Last Man Standing

Monday 9:40 PM on Seven Network Premiered Jun 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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Last Man Standing

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You're a single metropolitan male in your late 20s in the mid-2000's. You've finally found the one haircut that doesn't make you look like Richard Branson, got money in your pocket and a well-thumbed book on tantric philosophy that's taught you to make sex last a full 10 minutes. Your job is now a career, your friends are for life and you've learned not to tell 'that' joke in mixed company. The pressure's mounting on you to take that step into the big leagues. Your parents aren't getting any younger, and you'd like to present them with some form of significant achievement before it's time for you to change their nappies. And it's not even that you particularly want to get married; you're just annoyed that you've never been asked. Even then, you'd still prefer to be single on alternating weekends and public holidays. But you're resisting. There's still a bad taste in your mouth when you think about matching quilt sets and 'a quiet night in'. You refuse to look at a rainy day as being 'good for the garden'. Last Man Standing follows the odyssey of three men and their quest to get inside the head of the modern woman; find out where they went wrong in previous relationships and what they're going to do right next time. We follow their inevitable disasters and the licking of wounds that follow. Adam (Rodger Corser), Cameron (Matt Passmore) and Bruno (Travis McMahon) will keep getting back in the ring and giving it another crack, despite one lurching misadventure after the next. Then there's Zoe (New Zealander Miriama Smith), who first became friends with Adam and Bruno while she was married to Cameron. When Zoe discovered that her husband had been unfaithful, she fled back home to New Zealand. A couple of years down the track, Zoe is now wiser, stronger and savvier and an offer from her work to transfer to the Melbourne office was too good to turn down. Zoe often considers herself 'one of the guys' but she can also give the boys a uniquely female perspective on everything from sport to sexual technique. It is rumoured that the show has been cancelled by channel Seven because of poor ratings figures. Do not expect to see a second season of this show.moreless

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    • Great aussie drama, hilarious show, well written!

      I think Last Man Standing was one of the best dramas on Oz tv! Superbly written with great characters. I liken this show to the male version of Sex and The City. There's Cam the typical player, or is he? Cam is actually quite a caring and very loyal friend despite his arrogance. Bruno, who's always there for his mates and always got some advice. Adam, unlucky in relationships but a decent guy with a close family. I really like the Zoe Cam relationship. Although there is always mention of Cam's wrongdoings in their marriage, they are really close and Zoe sees the best in him. An excellent show, i wish they would bring it back because i don't think it got the recognition it deserved.moreless
    • Why this show is so good and what each character means to me.

      Last Man Standing is one of the few Australian produced shows that I take the time to watch. It's straight up and a lot of the dialogue reminds me of my everyday conversations.

      The characters often find themselves in situations I can relate to and their reactions are reasonable and what you would expect.

      Adam just can't seem to get it right when it comes to relationships, nothing seems to go his way. His family don't help with his annoying brother and lesbian, child craving sister confusing his life.

      Cam is the ladies man and oozes confidence, but often shows signs of insecurity when it comes to commitment.

      Bruno is a lovable guy who you want to succeed in love. He is played brilliantly and his housemate cracks me up.

      Boxy is a classic character, played by comedian Greg Fleet. His appearances are short and often few and far between but this adds to the humour of his lines.

      I really wish more people watched this show as it is so easy to relate to. If you can, take a look, you might just like what you see.moreless
    • The Best Australian television program ever!

      Last Man Standing is the first Australian television program that I have ever stayed tuned to. It is fantastic! I can not believe that it is not rating well. The casting is absolutely superb and the acting is very true to life. You almost feel as though you are a fly on the wall. The story lines are orginal and to finally have a show that comes from the young Aussie male perspective is simply refreshing. I have not missed an episode and I tell all my friends about it...I have converted most of them! It is the one and only show on television at the moment that both my husband an I enjoy watching together. After each episode we always say that we can't believe it is not more popular than the other Aussie shows. LOVE IT!!!!moreless

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