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  • I really enjoyed this.

    I was so totally disappointed when this was cancelled. Bring it back!
  • Needs some tweaking

    I liked the first season and was getting into the characters, felt like the show was finding itself. It was refreshing to watch a conservative show for those of us who never cared for the most divisive president ever elected. A lot of the jokes are funny, and Tim Allen obviously carries the show.

    Season two kind of sucked. Can't stand new Kristin. Can't stand new Boyd. Can't stand Ryan. He is arrogant and obnoxious. Argues about every. single. topic. I stop watching when he's in the scene. They need to get rid of those three, then the show would take off again.

    I liked watching your show. The opererative word here being LIKED. Why is it that every show Tim Allen has to bash Obama? Everytime he starts I switch the this one of those sneaky white supremist tactics crap? Are you trying to let your viewers know that you are an uneducated racist? Why all the cracks about Obama on almost 98% of all the episodes? He did not create the system and all its many,... many problems,( Not Flaws). He just tried to make it a little more bearable for people that do not have a savings account,... through no fault of their own. He has done more to try to fix a decade upon decade of a screwed up system of the rich getting richer, and it's many innumerable flaws, than ANY previous President before him, in such a short time. Know your own history, andThink about it.
  • Last Man Standing Needs to Still be Standing

    I think someone with a backbone needs to stand up against these libs and put our show back on!!! As for the jerk in charge of ABC that's thinking about running for a Demo hope n pray those in ur area are all fans of Last Man Standing n u lose ur pants, shirts n u r not anyone I will vote for!!! Ur an evil person with immoral thinking! SHAME on n my God have mercy on ur soul!!! FIND A HOME FOR LAST MAN STANDING A DAMN BACKBONE!!
  • Excellent Show - Underrated And Under Appreciated

    The show is excellent overall. In today's obnoxious, overly PC, nobody say 'boo' because it'll hurt 'boo's' feelings, the show manages to at least try and make actual common sense out of typical situations. Of course, Mike Baxter being a Conservative is a 'bad word' in today's mainstream media conscious .... unless a white male is going to disparage other white males, he is not allowed to have an opinion which varies from what the liberal agenda wants. All in all, it's a nice change of pace from the typical family sitcom. Anyone who finds his mild 'jokes' with regard to certain stereotypical things or to actual, real problems faced in the US, offensive or racist do not know what racism truly is. This is a sitcom made for laughs and contain so many references to both liberals and conservatives and their dirty laundry that anyone who focuses on specific things is missing the big picture and simply looking for something to over-react to.

    While much of the show is simply levity for the sake of comedy, I do find that, at times, Mike, and especially Vanessa, are ridiculously stringent, with such out-dated, nanny state ideals, that it goes against the grain of the show in some ways. For example, anything Eve does and how Vanessa reacts. She joins JROTC and Vanessa shits herself that her 'girl' would join up, and forbids her. Eve is a great athlete and the football team want her to join up (which Mike loves) and Vanessa shits herself that her 'girl' would join up, and forbids her. Eve is planning to apply and attend West Point and Vanessa shits herself that her 'girl' would dare dream of going to college there and become an officer in the military, and forbids her. Eve applies, and gets accepted to the Air Force Academy (after West Point doesn't accept her) and Vanessa shits herself that her 'girl' would dare dream of going to college there and become an officer in the military, and forbids her NINETEEN year old daughter. See a pattern here? Oh, and all the while Vanessa is trying to 'educate' Eve on feminism is, and it's importance ...... all while objecting with hissy fits any time this same daughter excels somewhere and follows her own dreams. It makes no sense and makes Vanessa easily the least likable, if not the second least likable (sorry Kristen but you are God awful) character on the show. And this is just ONE daughter. She has also tried to crush Mandy's dreams too, telling her she MUST go to college and she CANNOT start her own business and/or also go to college. It's so over the top obnoxious.

