Last Man Standing - Season 1

ABC (ended 2017)




Episode Guide

  • Found Money
    Episode 24

    Vanessa's sister April comes to visit,but Mike knows she's only gonna ask for money. Kristen and Kyle decide to break up, but he's more concerned with what Mike will do.

  • The Spotlight
    Episode 23

    Mike unintentionally upstages Vanessa's announcement about her nomination as top volunteer school parent, his efforts to make it up to her causes more harm than good. Eve is afraid she won't fit in at high school. Ed wants to release an Outdoor Man action figure inspired by Mike.

  • This Bud's For You
    Episode 22

    When Mike's dad, Bud moves to town for the construction on the new Outdoor Man store. Vanessa is concerned that Bud's intentions might elevate Mike's blood pressure.

  • 4/10/12

    Kyle is invited to join Outdoor Man's outdoor sports team, but Mike and Ed discover how bad he is and need to help him. Vanessa is overheard not wanting to go to the girl's game and play.

  • Animal Wrongs
    Episode 20
    Mandy's new boyfriend, Terrence, is an animal rights activist and clashes with Mike. Kyle discovers that he is Basque like Ed.
  • Ding Dong Ditch
    Episode 19

    Mike sets out to catch a prankster who rings their doorbell and runs away, but when the teen-aged boy injures himself on the Baxter property his litigious father expects Mike to pay the doctor bill.

  • Baxter & Sons
    Episode 18

    Ed gives Mike the decision whether or not to put his brother in charge of building the next Outdoor Man. Meanwhile the girls help Bud find a girlfriend by creating an online profile.

  • Adrenaline
    Episode 17

    Mike misses the excitement of his adventures and Kyle finds a way to rekindle it, while Vanessa is reminded of the risks she took before being a mother.

  • Tree of Strife
    Episode 16

    The Baxters must fight city hall when a mindless, heartless bureaucrat designates a tree in their yard must be chopped down. Mandy gets to meet her idol Kim Kardashian but things don't according to plan.

  • House of Spirits
    Episode 15

    After receiving a book about the history of his neighborhood, Mike discovers that previous occupants died alone in his family's house. After, the women of the house hire a mystic to remove the spirits of the dead women.

  • Odd Couple Out
    Episode 14
    Mike is in hot water with Vanessa when she blames him for the two not being invited to neighbors' parties. Meanwhile, Mandy tells Eve to move her car, but is in jeopardy of losing the vehicle when Eve damages it.
  • 1/10/12

    Tension rises when Ed replaces Mike as Outdoor Man's marketing consultant with his daughter.

  • Moon Over Kenya
    Episode 12
    Mike has doubts when Ed brings in a celebrity fisherman named Chad Bickle to endorse and sell fishing equipment for Outdoor Man. Vanessa fears Mike's growing desire to travel for work. Kristin and Eve are doubtful when they hear Mandy's latest goal is to become a vegan.
  • 12/13/11

    Mike is impressed when Mandy starts an Internet campaign to keep Ed's favorite barber shop alive. Meanwhile, Vanessa struggles to work a job and keep the house in order.

  • 12/6/11

    Mike doesn't appreciate Ryan being back in town to spend Christmas with Kristin and Boyd, and when Kyle feels threatened as well, he asks Kristin a big question. Meanwhile, Mandy asks Ed for rights for her and her fellow elves at the store.

  • 11/29/11

    Mike meets a new neighbor and is surprised when he finds that they have something in common. Mandy catches her boyfriend in a lie.

  • House Rules
    Episode 8
    Mike decides that it's time to establish some house rules. Meanwhile, the women in his life appear to be going crazy.
  • Home Security
    Episode 7
    After a break-in in the neighborhood Mike installes a security system and against his wishes Vanessa organizes a neighborhood watch.
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Episode 6
    Mike has trouble denying Mandy's request to tryout for a teen modeling show to Vanessa's dislike. Kristin tries to build up the confidence to tell her boss how she feels about her work conditions until she saves his life.
  • Co-Ed Softball
    Episode 5

    Mike's company considers allowing both sexes play on their all-male softball team. Elsewhere, Mandy is reluctant in choosing a college, when her parents both want her to attend their own alma maters.

  • 10/25/11

    Feeling nostalgic for Halloweens past, Mike takes his grandson, Boyd, trick-or-treating, against Kristin's wishes.

  • Grandparents Day
    Episode 3

    On Grandparents' Day at Boyd's daycare, Mike makes a few off-the-cuff remarks, which results in the toddler being expelled. With no other options, Mike must take his grandson to work with him. Meanwhile, Vanessa attempts to update her wardrobe with Mandy's help, after a substantially older grandmother at the daycare compares herself to Vanessa.

  • 10/11/11
    Mike tries to get Mandy a job, but it backfires when Vanessa disagrees with the line of work. Elsewhere, Kristin notices a lack of baby-proofing in the house, so the family consults with a local professional about home safety.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Mike's job as the catalog photographer for Outdoor Man has taken him on various photo-shoots around the country, so he hasn't always been there for his three daughters. When Mike's boss decides to focus on their Internet sales instead of a catalog and his wife gets a promotion, Mike decides to take more a fatherly role at home. He dispenses advice to each of his daughters, some of which doesn't quite work out as he had planned.moreless