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  • I Agree

    I agree with what most of the people say. I do not like the new Kristen. She does suck at acting, most especially with hand and arm movements. She annoys the crap out of me. And her wimpy future husband too. They should move to another area and live with other wimpy characters. Regardless of creative intentions, bring back the old Kristen back. This show is great... Let's keep it going and bring back the authenticity of it. Get rid of this cheesy arm-moving, over-exaggerated chick. been a 9.5 if it were the original rest is awesome. 7.5 it is
  • Just what?!?

    I gave the show a 7, good only because of the first season. The first season was good, I was really getting into the show. Now. Now I'm not sure if I even want to keep watching. The recast of Kristin was a completely stupid idea, it Destroyed! the show!

    I understand why the kid Boyd's dad is a different actor because Nick Jonas wouldn't be available to do that many episodes. But season one to season two, that is ONE season, one episode difference, one summer, NOT THREE YEARS, the new actor for Boyd is now 5 or 6, not three like he is supposed to be because just a couple episodes ago he was two and a half years old.

    The new Kristin is NOT anyythingg like the original and good Kristin, she can't even act well or get close to the original personality. Now she is just some annoying, hoe-ish, hipster, wimpy coddling thing that won't stop showing up, and the new dad is even worse. It only took less than 5 minutes of the first episode of season two to be pretty close to unbearable. If they bring the original cast of Kristin, Boyd, and Ryan or an actor who did as well as Nick Jonas for the part then the show will be good again, or if they just get rid of the characters entirely by saying they moved away, that would also help. Everyone else works well with the movie, except those three, plus Kristin and Ryan are also way older than the original characters and than they are supposed to be playing. Yes, the new Kristin has a good body, but so what? They ruin the show. Bring back the originals.

    Why encourage their kind of attitude and personalities? So you want all the people and new children in the world to be ignorant stupid wimps that don't even know how to play simple children games like musical chairs and dodge ball???? Stuff like that is part of the reason why society is getting worse, "we don't use terms like that here", phrases like that are getting used way too much nowadays especially at schools and such for kids, it's complete nonsense. For one, that just makes the children even more ignorant and two, really?? we can use whatever damn terms we want with our children, and schools should be using the same terms and such as they did even 5 or so years ago. Really? We don't use the word Champ? Seriously?! What is this world coming to? I can go on but this is long enough.

  • Why is Ryan still in this show???

    Why on earth is Ryan's character still relevant in this show? Too many annoying appearances from him... I cannot stand his character. his views are exaggerated and borderline annoying!!He is ruining the show for me. It is unrealistic that the parents would even allow the oldest daughter near this looser... and the part where he wants to get married under a tree and they give him a cheque which he says they intend to use to pay off his student loans?/ you kidding me? this is not a love story,,, its a damn story... Honestly he is ruining the show... a comedy should make me laugh not annoy me. I can stand the political stuff but not annoying ryan.... he needs to be gone!!
  • Great show that needs less of the oldest sister and her boyfriend

    The first season's cast was perfect. Are they changed out the oldest sister and brought I her piece of crap boyfriend, it took a lot away from the show. Episodes with no appearances by those two are the best ones. The addition of the maid was great though, because she is hilarious.
  • hand gestures

    What's up with the oldest daughter's hand gestures? Palms up all the time she says a sentence. Weird.
  • Used to be Good

    This show used to be great, and it still has its good moments here and there, but has really gone down hill since season 2.

    Kristin and Ryan are pretty unbearable to watch. The original Kristin was much more believable as a teen parent, and dealt with the written in conflicts in a far more believable way. The new Kristin not only looks like she's about 35 and acts as such, too , but her entire attitude is mind-numbing to watch. The character of Ryan is 100% unbelievable, as well.

    Mandy, Kyle and Eve, on the other hand, are much more believable characters, and they execute their roles extremely well. I also enjoy the dynamic between Ed and Mike, and Mike and Vanessa. It's too bad that this show has gone so off the rails with political stereotypes.

  • started watching show due to all the obama bashing.