    And on the topic of obnoxious, two other situations come to mind. 1st is Mike and Vanessa's extreme opposition to Bud's very legal Marijuana business. They have a conniption when he starts it because it will have their name on it too ('well - it'll just drag our name through the mud') .... and in later episodes Mike blows up that Bud asks his mid to late 20 year old daughter to run his store while he goes on vacation. She's a God damn adult - even if she is a troll on the show. He similarly blows up for nothing when he thinks his dad also asked his early 20's ADULT daughter to mind the pot store (which he did not). These are adult women and this is a legal business - whether or not he agrees or likes said business, it comes across so poorly on him and his character on the show. The other over-reaction was when Eve was going away on JROTC and they find out her new boyfriend is also in JROTC and will also be on this weekend trip. Eve, their 'good daughter' who is uber competitive and has trained for this event for over a year, would be on this adult supervised high school sponsored event where her boyfriend will also be. They react as if Eve, her boyfriend, and several dozen other high school kids will spend the weekend unsupervised, unsegregated, and all by themselves somewhere like a late 70's Friday The 13th movie. Its so out of character for Mike that it makes no sense in context to the rest of the show.

    If they had cast Kristen as a likable daughter (like they had in season 1) instead of the femmi-nazi terminator who makes her liberal husband seem normal, and if they either cast a better actress as Vanessa, or toned her nonsense down, the show would be that much better. As it stands though, Mike, Eve, Mandy, Kyle, Ryan and Larabee make this show work well together. Season 6 all but omitted Kristen, which was great, and it might have been their best season yet ... minus Vanessa doing her repeat performance over Eve getting into the Air Force Academy and her typical reaction to it which makes zero sense.
  • Rotten apple on a great tree

    Last man standing is a fanominal tv show. Tim Allen's character, Mike Baxter, is a funny conservative Republican with a strong will of mind. His political views can sture up a discussion whether it's agreeable or disagreeable. Last man standing episodes and characters can connect to the individual viewer whether it be single mom; party college girl; relationships; politics; annoying neighbors; employment. Connecting to the individual viewer in a personal level and having real life situations and opinions is what makes Last man standing a solid, grounded tree. But the rotten apple is Amanda Fuller- character Kristen Baxter. Once the single mom to reuniting with the child's father that abandon her. Her lines are well written and her costumes are well picked. But the actress playing Amanda is unlikeable to the viewer. It may be the manner she delivers her lines or the way she carries herself but she is unlikeable. Her persona is very strong, which makes it hard for the viewer to like Her-the actress not the character. Many women can connect to the character. But it's something about the actress that makes her unlikeable.
  • My feedback

    I like the show its funny but sometimes mr Baxter can be a little racist and i dont think its a show that she be showing.
  • A real modern day sitcom!!

    I did not think i could watch after a actor change but they fit just fine. I've literally watched this series 3 times over and Tim Allen makes this so much like the awesome Home improvement i grew up watching . From the way they brought back HI actors to the evenly placed sitcom humor this show is fantastic . A must watch for anyone who loves classic sitcoms and real laughter. Best Show i have watched in 2016 by far..
  • Very Underrated Show

    Time to quit bitching about the cast change. I agree Fuller looks to be about 30 as the

    new manager of Outdoor Man Grill. Krosney has been gone a long time now, get over it.

    The cast member who has the brightest future ahead of her is the youngest daughter.

    Whether she goes farther in music or acting, Dever has the best timing of anyone except

    for Allen. For all of you who hate on Eve because you think she is too sarcastic and insulting

    think of this; Kaitlyn Dever is already a multi-millionaire at such a young age, which is a lot

    better off than you haters.
  • Kinda' Stale

    I started watching this show now that it's in syndication. Between the conservative agenda, racism and sexism I started to wonder what Tim Allen has to be so mad about. Some of the insults are harder to spot, but when he used the word "undocumentables" I threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  • Season 2 messed it up.

    I thought the chemistry of all the actors on the show was great and the comedy was light-hearted enough But still interesting. It had a nice mix of points of views. I watched the entire season 1 on Netflix and was greatly disappointed to find that they recast the Roles of the daughter Kristen and others. I can't help but to think that this was a political move and not a creative one. Something tells me that the actress playing Kristen may have not agreed with the way the show was headed? Maybe the views were getting a little bit too conservative. I feel bad for the actress that played Kristen and I also feel bad for the new actress because there was so much scrutiny on her but she shouldn't take it personal. The fans get used to and are accustomed to seeing the same actresses and actors. It's like going to a family reunion and all of a sudden your family was replaced by somebody with the same name. It makes the show Awkward and I don't think I'm going to be watching it from season two forward. We'll see. My reasons aren't so much political. My reason for the low rating is 100% because of their recasting. Just because the show went on to have additional seasons does not mean that it was a good move. You took a risk and got lucky. You lost a lot of fans but may have gained new ones that's all.
  • Social concerns and lessons in life

    I like this show! I don't see a lot of gratuitous humor/comedy. There is always some lesson associated with the bits. The show could use a few character tweaks but luckily the gaffs are not that numerous. Tim Allen's character is portrayed as a Conservative but the show gives equal weight to the other side to create a balance of opinion.

