is now season three. I just watched season 1 and half of season 2 on Netflix. I LOVE Tim Allen AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Nancy Travis. I like Eve, I love Mandy, and I really liked the first Kristen. I really don't like the new Kristen. She is not as sweet and nice to her sisters or parents. She seems negative and more rough, sarcastic. I would really like to know why they changed actors??? I too, wish it was a little less political and more focused on the family "stuff". I also really like the character of Kyle, he is very sweet. Also, I know Tim Allen is the big name actor here, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned how great Nancy Travis is, I think she is an awesome actor and love her character! But mainly I wonder why they changed Kristens, does anyone know? I think that was a HUGE mistake! That said, I do still watch the show because I do really like the basic idea, and it's a show that the whole family can watch, which is extremely rare in this day and age!
  • Awesome of the last great Sitcoms!

    This show is so good in so many ways. The timing that everyone has with one another is great. I've been watching Tim Allen since his stand up comedy days. To me the man is a comedy genius. According to one person's review on here its steers to much toward the Republican side. Well, so what if it is. We all got plenty of Liberal viewed shows with West Wings, and The Good Wife. But, the writers of Last Man still keep it centered as far as I see it. It's a family show about a family that acts like a family. I see my family in this show as I was growing up. So what if the youngest bashes on Mandy. Take the serious out of it and enjoy the humor. There's plenty there.
  • Fun to watch, glad to see Tim Allen back on TV

    The family enjoys it, but even our youngest boy noticed something unsavory.

    "Why is the youngest daughter always bagging on her sister for being a whore? Why don't the parents do anything?"

    My thoughts EXACTLY. The youngest daughter is supposed to be the son the father always wanted. She's "witty" sarcastic and brimming with one-liners. That's fine, but her continual slut-shaming is getting really old, and so is the parents ignoring it. The politics of the show might be irritating to some, but this I personally find more troublesome -- and annoying.
  • Seeing Tim Allen weekly is one of life's little blessings.

    Tim is tops. Wife is sweeter than he deserves. Kristen1 was better in the role. Second daughter gets funnier every week. Youngest daughter is great at acting but not anyone to use as a role model. Ditch the politics, the bilogical father of the little boy and raise Kyle's . and you have a winner.
  • Enjoyable New Age Comedy

    Tim Allen has always been great in any films or tv shows he has starred in. I fell in love with season 1, went on a bender. Season two, I'm second guessing. Alexandra Krosney fit the roll of Kristin extremely well. This new girl Amanda Fuller is no good. Creative Reasons ? Bullcrap.. get Alexandra back on the show if you ever want to save it.
  • Horrible and Full of Bias politics

    It's full of cheesy lines, has a racist undertone, full of bias politics and is just simply not enjoyable. You can tell it's Republican written. We get enough politics in the news. It's just a horrible show.
  • This past episode was God awful (All About Eve)

    We get enough politics on the news, in the newspaper, hanging out with family, and I hate it when tv shows such as Last Man Standing use it as plot devices. I couldn't careless what Tim Allen's political beliefs are and I hate it when Mike, Ryan, and anyone else get in their political zings and debates. I ended up deleting this past episode before I was finished as I simply couldn't take it anymore. Mike's conservative; Ryan's liberal. Good for them. Any chance we can go one episode without some stupid political crap?
  • Went from Kim Kardashian To Poop

    The title says it all doesn't it. Out of Eve, Mandy, and Kirsten, I liked Kirsten the best. This was because even though Eve and Mandy had there shining personas, Kirsten reminded me of myself as a guy. Someone who doesn't really capture all the attention, except when you look at our eyes, they shine like diamonds. trust me ;)

    I wrote this review because I just finished watching episode 2 of season 2 on netflix. I'm done with this show. Something has changed, its not even funny anymore, and its awkward to absorb.