    Absolutely fantastic show. Tim Allen is a master at being politically honest with it's viewers, while occassionally giving the 'other' sides viewpoint to boot. Comedic master Allen has the right chemisty with his Post Home Improvement famliy. i know many others are cringing at some of the character swaps, but I started watch after that. I went back and watched the first few years and like this ensemble the best. Allen gets it right with great American values, political digs on both sides and the great american dream. Kudos and fair shake for a long shelf life. May you have 10 more years :)
  • stopped watching show due to all the obama bashing.

    I am tired of turning on the show,and five min in they have to bash used to love Tim allen,not so much find something else to watch on fridays.

  • Last man standing makes my day.

    I am a huge fan of Tim and he fits his character perfectly. Every time I watch Last man standing it makes my day. I can watch the show over and over again.
  • The new Kristin can't act to save her life!

    Every time Kristin 2 and her spineless boyfriend Ryan come on the scene, it is a cringefest! The original Kristin in Season 1 was an amazing fit. Cannot believe that some crazy nutjob decide to recast her. It's truly a pity since every other character seem like they belong, even if they are not stellar. Also, inspite of being a HUGE Tim Allen fan from pretty much every other thing he has done, I find his narcissism in the show a little obnoxious.

    I have no clue how the show is still on the air since it is pretty unwatchable now - the best characters in the show are Mandy and Kyle - hope they land on their feet when this show inevitably gets canceled or if we are cherishing impossible thoughts, I am hoping they come to their senses and bring back the original Kristin and tone down the self-righteousness of the show.
  • Love this show!

    Love the gov pokes.
  • Lose the Partisan Politics or Lose Way over 50% of Audience

    Love Tim Allen, but I'm SICK and Tired of the preoccupation with Obama-bashing. This is supposed to be a "family" sit-com. Send the writers back to Fox News and get writers to joke about people, not agendas. Besides, just to offer one counterpoint to the most recent episode (11/14/14), 10,000,000 people now have Health Insurance who previously couldn't AFFORD it, and 55% of currently uninsured plan to get it. The dialogue Friday night was completely fact-free and driven by the GOP and Tea-Party rhetoric.
  • My wife hates the show because of the laugh

    Do away with the laugh track so my wife will watch the show with me.

    I agree it spoils a great show


    Sorry to miss the show
  • Laugh Track Ruins Last man Standing

    Shut off the LAUGH TRACK.

    Last man Standing is a great show with good writers ans some funny lines.

    All spoiled by the awful, too frequent, and inserted for inane lines.

    Fire that laugh track guy
  • All of them!

    Just LOVE the show as it is so funny and entertaining plus has the guts to tell "it as it is" about the state of things in this country.

    WAY TO GO WRITERS! Love you .
  • Best Show on TV

    A comedy with a change of pace -- not the typical liberal-loving rubbish. Absolutely hilarious. My family and I look forward to this show every week! The best show on TV -- even better than Monday Night Football -- well, almost.

    First off i hate the cast changes. Alexandra Crosney was such a likeable actress and her replacement is almost unwatchable. I don't mind politics in shows because there something almost everyone can get behind and understand, but in this show it's so one sided. I'm very republican and it drives me crazy how Tim Allens character will make a point that I find reasonable and the rest of the episode is an attempt to prove him wrong and make him seem like hes crazy. I would be completely fine if half the cast was republican and half was democratic and the jabs at each other were even but all this show does is make me angry. i loved the first season and im so sad they changed the dynamic of the show. Instill love Tim Allen to death and hes still one of my favorite TV dads.
  • Love the conservative agenda!!!

    Awesome show! For once I can watch A show that isn't trying to cram a bunch of liberal ideas down my throat. I love Tim Allen! He is super funny!
  • Enough with the political digs!! PLEASE!!

    I have always loved Tim Allen, think He is a genuine funny guy, Love his passion for old cars too. Now I am not sure if all this constant crap spoken on the show about politics are his views or not, and I don't care, but good god its non damn stop. I feel like I am watching Bill O'reily or something. Yes, I get it, every show makes a dig now and again to show what they are all about, but come on! IT IS NON STOP and STUPID. Every scene has like 3 or 4 digs at Obama, or some policy that in reality wasn't even about him, but cause he is in office, lets have at him 3 or 4 times on our show.. Its to much and makes Me not want to watch the show no matter how much I try to keep doing so just cause I really like Allen.

