Last Man Standing - Season 2

ABC (ended 2017)




Episode Guide

  • College Girl
    Episode 18
    Kristin goes out on a date with Ryan, she then runs into Jon who used to work at the diner with her and is the owner of a successful restaurant. Vanessa and Mike wonder if Mandy's choice on attending a party school in California is right for her. Eve gets help with her Junior ROTC from her neighbor.moreless
  • The Fight
    Episode 17
    Mike runs into Bill McKendree while at a baseball game with Ryan and Boyd, who learns has fallen on hard times. Mandy gets her computer and cell phone taken away due a failing history grade, she comes across her father's ham radio and communicates with people around the world.
  • Private Coach
    Episode 16
    Mike plans to get Eve a soccer coach in hopes she'll get a scholarship, but Vanessa, Kristin and Mandy are focused at the young man who gets the coaching job.
  • Breaking Curfew
    Episode 15
    Mike catches Mandy sneaking into the house after being with Kyle, so he then tries to prevent it from happening again. Kristin wants to keep the truth from Boyd about she and Ryan dating.
  • Buffalo Bill Day
    Episode 14
    Mike directs a Wild West skit to celebrate the Buffalo Bill Day sale at Outdoor Man starring Ed. Ryan and Mike have a difference of opinion during rehearsals. Mandy begins to flirt with Kyle.
  • What's in a Name?
    Episode 13
    Mike finds out that Boyd isn't using his last name while registered at his school. Mandy, Eve and Kristen make a Valentine's Day video hoping it goes viral.
  • 2/8/13

    Mike offers Mandy's new boyfriend Greg a job at Outdoor Man. Kristin wonders about her relationship with Ryan is at.

  • Mike's Pole
    Episode 11
    When Mike hangs his prized U.S. flag in the yard, Eve is inspired to join the junior ROTC, which Vanessa has serious concerns about.
  • The Help
    Episode 10
    Mike does not like the idea of hiring a housekeeper as he thinks girls can do the chores. But anyhow when Vanessa hires a housekeeper, the girls becomes more lazy. The new housekeeper brings problems of immigration, which ultimately lead Ed to check the green card status of his Outdoor Man employees. Meanwhile, Kristin's new part time job makes Mike furious.moreless
  • 1/11/13
    Mike tells Bill the architect for Outdoor Man that he might lose his job to a young female.
  • Bullying
    Episode 8
    Eve is suspended from school for a calling a boy gay. Kristen finds out that Ryan bought a new motorcycle after getting a new job. This upsets Kristen due to the fact Ryan has hardly given her money for child support in the past.
  • 12/14/12
    Mike and Vanessa decide that they want to spend Christmas together, without the girls, so they have each of the girls go on different trips for the holiday. But a favorite Christmas song of Vanessa's has her reconsidering this decision. Ed accidentally shoots a bald eagle, mistaking it for a wild turkey, and has Kyle help him dispose of it.moreless
  • Circle of Life
    Episode 6
    Mike and Ryan disagree on teaching Boyd about the harsh realities of life. Mandy feels responsible for Kyle possibly losing his job, as she has shoplifted numerous items at Outdoor Man under Kyle's watch. To make things right, Mandy helps teach Kyle how to spot and catch shoplifters.
  • Mother Fracker
    Episode 5
    Eve invites Vanessa to talk about her job at her class career day. After learning the gritty truth about what Vanessa really does as a geologist, Eve camps outside the house and refuses to come back inside until Vanessa quits her job. Mike, in turn, won't let Eve back in until she apologizes to her mother. With Ryan watching Boyd for a few days, Kristin and Mandy plan a "girls night out" but have different opinions on what that really means.moreless
  • Ed's Twice Ex-Wife
    Episode 4
    Ed begins to develop old feelings for his third ex-wife Wanda, which has Mike greatly concerned. Mandy gets a waitress job at the diner where Kristin works.
  • High Expectations
    Episode 3
    Vanessa invites Carol and Chuck Larabee, an African-American couple, over for drinks after their car is egged. Mike expresses discomfort over them visiting not because they are black, but simply because they are neighbors. After Mike refuses to let Eve quit soccer, she ditches soccer practice and gets drunk at a friend's party. Mandy then comes to the rescue to help Eve, ditching her own extracurricular activity.moreless
  • Dodgeball Club
    Episode 2
    Ryan has dodgeball banned from Boyd's school, which infuriates Mike to the point that he teaches Boyd and his friends dodgeball in the Baxter back yard. Ed and Kyle volunteer in a search and rescue team. Mandy begins dating her school's star quarterback, which has her asking for Eve's help to brush up on football facts.moreless
  • Voting
    Episode 1
    Mandy is voting for the first time, with Mike urging her to vote for Mitt Romney, while Kristin and Ryan urge her to vote for Barack Obama. Vanessa maintains secrecy about how she votes, which she claims she has done throughout her marriage to Mike. Eve, Ed, and Kyle compete in fantasy football, which has ramifications at work for Kyle when he won't make a trade with his boss, Ed.moreless