Last One Standing

Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2007 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Kalapalo Wrestling
      The competition begins in the Brazilian rainforest, where the athletes must wrestle Kalapalo warriors at the "Festival of Death", with their village's honor at stake. Before they can compete, however, they are forced to prove themselves worthy by taking part in an ordeal that includes being scored with razor-sharp piranha teeth. Though all the athletes endure the rigorous training, in the end only a select few make it through to join the village team.moreless
    • Zulu Stick Fighting
      In South Africa, the competitors take on the Zulus in the always dangerous and sometimes deadly sport of stick fighting. Preparing for a Zulu royal wedding, the athletes must go through initiation ceremonies and take magic potions in order to find the skill and courage to fight.
    • Tarahumara Endurance Race
      In the Copper Canyon region of northwest Mexico, the athletes must run a marathon-length race against the Tarahumara Indians. As if running against some of the greatest natural endurance runners in the world wasn't enough, the competitors learn that they must complete the race wearing traditional sandals and kicking a small wooden ball through the snake-infested canyon course.moreless
    • Sumi Kick Fighting
      The competitors travel to Nagaland, a remote area of northeast India, in order to train with the Sumi, a tribe of former headhunters. Their goal is to master Akikiti, a vicious martial art where the soles of the feet are the only weapons, and the only defense. Then the athletes must prove their skills against locals in an intervillage competition.moreless
    • Mongolian Wrestling
      Among a small community of nomads in the far west of Mongolia, the athletes prepare to take part in a local Naadam, the most important of all Mongolian sporting and cultural events. The men must live as nomads, their intensive training for the wrestling tournament only broken by the unpleasant necessities of managing a herd of goats.moreless
    • Trobriand Cricket
      On the island on Kiriwina, the competitors are invited to play in a tribal "cricket" match between two rival villages during the Mila Mala, the local harvest festival. Cricket was first introduced to the Pacific Islanders by English missionaries, but they play very much by their own rules. The athletes soon discover that this version of cricket bears little resemblance to the game they know, and involves taunts, intimidation, war, and magic.moreless
    • Senegalese Wrestling
      In Senegal, the athletes take on the locals at their national sport - wrestling. First they must go through a wrestling boot camp, each hoping to be one of only two who will be allowed to enter into competition with a neighboring village. That is, if they can avoid being seriously injured from their training alone.moreless
    • Sepik Canoe Racing
      Deep in the jungle of Papua New Guinea, the athletes join the Sepik in order to compete in the biggest canoe race of the year. But before they can race, they must learn to contend with snake-infested shelters and water filled with vicious crocodiles.
    • Kraho Log Running
      In central Brazil, the competitors take part in an unique and particularly difficult sport - log racing. As part of the Witi, a ceremony to celebrate the birthday of the chief's granddaughter, the athletes are divided into two teams (representing the wet and dry seasons) who will compete against each other to carry a log from outside the village to its sacred center. If the long run juggling a very heavy log wasn't enough, there are also the ritual "cleansing" drinks that promise both sickness, and victory.moreless
    • Andean Ice Race
      Andean Ice Race
      Episode 10
      High in the Andes, the competitors live in the village of Paqchanta while they train to become Ukukus, a mythical half-man, half-bear. In their roles as Ukukus, they will run in the ceremonial ice race, which entails cutting a block of ice from the glacier and sprinting down the side of the mountain with it tied to their backs. In order to take part, the athletes must learn the traditional styles of singing and dance, take a whipping to show their respect to the gods, and, at over 17,000 feet, overcome dangerous and debilitating altitude sickness.moreless
    • Java Martial Arts
      Java Martial Arts
      Episode 11
      In the rural Indonesian village of Cikaramat in West Java, the athletes learn the local sport, a deadly martial art known as Pencak Silat. They must put their trust, and their bodies, in the hands of a guru who will train them not only the complex moves of the art, but also in the spiritual and mental strengths they will need if they are to succeed.moreless
    • Vanuatu Canoe Race
      Vanuatu Canoe Race
      Episode 12
      In the South Pacific, the athletes live on the tiny island of Wala in Vanuatu. There they train with the local tribe of fishermen, known as the Small Nambas, to face their toughtest challenge yet: a seaborne canoe race. They will battle powerful trade winds, high waves, and the fear of sharks as they race between islands.moreless
  • Season 2