    Hector Elizondo deserves an award for his very nuanced "Ed Alzate"

    Please this show is terrible, I'd rather see I love Lucy, Golden Girls, or any other shows but not Last man standing. It's the worst show ever!
  • It Started So Well

    I quit watching this back when Season 2 originally aired. I simply could not stand Amanda Fuller as Kristen. My husband decided to start watching it on Netflix recently so I decided to give it another try with him. What a mistake!

    The not so new Kristen played by Amanda Fuller is still awful but sadly now the character of Eve has been written into an arrogant, manipulative teen who displays terrible sportsmanship. Of all three daughters self absorbed Mandy shows the most heart with random acts of kindness and consistent defense of her sisters. Add in a few seasons of a completely undisciplined, spoiled Boyd brat and the show went from an enjoyable diversion in Season 1 to being nearly unbearable.

    They ruined this show with a terrible replacement for Kristen and by turning part of the cast into awful people (Eve, Bratty Boyd, Kristen).
  • Terrible! Boring!

    Politics is not funny, comedy suppose to be funny, this is not FUNNY!!! And never the two should meet!
  • Needs improving on Kristin PLEASE!!!!!

    The old Kristen was delightful, full of energy, just perfect! Now we have to suffer through a blonde, dumpy person with no personality, and she moves and acts likes she's 75 years old! Kyle would never have be n interested in dating the new Kristen! Please bring back the old Kristin or at least get someone who can act and have some personality. And send Ryan back to Canada! The rest of the show is wonderful!
  • Love the show~

    This show is so hilarious~I love the Barack Bashing~I can NEVER get enough of that
  • Car accident.

    I was just getting into this show following a very awkward first show in season one, then this - new characters and a discussion on politics.

    I would have been happier if they wrote Kristen out, but replace her with someone old enough to be her mother and with very weak acting to boot. It seems that these new characters just don't want to be there. Fail.
  • 1 in 1000

    One show out of 1000 that make fun of the Left and the Left Wing wackos go well wacko. There are many shows that fit into your low information world so watch them in your onesies and enjoy them. You don't have to watch the ones you don't. At least for now if the Left make any more gains you won't have a choice. At least LMS offer both sides something you rarely see is shows that push the Left point of view. To read some posts their seem to be those that believe this show was developed just because of the elections. It is just another example of the intolerance of the Left. One show in 1000 gives a point of views that does not fit into their world and they attack and call names. As if this is the only show that has a political or religious part to the story line. The fact that almost every new show has a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in them is not political? That so many push the Left Wing views on the environment is not both political and religious? Yes the environment movement has become a religion for many. This is not only a very funny show with good acting overall that tells a truth that you don't see often on TV. The fact that ABC, a network not known for its honest programs is a surprise. Now if they would just bring their news inline. There seem to be a lot who dislike the anti-Obama jokes. You should not disrespect the president. Funny I don't remember these people saying that during the Bush's and Reagan's years. Again the Left seem to have two set of rules.
  • Good show!

    I really enjoy the show. Tim Allen is hilarious. But I just can't get past Kristen & Ryan. Ryan is beyond annoying & his constant whining & arguing with Mike just bothers me. I loved Season 1 Kristen but after they recast her I just don't like the new Kristen as much.
  • i love this show

    please refer me another show like it
  • One of the few shows I laugh out loud

    I, too, wasn't keen on Kristen being recast. Jonas sucked, so that was a no-brainer. But by the middle of season 3 the writers and actors really hit they're stride.

    And for the haters . critics) watch the snow shovel episode and remember, just because you're a republican doesn't mean you're a buffoon. It actually means you can think for yourself.
  • Kristen & Ryan are killing the show

    I love Tim Allen's comedy & season 1 was a blast. There was a lot of chemistry between the actors & the plot was well-knit. However, after recasting Kristen & Ryan, watching the show is a pain whenever their obnoxious ideas are conveyed! Seriously? Grow up & parent properly!! Less of them would enhance the show!
  • I Agree

    I agree with what most of the people say. I do not like the new Kristen. She does suck at acting, most especially with hand and arm movements. She annoys the crap out of me. And her wimpy future husband too. They should move to another area and live with other wimpy characters. Regardless of creative intentions, bring back the old Kristen back. This show is great... Let's keep it going and bring back the authenticity of it. Get rid of this cheesy arm-moving, over-exaggerated chick. been a 9.5 if it were the original rest is awesome. 7.5 it is
  • Just what?!?