    To boot, it makes it so much worse that the one person on the show, even though I hate the dude and in no way agree with his hard core lib BS, is just a goofy tree hugger like tool....

    I truthfully think this show needs a little balance to it. But not like it will be canceled, its on ABC after all..

    Shame to cut out half of the US as an audience to push an agenda.

    Rating this is hard cause some of it is great TV but the Political BS just really washes the rest out.
  • Lose the Conservative agenda!

    The show overall is a pretty darn good show. I didn't care for the changes that they made with the characters at the end of the first season, but I can live with them. Tim Allen, as always, is hilarious. Many of the other characters are pretty funny as well. But the show really loses quality when they spend more time poking fun at liberals. Why would you even alienate part of your audience like that? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • new kirsten sucks

    bring back the old kirsten. she was a much more believable teen mom. this new kirsten does not look like a teen mom nor does she relate to one! she looks and acts much older than she supposedly is, getting married, and then having a horrible attitude. She sounds like a know it all! at least with the old kirsten the arguments she and her sisterrs and parents had sounded much more like those of a teen parent. The new Ryan is ridiculous, again NOT a teen parent. I am liberal but the shit he is made to say in the show its like ... annoying. i dont like his character and i wish the old ryan (nick jonas or someone of decent teen age) would come and replace characters kirsten and ryan. the new ones suck and ruin whole dynamic of the show. i watch just to see eve and everyone else but when those two come on i always cringe in my seat. I hate them! i am rating a 1. when the kirsten and ryan characters change, then I will change to a 5! I really hope someone from the show will read this and DO something about those two horrible actors!
  • Love this show!

    I like this show because it's more down to Earth and realistic. The dad is funny but not goofy. Plus, they learn lessons in the episodes. I haven't seen sitcoms like that in years. They need more sitcoms like that. They make too many sitcoms these days where the characters are too goofy. I like Tim Allen playing a more intelligent guy for once. My parents like this sitcom because it's more like the way sitcoms used to be and they miss those kind of sitcoms. The way sitcoms were back in the early 90's when the characters sealed with real-life situations and learned real lessons. Take shows like "Mom" and "Two and a Half Men(with Walden)" Do those seem like real-life situations to you? I say, keep it going! Besides, Tim Allen is a great actor.
  • Wish they had taken a different path

    This show was pleasant and as a Tim Allen fan from tool time I looked forward to watching it. But the Anti President of the United States rhetoric has become too distasteful to me. I honestly don't think that lever of propaganda has a place in modern sitcoms but I could deal with it better if it were factual (because yes, Presidents can use a little calling out now and then) but the "Tea Partyish spewings" are hard for any non biased fact oriented person to stomach. BTW, I did not like the crap spread about Bush either, but did appreciated the fact based criticisms. I am not sure why Tim Allen has gone this route, he seems rational in every public discourse I have seen, but this show has exposed an aspect of his thinking which is perhaps worthy of diagnosis.
  • Is This A Tea Party Sponsored Show?

    I am so sick of this man disrespecting the President of the United States! We get enough of that on the news. Can we just relax and enjoy this comedy without the politics! Then there's the racist lines! I though Archie Bunker Died!!!!!!!!))))) Sounds like the Tea Party is sponsoring this show!
  • A Funny and Realistic Show

    This is one of the funnier show the last few seasons. The topics are real issues family deals with. Yes there are political jokes, but again the show touches on real issue of today and the jokes are funny even if you are a a democrat but I still laugh; take the one liner political jokes for what it is. It is a comedy show, just enjoy it. This show is much funnier than Modern Family who won the last 5 Comedy Emmy awards which I just don't understand since the most of the character actings are so forced. Even funnier than big Band Theory since that show tends to feature overgrowth baby Sheldon which he is not funner at all. Keep up the good writing.
  • Last Man Standing

    Perhaps the most realistic and funniest show we have ever seen... Brilliant back and forth and terrific acting. I'm WAY over the actress change, still a fantastically funny show.

