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Last Resort is set in the near future about a US military submarine that goes against orders and refuses to fire its nuclear missiles. As a result the crew escapes and takes refuge at a NATO outpost where they set up a society becoming the smallest nuclear state in the world.


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    • My last review was removed! Ha must of offened sorry

      What a fantastic series and such a shame it was cancelled. Lots of strong roles including some excellent female role models.

      Well written and plenty of cliff hangers. I just thing the show was too intelligent for the average US viewer, plus the attack on US soverign soil was too much for people to accept. I mean the elect president corrupt? NO WAY!! once again a excellent show was cancelled for the wrong reasons. Maybe more peanuts should be sent or maybe some tinned tuna! I dont know..

      This show had potential but it was cut in its prime. US views need a big kick up the *** for this heinous act against entertainmet!

      I have just read Jim Suttons review and I think he has hit the nail on the head, this show offends a core of US residents who have biased and even bigoted political opinions.moreless
    • From a Bubblehead perspective...

      This show is in the best tradition of Hollywood's frivolous, disrespectful, ignorant, unrealistic, and insulting portrayal of the military. Despite any possible artistic merits in acting there is no escaping how simply stupid the show was from an insider perspective. This could only be compelling TV for the ignorant. Unfortunately, as a US Navy submarine veteran, it is impossible for me to see it as anything other than utterly moronic nonsense. But I guess in a case like this ignorance is bliss.moreless
    • BRILLIANT!!!!

      The idea of the plot was brilliant it kinda makes you think of what our founding fathers went through in a more modern time. The seamen were NEVER against america but they were in fact against its government. Captain Marcus Chaplin made hard decisions throughout the entire series and I was on the edge of my seat at the end of each episode. I hate the fact they discontinued it you don't get good series like this often anymore. The idea of truancy is any american's biggest fear. Would you be a truant if it mean't saving your country. I love this show and the cast!moreless
    • Started well but lost me

      I really liked this show when it started out. For the first few episodes, I was intrigued by its various mysteries and impressed by a general sense of intelligence. But then, as sometimes happens with me, I began to lose interest. I would watch the episodes, but even though I found them somewhat interesting, my desire to see succeeding episodes began to lessen.

      What happened? I'm honestly not quite sure. I think part of the problem was I really didn't care that much about the characters, outside of the captain. I sympathized with their plight, and in many cases understood their actions, and in some cases admired them, but I found them generally a generic bunch rather than living, breathing people. I also think that even though I found the various mysteries intriguing, I also found them a little exhausting, leaving me on too little solid ground. And I was definitely annoyed by the island bad guy, because he seemed far more unstoppable than seemed realistic (I don't like unrealistically invulnerable evil people; it's the same reason I don't watch episodes of Bones about their hacker/serial killer)

      Whatever the reason, after episode 8 I decided to stop watching. Even when I heard it had been cancelled, and had managed to resolve itself by the end, I just didn't feel like watching the final five episodes to see how it turned out.

      I wish I had a better explanation for how I went so quickly from, wow, this show is awesome to, I just don't care. It's just one of those things.moreless
    • One last review... So what would you have done?

      Having finally gotten around to watching the whole series, and reading some of the reviews here, I've noticed a kind of love it or hate it attitude toward the show, without much in between. The love it camp usually cite things like acting, writing, and production values as reasons for watching. The hate it crew seems more concerned with what they see as the completely unrealistic scenario of a nuclear missile submarine crew ever disobeying an order to fire, and are offended by what they consider unpatriotic actions. I'm going to side with the first group, but for different reasons, and as for the second, maybe this show was never intended to be entirely realistic. Maybe it was intended to raise questions in viewers minds: In today's world, how far can we trust our governments? How far can blind patriotism guide our choices? Should soldiers always follow orders, even when they know in their hearts they are wrong? After the US went into Iraq, hot on the trail of non-existent WMDs, and with mounting evidence that they knew there were none all along, should we believe them next time they decide to use military force? At what point do people of good conscience start to question what they are told, and then how far will they be willing to go to uncover the truth?

      Maybe the producers thought they'd play a what-if game, pitting a lone submarine commander against the whole Washington establishment as a way of raising ethical questions, and exploring grey areas, in which none of the players are squeaky clean, but at least some, on both sides, are willing to stand by their principals, whatever the cost. Like Star Treks' "Kobayashi Maru" exercise, it presented a no-win situation as a test of character, and then observed how each character responded. While the scenario may have been over the top, it ultimately made for great drama. And for those who didn't like the choices the characters made, what would you have done differently? Would the world, as presented in the show, have been better off if the captain had just fired his missiles and kept his mouth shut? If the show succeeded in getting you to stop and think about such things, and perhaps even about what CNN is reporting from the "real" world, maybe that's all it wanted to do.moreless

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