    I gave the show a 7, good only because of the first season. The first season was good, I was really getting into the show. Now. Now I'm not sure if I even want to keep watching. The recast of Kristin was a completely stupid idea, it Destroyed! the show!

    I understand why the kid Boyd's dad is a different actor because Nick Jonas wouldn't be available to do that many episodes. But season one to season two, that is ONE season, one episode difference, one summer, NOT THREE YEARS, the new actor for Boyd is now 5 or 6, not three like he is supposed to be because just a couple episodes ago he was two and a half years old.

    The new Kristin is NOT anyythingg like the original and good Kristin, she can't even act well or get close to the original personality. Now she is just some annoying, hoe-ish, hipster, wimpy coddling thing that won't stop showing up, and the new dad is even worse. It only took less than 5 minutes of the first episode of season two to be pretty close to unbearable. If they bring the original cast of Kristin, Boyd, and Ryan or an actor who did as well as Nick Jonas for the part then the show will be good again, or if they just get rid of the characters entirely by saying they moved away, that would also help. Everyone else works well with the movie, except those three, plus Kristin and Ryan are also way older than the original characters and than they are supposed to be playing. Yes, the new Kristin has a good body, but so what? They ruin the show. Bring back the originals.

    Why encourage their kind of attitude and personalities? So you want all the people and new children in the world to be ignorant stupid wimps that don't even know how to play simple children games like musical chairs and dodge ball???? Stuff like that is part of the reason why society is getting worse, "we don't use terms like that here", phrases like that are getting used way too much nowadays especially at schools and such for kids, it's complete nonsense. For one, that just makes the children even more ignorant and two, really?? we can use whatever damn terms we want with our children, and schools should be using the same terms and such as they did even 5 or so years ago. Really? We don't use the word Champ? Seriously?! What is this world coming to? I can go on but this is long enough.

  • Why is Ryan still in this show???

    Why on earth is Ryan's character still relevant in this show? Too many annoying appearances from him... I cannot stand his character. his views are exaggerated and borderline annoying!!He is ruining the show for me. It is unrealistic that the parents would even allow the oldest daughter near this looser... and the part where he wants to get married under a tree and they give him a cheque which he says they intend to use to pay off his student loans?/ you kidding me? this is not a love story,,, its a damn story... Honestly he is ruining the show... a comedy should make me laugh not annoy me. I can stand the political stuff but not annoying ryan.... he needs to be gone!!
  • Great show that needs less of the oldest sister and her boyfriend

    The first season's cast was perfect. Are they changed out the oldest sister and brought I her piece of crap boyfriend, it took a lot away from the show. Episodes with no appearances by those two are the best ones. The addition of the maid was great though, because she is hilarious.
  • hand gestures

    What's up with the oldest daughter's hand gestures? Palms up all the time she says a sentence. Weird.
  • Used to be Good

    This show used to be great, and it still has its good moments here and there, but has really gone down hill since season 2.

    Kristin and Ryan are pretty unbearable to watch. The original Kristin was much more believable as a teen parent, and dealt with the written in conflicts in a far more believable way. The new Kristin not only looks like she's about 35 and acts as such, too , but her entire attitude is mind-numbing to watch. The character of Ryan is 100% unbelievable, as well.

    Mandy, Kyle and Eve, on the other hand, are much more believable characters, and they execute their roles extremely well. I also enjoy the dynamic between Ed and Mike, and Mike and Vanessa. It's too bad that this show has gone so off the rails with political stereotypes.

  • started watching show due to all the obama bashing.

    Absolutely fantastic show. Tim Allen is a master at being politically honest with it's viewers, while occassionally giving the 'other' sides viewpoint to boot. Comedic master Allen has the right chemisty with his Post Home Improvement famliy. i know many others are cringing at some of the character swaps, but I started watch after that. I went back and watched the first few years and like this ensemble the best. Allen gets it right with great American values, political digs on both sides and the great american dream. Kudos and fair shake for a long shelf life. May you have 10 more years :)