    BRING BACK KRISTIN, BRING BACK KRISTIN, BRING BACK KRISTIN!!! I hate the new Kristin! Why did her character change?? 1st Season was SOOOOO funny and SOOO clever in every way! Yes, I agree that the old Kristin could have stepped up and defined her character's uniqueness from the rest but they shouldn't have recast her!! Jack Burditt, Why did you do that!!? Do you realize you just ruined the show for 80% of your viewers? The old Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) and Ryan (Nick Jonas) were both more attractive, honest, and believable in their situation ... young teens having sex, becoming pregnant, and parenting a child. They both seemed young, ill-prepared, accommodating yet firm with their style of parenting, Kristin ambitiously aiming to make more of her life -- which is what a YOUNG 20 year old parent would be. They wouldn't be all stiff necked and hoity-toity as though they've got life figured out; argumentative, disagreeable, and snobby.. with loving supportive parents by the way!! "Mike & Vanessa" loved, housed, and cared for Kristin and Boyd while enduring a difficult time. The characters were incredibly more believable. Here again is a show that went and ruined themselves. (Trophy Wife, New Girl Two and a Half men, Glee, Scrubs, Roseanne - bizarre plot twist, The Walking Dead, Lost, ER are others). I'm tired of having to find new shows that I LOVE that ruin themselves because someone made a terrible decision. Now, I will continue watching my favs; Subergatory, Brooklyn nine-nine, The Mindy Project, (the new) Welcome to Sweden by Amy Poehler instead of Last Man Standing. It's officially off the DVR! The new cast and writers lack chemistry and wit. Season 1 made me belly laugh, while Season 2 and on left me feeling upset. BAAAAD choice on the switch up of characters! Now, every episode is a debate, not a comedy. Do you really want your review to be, "'Last Man Standing' isn't too bad, while I wasn't splitting my sides with laughter, it was No. GET your act together. Get actress Alexandra Krosney back and redefine that character. I don't care if she quit, if she's hard to work with, if her schedule didn't match up. Whatever it takes, work it out, and get her back! Jack Burditt, you are ruining your show by continuing to cast Amanda Fuller. Her character's not attractive inside or out. Where is the sisterly love? Where is the grateful attitude, and life lessons of parents who care? Now all she has is ATTITUDE. Jordan Masterson is not terrible but not handsome OR a singer/performer/narcissist like the first Ryan. THAT Ryan had me laugh. Each continuing episode for these characters leaves me more upset at their disrespect and sarcasm than happy that I watched a funny, family, feel-good show. Poor choice. I have such high regards for Tim Allen and Nancy Travis, their talent is outstanding, but the revised show doesn't do them justice. Work it out! Or you'll work yourself into non-existence. Season 1 I would have rated a 10! Each Season after is a 1. No one wants to turn on the TV to see immature, awkward, obnoxious fighting unless it's "Real Housewives"!!
  • Love it!

    Love the show! I think it fits today's society very well!
  • a little too political

    need to chill out on the politics. I hear and see enough of the garbage all over TV- can't I just have a funny sitcom? UUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!
  • I love this show, but season 1 was the best!

    Ok, I am late finding this show as this is now season three. I just watched season 1 and half of season 2 on Netflix. I LOVE Tim Allen AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Nancy Travis. I like Eve, I love Mandy, and I really liked the first Kristen. I really don't like the new Kristen. She is not as sweet and nice to her sisters or parents. She seems negative and more rough, sarcastic. I would really like to know why they changed actors??? I too, wish it was a little less political and more focused on the family "stuff". I also really like the character of Kyle, he is very sweet. Also, I know Tim Allen is the big name actor here, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned how great Nancy Travis is, I think she is an awesome actor and love her character! But mainly I wonder why they changed Kristens, does anyone know? I think that was a HUGE mistake! That said, I do still watch the show because I do really like the basic idea, and it's a show that the whole family can watch, which is extremely rare in this day and age!
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