    I can't stand the fake Kirsten. On the Season 2 premier, It was like I was looking at a demon version of Kirsten. You know.... when the demon possesses the body and makes it look like a fat wrinkled zombie!! Every time I watch it I get that sinking feeling in my stomach knowing the real one isn't going to show up. Its ruined it completely. I don't understand why they had to change it.

    The first season was hilarious. Mike is what you call a man, with a man's sense of humor and pride, and he lives in a house with 3 daughters and his wife, its basically humor warfare!! This show was going to be just as good or even better than home improvement because it had a lot of creative originality to it as well. Very disappointed.
  • If you can't laugh at politics...

    then this isn't for you. I enjoy turning on a show that is uplifting and at the same time creates dialog between people. The last episode I watched talked about spanking. It was funny but it did a great job bringing two sides together. It shouldn't be the only tool in the toolbox and it might not be right for every family or every kid for that matter BUT at the same time bribing your kid and trying to be their best friend leaves you with a spoiled kid who demands a pay off every time you expect him to clean his room or be polite.

    Political stuff is part of life and I am glad that they bring it up-and usually both sides of it-and make it bearable instead of depressing as hell. I feel that there are quite a few other shows that bring up political views or religious views and are more liberal/progressive and no one seems to really make a fuss. So what if Tim Allen is more conservative and Ryan looks like a big whiny baby? THat is a view point and you don't have to agree and you don't have to watch it. I am a Catholic Conservative and ppl make fun of the views I have and the ppl whom I support but I can still laugh at it when its funny.

    Anyways, I like the show and the lessons they try to impart. I used to hate Mandy but now I really like her. Kristin irritates me most of the time-especially when she lived with her parents-she was so disrespectful and they were taking care of her and her kid and she paid for nothing so that she could save her money for the future. Ryan is kind of a jerk most of the time but he is capable of being okay-like when he got off his butt and took a job he didn't really want so that he could actually take care of his son. Kyle could use a bit more fleshing is pretty damn funny and I like the interactions between Mike and the Larabees. All in all its a fun, light-hearted half hour that my husband and I enjoy watching together.
  • Love this show!!!

    This is one of the funniest shows on TV. Love Tim Allen. Why is it so hard for some people to see and hear another point of view other than their own biased one? Isn't It is the American way to have an equal voice ? Don't forget that it is un-American not to allow another point of view to be heard. Don't listen to all of the other party minions. This is a fun program and a refreshing point of view!!!
  • found the show on netflix

    I really liked the first season of this show but I hate it when the network feels like they need to change actors/actresses to fix the show. I thought they was on a pretty good start but with Kristin replacement its just struck me wrong. Maybe the shows problem is Tim Allen just rehashed his old character from home improvements. Just the boys are replaced with girls and the wife has a career right off the bat. At least he doesn't grunt well he hasn't yet from the episodes I seen. I felt the middle girl was out of place for the family and thought she would be replaced and not Kristin. I hope they get it right as I enjoyed the Lil cracks he did on some of his former characters like Santa Claus and buzz.
  • Un-watchable

    Sorry folks but lets be honest. After season 1 the show went so far downhill for so many reasons its God awful... The story lines: unfunny, The new actors: terrible, The overall feel: depressing. Everytime I attempt to watch a new episode it brings back the feeling of loss. We all know its true! So stop trying to defend this new version of what was a great show. Time to Cancel, Cancel, Cancel! Tim Allen needs to start fresh again somewhere else.
  • Really like this show- except....

    I can't stand the character of Ryan! He ruins the show for me! The rest of the characters are really funny! There is no reason the daughter should be with him! Drives me nuts!!!
  • Poor changes

    Was in love with the first season! Good family vibe with an even amount of family mixed with work. His wife supported him and girls were respectful. Second season (what were they thinking) changed one of the lead daughters. This new girls personality is terrible and they are all disrespectful to him. Also very liberal. First season was not one way or the other. My husband and I were so disappointed we marked it from a 10 to a 3 and have stopped watching it. Shame on the writers and producers for messing up a fantastic show. First season reminded me so much of Tool Time now it's like every other piece of disappointing crap out there.
  • Love this show!

