Last Man Standing

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on ABC

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  • you, sir are no Carroll O'Connor.

    What a stinking mess they made of this show. Just watched the first season on DVR and was pleasantly surprised that I could tolerate Tim Allen's character. I have always enjoyed Nancy Travis also Hector Elizondo as the store owner and his little pal Kyle are good for a few chuckles. Flip to the current season and they have done some kind of character assassination on Mike. He was a likable Hank Hill type made of flesh and now they have tried to turn him into another Archie Bunker but ended up with an idiotic one-dimensional train wreck who makes Homer Simpson look like TVs father of the year. Massive FAIL.
  • Political Nosedive

    Wow, after being such a good show last year, this first episode really blew. I do NOT want to turn on a light humor sitcom only to be riled up by politics. Big stinker. This new showrunner has started off running in the wrong direction.

    Also, really sorry to see the odler sister acress go. Don't care for the new girl at all.
  • Too political and not so good change!

    There were some great moments of this episode. But overall, just too political! There were some great political jokes! But it wasn't worth all of the "Obama's better!" "Romney's better!" fuss. Also, the character of Kristen has changed, which is good in the sense that the character is growing, but not in between seasons and not when you recast the character! I hope this season gets better as they build on Kristen's new personality.
  • Sometimes change is bad

    I liked this show in season 1, it wasn't anything groundbreaking but it was fun. Now, cue mess. What a waste of talent. Changes that did not need to happen and have not improved the show. Series link has been deleted. Such a shame.
  • Stifle it Edith!

    Did they have to bring Meathead and Gloria into what was a funny series. I watch programming like this to be mindlessly entertained, I'll get my politics and news from other sources. This episode was just a blatant attempt by Hollywood liberals to use this medium to push their social agenda. If I wanted to be preached at, I'd attend church services

    Has anyone asked why "Milk" wasn't a box office hit? It wasn't entertaining!

  • Bring back Alexandra

    The new Kristin does not, by a long shot, share the chemistry that Alexandra had with the cast. I found Kristin's boyfriend annoying but I realize his character is part of the story. The rest of the cast is outstanding. Tim Allen has another winner and Nancy Travis is so, so good. I miss Alexandra.
  • Huge miscast

    Presidential election aside the new Kristin is complete miscast. I enjoyed the first season and the whole family had a nice chemistry. Not any more. Probably my last episode.
  • Are you kidding me?!

    I wasn't crazy about the political theme, but the new Kristen is terrible. Why are they trying to kill this show? I have said since it came on the air it was the best comedy on TV, so the powers that be screw it up. I can live with the new Boyd, and Boyd's daddy, but not with the new Kristen. Amanda Fuller came across as a big mouth, conceited, know it all. Don't like the change, and no, she will not grow on me. She is just obnoxious.
  • New way to educate american voters?

    I personally found the whole democrat/republican back and forth kind of annoying, but the sad reality is that the majority of americans are completely ignorant to politics. Sure we got the same political talking points on tonight's episode of Last Man Standing, but sadly this may be the only way to educate a lot of voters. Sad thing is there is no real choice in the US when it comes to electing officials.
  • Bland, but decent

    Like the title says. The cast changes were ok, but the politics didn't really interest me, tbh. Although, at times, they are. Obama's one of the best thing we've got! Lol.
  • Elephants and Donkeys

    I will miss Alexandra, she was great, and while I didn't have as big of a problem with her as others seem to, the show definitely feels unbalanced. Now to the point of this post:

    I HATE people who decide that because Tim Allen played a Republican that they found displeasing, that he was playing ALL Republicans. That's not what's happening. Just like the daughters weren't representing ALL Democrats. He was playing one Republican and I felt, despite the fact that Mike was out numbered, the arguments did have two sides.

    I also feel that this episode gets back to the original idea of this show. The plot of this show was it's one Man, alone. One man in a housed filled with woman. This episode was like Last Republican Standing. One Republican in a house full of Democrats.

    All and all I thought it was a funny episode and it had me and my family, equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, laughing.
  • your ratings ain't that good and you just lost another one

    Seroiusly, what were you thinking with this? I'm so sick of hollywood trying to choose our suck and the show sucks for doing this. your rating couldn't afford to lose more people - just remember there are really over 50% who don't believe the way you do and are tired of you trying to force your views down our throats. piss off