    I love this show. I know the change of one big character made it hard of a transition from season1 to season 2, but now i am finding myself okie with the new Kristin. The show is witty. it is simple and clean humor unlike two and a half man. Most importantly, it always has a nice message at the end. Today, it was about free market, demonstrated simply by snow mowing business of Eve. There is always a nice moral explicitly stated at the end of each show. Today, it was about having moral compass in a capitalist society which I couldn't agree more. Then there was guns. There was greek vs. the germans. Must I mention, I love Eve and Mr. Baxter's interactions. I love both these characters. I think the writers are knowlegeable and have tried to convey their message in a nice home setting. I don't think they take a stance on either republic or democrates. The opinion reflect the mass majority who are neither republic nor democrates but in-between. I love love love the vlog of Tim Allen in every episode and I always wait for them. The lines are always great in it and I am always mesmerized at how Tim Allen sells something trivial of Outdoor Man (shoes, knife, etc) by beginning with something unrelated yet grandiose thoughts. I think this show must appeal to educated segments of the society. This show is one of the best of its family humor, with a moral dedicated to each episode. I wonder what we will learn in the next week's episode.
  • Completely LOVE!!

    Gotta love Tim Allen, but the rest of the cast is fantastic too. The entire family waits for it to come on each week. One of our favorite aspects is that it just doesn't take itself too seriously. The only issue I have is with 2 Kristens.
  • All in the family

    Sometimes I wonder: had internet been around in the 70s what kind of comments the sitcom "All In The Family" would have received or should I say would have perceived?! Isn't it the goal of, the purpose of having, the reason for broadcasting a sitcom to bring the everyday social discrepancies of the society to the surface by using comedy effects?

    Should a good sitcom not scrub your soul like a piece of sandpaper every so often? Should it not be right there on the edge; and may be once in a while go over the edge?

    Is it not a sign of acknowledgement that such feelings, word and phrases are part of today's living?

    Is it not a good thing to hold up the mirror, so people can talk, instead of ventilating through a comment on the internet, with eachother about what has been said or was performed?

    Sometimes I wonder: would "All In The Family" have been aired for so long if internet had existed, would it have lasted all those seasons?
  • Sick of this show

    I go work hard all day to provide for my family. I turn on a sit com to get some laughs and relax but what do I get when I tune into Last Man Standing thses days. Jokes mocking the middle class, and right wing tea party rhetoric. Maybe the sponsors and others associated with this show ought to thing about who their viewing adudience is. It sure isnt' that 1% like the convicted felon star of the show Tim Allen. I'll never watch it again not will I buy anything from anyone who sponsors this show.
  • Greek system- INSENSITIVE COMMENT!!!!!!

    I don't quite like the fact that MIke mentioned the non existent Greek system and that the Germans are doing the right thing with the loan and they should keep doing it!!! He has no right to mention that!!!! He has absolutely no idea what we Greeks are going through due to the financial cutbacks. People are out of jobs, starving and a long, cold winter is approaching with the majority of families not being able to afford heating costs and many other things!!! Does he also know that the simple Greek people are paying the mistakes of their incapable politicians? Does he have any idea how much tax fees have increased and how many more new tax fees have been introduced? We are paying large fees for our houses each month on our electric bill, plus taxes for our houses- fap,.. pieces of agricultural land, anything the government can come up with to make us pay taxes to pay off the Germans!!! Any idea how we are suppossed to pay back all these taxes with cutbacks on salaries and the majority of the people being unemployed, expecially young people? What hope does that give us for the future???? So maybe people need to be a bit more sensitive towards us and not make sarcastic comments at the poor people's expense!!!!!
  • would it surprise you if "Sarah Palin and friends" made a guest appearance ?

    Enough with the immigration jabs!Last season they had black neighbors to talk about racism ,they keep talking about guns wonder whats next

    Its almost republican propaganda ! I wish they would write more about the lovely wife and kids ,there should be enough material to build the show around them

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